On our side of the border

On our side of the border

Surely someone from the constant readers of the magazine remember my article about hunting for roe deer in Poland, published in the «Safari» a couple of years ago. Then I talked about the possibility, without going very far, relax and go hunting in the early summer, when Russia closed to all hunting. After that trip really wanted to find out if things are going well with roe on this side of the former USSR state border. We intend to write with a capital letter, as many will recall, that’s the line was, and still is such a, like a stone wall, impregnable and impenetrable! For a man that for the beast. That is, I mean our neighbors — Belarus.

FOR REASONS, depending not as on the editorial board, but from my busy travel schedule, time for the coordination and choice of the next expedition took a lot. And the spring of this year, we received an invitation from the leadership Boor (Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen) visited the Brest region — hunting, to communicate with local hunters, employees and managers boor.

Invitation to hunt and permission to import weapons drawn up fairly quickly. It was enough to send our documents by email, and a week later the formalities have been settled. I decided to take a carbine .223 caliber, and Alexander update their combined gun — «Merkel» 30-06 / 12. Initially Nikolaevich suggested motoring. The road to Brest beautiful. Four hand drive for 12-14 hours. But I said that we were going not only to hunt, but also would not hurt to have a rest. He offered to go by train. A direct train Moscow — Brest sent at half past eleven in the morning and have 11 days in Brest. And sleep on site, and there is no hassle with expensive and sellers of striped sticks. At that we decided to do.

A beautiful sunny morning, we met the representatives of the Brest regional branch of the boor. Even discussing the plan a trip from Moscow, we were asked to plan a visit to the hunting area in time to have a few hours left to visit the legendary Brest Fortress. Neither I nor Alexander, even though we have repeatedly been in Brest, and have never been able to visit the memorial. There we went immediately to the station.

To say that legendary place — to say nothing. How to read about it, how many movies filmed. Anyway, we just never know. What agony and suffering of hundreds of people died here !!! Beautiful exhibition of the museum with an abundance of not reconstructions and real artifacts found in the ruins after the war. On the big screen it was shown beautifully shot documentary with computer facilities restoration of the fortress, long-term firing points, defense structures. The only pity is that the local store of this disc was not for sale. Some reticence with owners. The entire monument is very neat and tidy. We immediately see that the leadership of the country is honored to maintain it in a good condition, which is not true of many of the former «fraternal» countries whose land abundantly watered by the blood of Soviet soldiers. How often speak of these hunters of our age (privately), look into their children’s textbooks: «It turns out that we won the war.»

To the first day not to lose the evening sunset, we decided to go immediately to the place of hunting, lunch and dinner postponed until better times. The route from Brest lying to the southeast to the city of Ivanovo. About two hours on a good road, and we have in place. We have identified for the post of a private home, receiving visitors, — here it is called farmsteads. Wasting no time, along with the district leader Pavel Fomichev made a reconnaissance in force. Dressed collected weapons, cameras, binoculars and went to the field. The first impression — the hunting of deer is not easy. Many groves, crops are not mowed, the grass is sometimes very high. How to find the beast here? Hopefully only knowledge of the area rangers and habits of local goats.

To start we decided to adjust after moving weapons. With some difficulty found a safe place to shoot. There are no hills or gullies are not observed, in the range of crops people work. How would ricochet or a spent bullet has not touched a person or equipment. After a couple of shots, making sure not to lose sight of that, you can safely start the hunt. The new gun shots Alexander went down exactly the target. It was necessary to establish amendments at gunpoint. Now, like a bullet already we had to go right on target, but I’m a bit spoiled the mood of Alexander and several rounds of ammunition. Honestly, I did not do it on purpose. That’s what happened. We decided as a target to put a plastic bottle filled with sand. One shot — no movement. I went to the game warden to the goal three meters — look. There is nothing. II. The same pattern. Third — do not understand anything. We are above the target? Looked after, and all the bullets lay exactly where aiming Alexander — in the center of the bottle, but because of the high speed flashed through it easily, she did not move.

The owners decided to start hunting with the most likely and easy for hunting habitat of one long familiar to them trophy goat. At this point, it is seen almost every evening. And he captured a pretty decent quality and the location is very convenient. A small sliver of wooded, surrounded on both sides of drainage canal, the third meadow. To my luck, beveled. Once arrived at this line, immediately we saw the stag, which scared off the sound of the engine. He is not particularly slowly disappeared into Skolkov. We are so not really scare him and did not get to withdraw deeper into the forest, we passed the place and settled behind the dam to try to spy out the trophy. At the same place we were joined by another car with another ranger. There was a small meeting.

The host side tried to persuade us to wander around the neighborhood together peshochkom searching for roe. We urged them to split into two groups and go by car, explaining that it is not going to break the local hunting regulations prohibiting hunting from a vehicle, and only going to the car to try to overtake a lot more places where you can meet deer, and even the very hunt produce with the approach. Finally Nikolayevich rangers managed to convince the partition and start the hunt until it was dark.

