METHODS improve productivity

METHODS improve productivity

In the collective and state farms of the East Kazakhstan region it concentrated half of all bee colonies of the Republic. This contributes to an abundant food supply.

Along with the increase in the collection of honey and productivity increases as a result of enlargement beekeepers beekeeping farms, mass adoption of wintering bees in the wild, breeding, use multiple effect of beekeeping and new service organization apiaries.

Currently, in the creation of two of the largest in the Soviet Union specialized state — «Cheremshansky» having 15 thousand bee colonies, and «Putintsevsky» — more than 20 thousand families. State and collective farms for grain — Kuibyshev, Kirov, «Illichivsk» and «Lenin» — have 3-6 thousand bee colonies. In 1964, it planned to create three specialized beekeeping farm.

Over the past three years the number of bee colonies in the apiary average increased from 60 to 100. It is possible to reduce labor costs and save more than 400 thousand rubles.

Production experience «Illichivsk», «Krasnopartizanskaya», «Putintsevskogo» state farms shows that the movement of bees from unstable honey collection in the forest steppe zone, which has good forage base, making beekeeping more cost-effective. In 1963, out of the forest steppe zone «Putintsevsky» farm moved

14 apiaries, and they all exceeded the plan. Apiaries is left in the steppe zone, the plan did not fulfill. The grain farm «Illichivsk» and «Lenin» from the apiaries, transported into the forest zone, produced 25-30 quintals of honey, and with those who were left in the desert — at 3-4 quintals.

Another technique that increases productivity — wintering bees in the wild — tested Kazakh pilot Station beekeeping in the beekeeping apiaries Cheremshansky state and collective farms named after Kuibyshev, which are located in areas of the most developed beekeeping mountain-area.

Experience has shown that these families come out in the spring in very good condition. They develop faster than their families, to spend the winter in the room (capped brood more than 32 percent), and collect more honey. If at all bee farms located in the forest area, will leave the bees hibernate in the wild, the economy will get great savings of money spent for the construction of Zimovniki. In addition, with proper organization of wintering bees in the wild family gather additional honey worth more than 300 thousand rubles.

We estimate that the introduction of this event for all proi1vodstchennye apiary mountain forest zone annual savings will amount to one million rubles.

The third way to increase productivity — introduction of a new breed group of bees deduced from the Kazakh Research Station beekeeping. Bees East Kazakhstan productive local breed group by 20 percent. From the introduction of this group of colonies farms will receive additional more than 140 tons of honey, or 200 thousand rubles, the average annual income.

Test multihull hives in the beekeeping Cheremshanskaya farm and collective farm named after Kuibyshev apiaries showed that wintering bees in these flows better than normal winter in the hive. The temperature around the brood in the multihull hives more constant. The growth rate of bee colonies in the spring above.

For one only in the spring 1963 at the apiaries of the East Kazakhstan region it has been translated into more than 1,000 maintenance of multi-bee colonies.

Spring family of multi-hive building up to 17 percent more brood than in the double-hulled, resulting in the output of honey increased by more than 10 percent.

The main thing is that the care of bee colonies in a multiple hive spent almost two times faster than the double-hulled. Therefore, the content of multi-bees in the hive beekeeper allows one to serve more than 200 bee colonies, which dramatically increases productivity and reduces the cost of production of beekeeping.

The results of this year showed that the apiary equipped multihull hives have a higher productivity than the rest. Thus, apiaries №№ 73, 75, 80. 132 Putinievskogo dairy beekeeping the farm, equipped with multihull hives produced 50-70 kilograms of honey per family, and located near the apiary with beehives other structures given only 40 kilograms per family.

These beekeepers as Kertukov, Tyumentsev and others have mastered the technique of keeping bees in hives multihull and taken to serve without assistants 200 bee families and to receive from them every year 15-20 tons of marketable honey.

Beekeepers East Kazakhstan practice are convinced of the benefits of multi-hives and want five years to replace their hives all other systems.

In 1963 the farm was created Putintsevskom unit, consisting of a team leader and three younger beekeepers, which served about 500 families. This apiary there was a significant reduction of the cost of honey in comparison to the one where the care was carried out by bees beekeeper with the assistant.

In the transition to team leader maintenance method apiary farm alone will save on salaries of more than 10 thousand rubles.

The introduction of methods to increase productivity in the beekeeping farms — an important stage in the development of beekeeping in East Kazakhstan.

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