Interns work responsibly

Interns work responsibly

Annually practice at Scherbinsk lift plant are about 100 young professionals studying in various educational institutions in and around Moscow.

This year’s work experience came third-year students of the Moscow State Open University (the former All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute — VZPI). This future process engineers, they are practice for one month — July and in the most difficult and important area of ​​the first workshop — site cold forming. Here, the guys are working from 18 years, if necessary — in two shifts, as well as on the assembly.

As part of the production preparation work continues in the position of engineers and design engineers students of the Moscow State Industrial University. They continue to raise the skills and combine work with study.

Students of the Department of lifting mechanisms of the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport work on the assembly in the second workshop. It is the future design engineers, now they are studying in the third year. Three girls of the same work at the university SCHLZ operators multiplier section.

Year-round practice at the plant are students of vocational schools Podolsk number 12 and 45 — electricians, plumbers, electricians repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Students GOU SPO Electromechanical College number 55 (manufactures of mechanical lifts) — the same practice at Sherbinskaya Elevator Plant. It should be noted a good training that enables graduates this school. On SCHLZ liftoviki future practical work in the test center of the plant.

Young people — and the girls and the guys working in the shop and electronic equipment.

Students on work experience are recruited mostly from specialized universities. They start their work from scratch — work on punching, teaching plumbing, that is come into the working position. They need to know the technical processes and to capture every nuance of the work. Later, they take a design engineer or engineer. This order is determined, and training programs. The entire practice period is paid, not nominally. The children come to the plant from year to year, are mature and gain experience. Many of them — the children of employees.

Attitude to work at the respective trainees. It is not random people that come to depart labor service. Whether full-time or part-time work, they guys are laid out, they try as much as possible to do their job, and earn.

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