Not really hoping for good luck, Paul, with whom I had the hunt, ordered to sit in the car and we went to inspect the first sliver of the forest on the other side from the meadows. After a kilometer, while I was trying to search out something in the vicinity of Skolkov and Paul went to check if we can get through the channel a little rain, and it is almost dry. And then began the most fun. While he pereobuvatsya after its water depth measurement, right behind him, a hundred meters from us, out of the bushes deer. And without binoculars you can see that trophy goat. I quietly hinting him to not particularly jerked himself trying to catch a goat in sight. As for evil, put foolishly 12-fold increase. While fiddling, goat spotted us and, of course, did not wait for a shot — literally flew to Skolkov. I broke down and shot three times after — hurt!

Mobile phones now sometimes we began to replace radio. The second car had not yet leave the other side of the meadow, and we asked if they can not see our guy, does not he slipped through the woods. But there was not observed. We decided nevertheless to move the channel and explore this small island. Easily «UAZ» has moved quite a deep channel, and we were in a meadow. We must look for a wounded animal. Run it particularly nowhere. Steel bypass skolok. Gone are literally 10 meters as he jumped out of the deer. Damn, a female! How many are there? Before she could reach the big forest, on the other hand I flashed our goat. I ran to the side — to intercept him. And without risking more knelt — wait until it comes out of the bushes.

The second hit was seen in sight and heard the characteristic slap. But just as he flicked on, Paul had the impression that missed. Paul yells to shoot more. Yes, he will not go away! I see in a sight that falls. Yet in the heat of the shot once more. I hit in the leg — and then he just went.

The successful start of the hunt. Just less than an hour, we drove away from the place of zeroing, and has a good trophy. Not a record, of course, but also not far from yearlings. Since the minimum program was carried out, and the sun is still high and warm hot, we decided to tear it right on the spot. Of course, drinking a glass of vodka before this blood. Here, with this strongly, and the corresponding margin was laid up in Paul.

An experienced specialist flaying trophy did not take much time. Freed, the joy of foxes and other scavengers, and the winged and four from offal and rinsing the meat went to the new location where the observations rangers usually there is another deer. On the one hand, we were lucky with the time of arrival. Ghosn began, and the beast has become less cautious. On the other — grain has not been removed, and that really complicates the hunt. It is like the phrase of one of the huntsmen: «The lonely pine goat usually appears from 20.00 to 20.30. Well, just goes to work. » Knowledge of their animals — an indicator of job hunter service. However, in this day goat, apparently took the day off, and wait for us it was not fated. On the other — and not really tried. It’s hot, the mosquitoes — the clouds. The blessing took a mesh jacket from them. But one bitten badly.

The problem of high grass encountered Nikolaevich. On the first day of the two combined trophy they were mined there. One shot at random, the second almost at random. That is, the head and neck, he saw, and the rest covered the grass. So, three trophies on the first night.

This day showed that the beast in favor of is, but it is very difficult to obtain. And if in Poland helped us that we are still sitting in the back utility jeeps, and, consequently, a better overview and beast could see before, and time for a shot is shorter, there is such an aid we did not have. From the «UAZ», riding on a country road, not so easy to see the animal.

Upon returning to the apartment we were in for a great dinner. Anyway, the food and accommodation were beyond praise. Many thanks to the owners, who spoiled us and delicious barbecue, and clover from the Russian stove, and baked it in the goose with buckwheat and bacon.

The next day we split up again with Alexander. He stayed in the same grounds in pursuit of a record roe. And the word seemed to be for the remaining two days got two trophies. I went with a local hunter — the owner of the local sausage factory, with the boar. By the way, very interesting history of this hereditary sausage producer. His ancestor in the early last century, received a personal certificate allowing him to open the sausage production, and now his descendants continue the glorious tradition. This huge on the format of the document is stored in the beautiful township museum. You will be in these parts, visit it — you will not regret. The people here are very patriotic and hardworking. From these native and the first president of Israel, among other things.

A good pig, we took the same evening, and immediately taken to the factory. So we loaded a train with three of our new friends Brest — horns, roe deer meat (dietary), a box of sausages and meat delicacies, things, weapons … And the smell of the sausages on the whole car was such that we had to treat Conductor . They offered us tea every five minutes — perhaps hinting at a tasting. The girls appeared sociable.

So the beast on this side of the border was a lot, of course, not like in Poland, but very worthy. European neighbors Belarusians spend trophy hunting with great experience, know how to adapt to the customer, know the different hunting techniques and tricks to help improve performance. Equipment for hunting they also better and more convenient. But all this will come with time, it would be the desire to have the reception of tourists, and it at Brest comrades there. So give time — they still catch up, and maybe even overtake the Poles.

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