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Vast expanses of taiga and tundra, which lie to the north and northeast of the country, is still being developed very poorly. More than half of this area (the underlying land) is not frequented by hunters over the years. Underutilized stocks fur animals, wild hoofed animals, game birds. From wild berries and mushrooms using a tiny fraction of what it grows. Rational use of these natural resources — our immediate and urgent task aimed at expanding the range of food and furs.

This year marks five years since the system of consumer cooperatives organized koopzveropromyslovye economy (promhozy) for the integrated use of remote hunting grounds — blanks in their fur, game, pine nuts and other wild. Promhozy played a role in the increase of food and raw materials obtained from the forest, especially in the Buryat Republic, Primorye, Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territories in part, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Chita and other regions.

In 1961, the Yakut ASSR, in the north of Tyumen in several other northern areas with the same goal — comprehensive use of local natural resources — set up special farms. They have to solve many complex and difficult problems and, above all, to find ways of mechanization of production processes, which would at the least cost to the fishing, reindeer husbandry and other sectors of the complex of the northern economy getting more furs and other products.

Even now thousands of square kilometers of taiga and tundra lands remain substantially without the owner not being developed or state farms or promhozami consumer cooperatives or collective farms. For example it is enough to refer to areas such as the Evenk National District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the territory equal to the Ukraine, there are 13 collective farms, not master and half land district, a reindeer farm and one promhoz consumer cooperatives, in which instead of 170 hunters worked only four. Only in this district, you can create at least another six promhozov. The same situation in the Taimyr Autonomous District, Turukhansk District, Krasnoyarsk Territory, and in some other areas.

The natural resources of the North, Siberia and Far East poorly mastered. Not fully used reserves of fur-bearing animals, wild hoofed animals, poultry, fish, pine nuts, berries, mushrooms. In most of the autonomous republics, territories and regions in these areas due to poor development of the hunting grounds produced little skins of wild animals such as the squirrel, hare, weasel, ermine, muskrat. Poor waste used for hunting of fur farming. Used irrationally ungulates such as elk, deer, wild boar. Increased in recent years the number of these animals produces for sale to the public and catering a lot of valuable meat, but their population is mainly used for sport hunting. General Directorate of Hunting and Nature Reserves under the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR and local economic use of natural resources almost worked.

Now Glavohotu RSFSR entrusted with the use of natural resources allotted to it and its local lands.

Create Gospromkhoz in the development of hunting-trade economy of the RSFSR it has at least the same value as the forestries and forestry farms for agriculture. They catch up and make promhozy consumer cooperatives, which are now no longer be a «monopoly» in the fishery. It’s not that Gospromkhoz is small (only 2 farms in 1962 will be hosted by 10), and in the new that brings their organization for the future of hunting and fishing economy of the RSFSR with its vast taiga and tundra spaces with they truly inexhaustible natural resources.

There is no doubt that with the strengthening and development of societies of hunters in the populated areas of the Russian Federation and transfer Rosohotsoyuzu number of functions performed by the local authorities are now Glavohoty RSFSR attention last more and more will switch to the northern and eastern poorly inhabited areas.

However, the network Gospromkhoz will be deployed not in all the northern and eastern areas, and where at the moment it is the most desirable from the state’s point of view and, above all, in the hunting of the hunting areas of the RSFSR — the Evenk Autonomous District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where fishing is leading branch of the economy of the local population, and unmatched hunting skills virtually every family is transmitted from father to son.

Apparently Gospromkhoz advisable to organize within the boundaries of administrative areas, in order to simplify the delivery of their products.

Gospromkhoz required to take furskins raw materials base Rosglavlegsnabsbytsyrya at the Supreme Economic Council, and leather — to facilities and plants kozhsyrevye economic councils at the expense of dresses Rosglavlegsnabsbytsyrya in public procurement of raw materials established by the administrative districts of the autonomous republics, territories and regions. Meat of ungulates, poultry, fish, as well as pine nuts, mushrooms, berries and other wild will give local distribution network of consumer cooperatives and organizations directly, without any intermediaries were. Thus, Gospromkhoz as independent self-supporting state-owned enterprises will bear full responsibility for the performance of their assigned production plans for putting the state for the improvement of production and, of course, primarily ohothozyaystvennuyu activities.

In place of the same must be solved and the question of cost and the order of the central building of the estate and production sites. Sometimes, obviously, it would be appropriate to lease existing buildings: it will reduce the initial construction costs and speed up the entry into force Gospromkhoz.

Crucial to the operation of new households will have a selection of shots, from the director, the chief hunters and ending frames of heads of production sites and staff workers (hunters).

It is equally important to take into account the characteristics of each economy and correctly identify the range of industries, the combination of which to hunting ensure the fullest use of local resources and opportunities. Errors in this case fraught with grave consequences. It is necessary to take into account the post-war experience promhozami Ministry blanks and consumer cooperatives in the organization and payment of labor on fishing and other chores. It is necessary that from the first steps Gospromkhoz their activities strictly adhered to the principle of material interest.

Glavohota obliged to organize Jaeger hunting ground stations production of furs, fur raw materials, wild ungulates, wild game, gathering pine nuts, mushrooms and berries. Furs and fur raw materials from these areas should give consumer cooperatives established by her in procurement plans, and other products — a local distribution network and consumer cooperation organizations.

Shooting game, wild hoofed animals, fur-bearing animals and other animals, the most interesting from the point of view of amateur hunting, in the future, of course, have to carry hunters — members of hunting societies received in the prescribed manner permission to hunt in the area Jaeger. However, the gamekeeper must provide the delivery of goods produced by them to the State, so that the money spent on the maintenance of Jaeger sites reimbursed. The more products get the state to Jaeger area (with simultaneous growth in favor of stocks of game animals), the best estimate is to get the work of a huntsman.

Organizing in the area hunting, hunters should take care that the reserves have been used and the fur-bearing animals, which are amateur hunters often do not produce — such as the polecat, weasel, mink, in some cases, squirrel, muskrat. All this work should be closely linked with the local society of hunters groups.

In the organization of the collection and harvesting of mushrooms and berries gamekeeper must establish a close relationship with the local procurement office or selling organization, which will take the harvested products. This case is important to organize so that perhaps more mushrooms and berries in svёzhem sludge processed form have been reported to the shops.

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