Hello to Fall

Fall always puts me in the gathering and harvesting mood. It’s a precious few weeks we have to reap the bounty from our gardens, tidy up the yard, and still enjoy long evenings on the deck, maybe now with a light sweater tossed around the shoulders. Some people moan that fall is just that last inevitable blink before the snow comes, but it really should be savoured. If we think good thoughts, it might last until after Halloween!

After we harvest the tomatoes and tidy up outside, it’s time to turn our attention to the inside. Our readers tell us they’re always hungry for ideas on maximizing space. So in this issue, we bring you Small Spaces Made Practical (pg. 35). And what the heck is a hack, you may well ask? Find out (pg. 77). Or perhaps you need assistance on the decorating style side? Check out What is Your Design Style?, and How to Be a Good Design Client starting on page 48.

On page 19, One Room ||| Three Ways, we have three talented design consultants tackle a room in order to please a particular client. And just for fun, you can guess which consultant did what room at the end! A special thank you to Braid Flooring and to the three very talented designers who helped make this happen.

At Saskatoon HOME, we always like to take you inside unique homes in and around the city. In this issue, welcome to the Pink House on Victoria Avenue (pg. 10). I drive past this home all the

Photo: Adrienne Perrot time and one day decided to knock on the door, and low and behold found a really interesting story just waiting to be told. We delve into its interesting and perhaps elusive origins, we meet its newest, creative owners, and we take a look back at how you could ‘order’ a new home.

We’ve gathered an array of other items we think you’ll enjoy and find useful.To highlight just a few: check out a unique kitchen island, and read about all the possibilities for a feature wall project. Do your research on geothermal energy, and find out how Saskatoon is unique in our approach to residential development. Discover the origins of the weir. Get hungry as you read about Chef Luke Griffin’s homemade creations, in his Elk Ridge Resort kitchen.

We love to hear what you think of our magazine and welcome suggestions for future articles. Or if you would like to read past issues we have them all waiting for you through our App available in the App Store, or online through our website: www.saskatoon-home.com

Until next time, embrace fall and keep a good attitude about the winter to come! We get to experience very distinct seasons here in Saskatoon, so let’s enjoy each one!


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