Different vegetables require different storage conditions. But it is not always possible for them to create such conditions. It can help some of the techniques used by experienced vegetable growers.


It is best stored at a temperature of +2 to + 7 ° C and humidity of 70-75%. If cellar damp, must be equipped with an extractor fan, you need to put the dry humidifier. It could easily replace a bucket of water or moist sand.

Before laying the deposit of potatoes need to sort out, damaged and diseased tubers are removed. Hold it up to frost in a cool place, and then poured into the cellar. So it will be better kept. If potatoes are dug out of damp earth, it must be pre-dried, and if there are signs of rot free from residues in the soil and wash potassium permanganate.

Good potatoes dispersed on boxes or covered with a layer of 1-1.5 m. Different varieties of potatoes are best kept separate. To make a particular seed is closed.

By the way, the mouse can ruin stocks vegetables. To scare them, lay in storage bog rosemary leaves (available at pharmacies). They do not like rodents and smell chernokornya drug.

Lowered into the chalk.

I have my own secret storage of root crops. That they were better, does not dampen the winter and spring of sagging, I arrange them «chalk bath.»

To do this, dissolve 1 kg of crushed chalk in 10 liters of warm water and dipped in a solution of root vegetables. Previously they need to remove remnants of the soil so that they are clean. It is enough to dip a root crop, and then lay it out to dry. After that, they are good even in boxes underground, even in the cellar. In the boxes, I pour the roots dry mountain ash leaf or onion skins.

And one more thing. Matured roots do not leave in the ground for a long time. They can crack, contracted the disease, start to rot, they can spoil the pests.

Beets and carrots.

When cleaning carrots and beets is important not to damage the roots. The leaves of the beet crop is not at the root, you need to leave 1-3 cm. At the tops of carrots cut completely, partially cutting off the upper part of the root, otherwise it will go to growth.

If the cold cellar, beets and carrots can be stored in all directions, like potatoes. Normally, root vegetables are stored in rows of boxes filled with sand, but you can rinse thoroughly, dry them, and pour in paper bags and put them in plastic and tie tightly.

Part of carrots can be left for the winter in the ground (if not rodents and climate allows). In the spring, once thawed earth, it must dig until sprouted. The carrot is juicy, delicious and will keep all the vitamins.

Courgettes and pumpkins.

For storage suitable only ripened fruits without damage. At the ripe squash skin is not pressed with a fingernail. Ripeness is determined by the pumpkin stalk: it is easily separated from the stem.

To vegetables wintered well, put them on a month to draft. It will shrink by about 10%. Thereafter, they can be stored in a warm room (not less than + 15 ° C).


Green pods and beans can be harvested several times in 10-12 days after the appearance of the ovaries. They have virtually no stored. They can just cook, freeze or preserve.

Ripe beans harvested grain after drying wings. You can remove the matured pods and remove them for a while in a dry room to dosohli. Extirpation beans stored in hermetically-sealed containers, or salted linen bags in a dry place (can be at room temperature).


Cabbage fresh stored in the cellar, remove the outer leaves and hung so that it does not touch the walls or shelves. If cabbage is lying, then gradually in the point where the shelf will start to rot. High humidity in the room it is not harmful.

With Cauliflower, if the harvest is great, you can proceed as follows. Dig out the plants by the roots and store it in the basement until stable cooling.

Cabbage landed in a deep greenhouse. Deepen the shed in the furrow and sprinkle the ground to the lower leaves. Insulate the greenhouse, cover with wooden boards or other opaque material (rearing takes place without light). On top lay a straw or leaves to keep warm. Before the New Year pick the greenhouse and eat cabbage (usually triples its weight).

If the climate does not allow such a greenhouse or not, do the same in the basement, prikopat roots moist earth and close the newspaper. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below zero.

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