Memo for every woman

Women are advised to undergo an annual examination by a gynecologist and mammalogy

(those who are at risk -as prescribed by a doctor). Up to 40 years to do breast ultrasound, and after 40 — annual mammogram. 2 is no less important ritual — breast self-examination monthly. Once you are able to react sensitively to the slightest changes that may be signs of disease: pain, discharge from the nipple, seal.

3 Beware of direct sunlight. Sunbathing topless — a very dangerous fashion. Gentle breast skin can repel attacks sunlight and harmful ultraviolet filtering materials easily gets into the mammary gland.

4 Avoid abortion, especially at an early age. If abortion fails hormonal system.

5 Choose a comfortable underwear. Close underwire bras, tightening the chest, blood circulation and injure the mammary gland.

6 Try to protect the chest bruises. Injuries may make itself felt, and in ten years.

7 And finally, most importantly — be attentive to their health and body condition. Any disease, even such a serious, like breast cancer can be cured if detected in time.

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