Making the water in the air

Making the water in the air

One stroke put an end to the drought in one place and dampness -In FRIEND. Thirty years ago, scientists in the USSR and other departments are considering the seeming fantastic offer author of this article, and found it deserves attention and further development. BECAUSE THEN CASE stalled, WANT AGAIN bring it to the attention of readers.

Sorry to start with elementary truths: the lack of water in the Central Asian republics greatly limits the further development of agricultural production where large areas of fertile land; decline in the Caspian Sea, because of the use of the Volga runoff for irrigation and water evaporation from the surface of reservoirs, adversely affect the fishing and shipping; for the development of new agricultural land army «irrigators» will have to increase by tens of thousands of people; in the reclamation objectives, including the draining of the marshes, we have spent many billions of rubles … I believe there is a way to solve all these problems.

Return to thirty years ago, in 1949. The meeting NTS field-protective afforestation Main Directorate of the USSR Council of Ministers when I speak with the sentence: «High-speed way to deal with drought and dry winds.» That is its essence.

Caused by the difference in temperature at the poles and the equator north-south circulation of the atmosphere under the influence of Corey Olisova acceleration is transformed into the circulation of the atmosphere east-west direction. Therefore, the bulk of the precipitation in the middle latitudes of the Union has the Atlantic and Mediterranean origin. The water from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea as a vapor depleted in its path by the amount of river flows the Seine, Rhine, Danube, Dnieper, and so forth. Some fell in the zone rainfall is absorbed by vegetation part is carried away in the sea river runoff and part evaporates and added to those fumes that do not fall as rain and moving east.

Let us assume that we are in any way to collect all the river flow diagram shown in zones A and at a certain height spray it. Then, in the area * B. C, D and so on. D. The amount of precipitation is expected to increase as more vapor will pass over these areas. having a significant extent. Conventionally, in this case we would like approximate area B, C, D to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean on the value of the length of zone A (if not to take into account the moisture absorbed by the vegetation in the area).

And now we digress somewhat to sing the praises of wind power. Depletion of natural gas and oil and dangerous changes in the heat balance of the environment, depletion of water resources — all this speaks in favor of the fact that the energy arena as an inexhaustible source, while the sun shines, wind power should act and solar power. On their side, the relatively low cost of generated kilowatt-hour (no fuel supply or construction of expensive waterworks) Variability of the wind? But in a socialist system of economic management at the end of the all-Union electricity ring, you can be sure that at any given time on the vast territory of the Soviet Union will use wind power, tens of millions of kilowatts, is synchronized and connected to the union ring automatically.

We now represent mounted throughout the Union, on the banks of rivers and swamps thousands vetronasosnoelektricheskih installations connected to the ring, and the Union can take a radio signal from the central station of weather forecasting for 4-5 days (and this is based on the use of satellite and ground-based weather reports and computers, with experience in weather forecasting, which were conducted in the Siberian Academy of Sciences of the USSR under the direction of academician Marchuk).

In case of a favorable wind direction for radio signal automatically turns vetronasosnaya part of the installation, which takes away from the river or swamp water rises to a height of about 25 m, and spraying) it with an effective droplet diameter of about 100 microns, so as to to fall to the ground, they disappeared from the heat and air, engaged in a water cycle, have moved in the right direction such as the basins of the Volga. Syr Darya, Amu Darya, and so on. D.

It must be borne in mind that as a result of small additions of vapor over a large area the probability of precipitation in the right place is extremely high.

Thus, we achieve a triple benefit, namely the right of the rivers in the basins will fall further rainfall, which will reduce the number of areas that need artificial irrigation; will increase river flow of the rivers that need more moisture, and increase the level of the Caspian Sea; will be drained swamps, what also spent quite heavily.

In the case of unfavorable prognosis in relation to the wind direction radio commands automatically turns power generator and the installation begins to feed electricity to the Union Ring.

Here in the most general scheme of the transport of water in the air, which boosts the natural process of precipitation.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the scheme in fact there are very sophisticated, independent and interdependent processes, or as mathematicians say, the result (loss further precipitation) is a complex function of many variables. Therefore analytical solution comes up against a number of serious difficulties have not, and requires a solid and multilateral study

«Scientific and Technical Council of the Main Directorate of field-protective afforestation under the Council of Ministers considered a proposal by the engineer G. Malkhasyan» High-speed way to deal with drought and dry winds «(artificial climate regulation).

This proposal deserves attention. However, presented in Scientific and Technical Council materials, according to the authoritative assessment, due to the multifaceted complexity of the issue were not sufficiently prepared and justified why they could not be recommended for implementation and setting up experiments in a wide production scale.

Considering that the proposal engineer G. Malkhasyan is currently in need of research and study on the basis of experiments, scientific and technical council of the USSR Academy of Sciences asked to include a proposal engineer G. Malkhasyan in the plan of scientific works of one of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences with the assistance of this work and the author’s proposal. «

Unfortunately, in 1951, in the case of the USSR Academy of Sciences got the commission, headed by a specialist … in reinforced concrete and decayed.

It seems to me appropriate to revisit this decision today.

In modern conditions, when in accordance with the decisions of XXV Congress of the Communist Party over a hundred research groups we are working to solve the water problem, the more appropriate to establish a joint team to work together, for example, in the Institute of Water Problems of the USSR or NGOs «Cyclone» with the involvement of to work lookouts meteorologists to solve global, integrated vodoenergeticheskoy problems with distant prospect.

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