Passage of game Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

I do not know who and how helped last solyushen, but personally I beat in the first «Commando», easily passed addon even at the level of «Hard». Despite a bunch of new features my players, which still had to get used to. What? You, too, because you want to? Please.

Mission 1: Channel Island, the English Channel, July 14, 1940

It’s no secret that at the time the Third Reich full swing preparing for the invasion of England. But first it was necessary to take the Channel Islands. The fate of the General Staff in the person crosses our group to one of these forlorn patches of land. The task — to destroy the anti-aircraft guns, radar and beacon.

Hang out in a boat under the noses of the Fritz — vulgar occupation. Do not rush to shoot Sniper everyone who gets within range of sight (remember: the cartridges have to spend only in extreme cases). It is better to take a Waterman and sly Match the stairs. Hence, seizing the moment, stumbling distract hour at the top and behind him sort things out with the rest. Now you can customize your boat. Further developments easily guessed. The only difficulty — is another staircase, the square in front of which can be seen perfectly in three Hans! Estimated amplitude turns their heads, use the Sniper. Next then simply sweep is not difficult, just near the elevator (at the bottom) recommend not to leave the bodies and drag them up (by the way, the rise is clearly visible patrol — wait for his return). Now directly on order. Explosives expanded its entirety, but close to the bottom two cannons placed barrels. Sniper aimed shot explodes far, then a pistol — near and coming down. He must stay at least one bullet, as the boat will take place only in the passage of two minutes! One — Sniper, the second — the boatman (he can get from the bank). And more!

Mission 2: Yugoslavia, April 23, 1941

Password: EW3ON

And here the developers begin to repeat. Such a mission, we have seen only the French had to rescue a colleague, and now — the Yugoslav partisans. One problem — he’s being held at gunpoint, and at the slightest alarm shot.

By the way, it’s almost the most bloodless level. The main task — to get to the zoo. To do this, Spy, removing the form from the nearest time will smooth out the area near the house, there is a security guard waiting for the zoo (in the form of hour patrol instantly bites through you, in the form of a guard — never). Then the whole team behind the patrol enters the zoo. Here, I strongly advise you to arrange a senseless Jihad, a sly way to the car. Spy in the light removes all «rasstrelschikov» one ottaskivaya them to the wall. Seizing the moment when the patrol near the entrance will turn back to you, get in the car and get out at full speed. With a little practice in the management of a car you’ll have to get out pretty fast.

Mission 3: Crete, June 10, 1942

Password: D5Y1F

Where do we just not throwing! Now here’s the edge minosskih sculptures were (they are here at every step). And damned Nazis are guarded by some terrible bomb (HS 293), navigation system, which we will happily steal.

The main difficulty that is taken to be that same warhead to drag on itself as much through the whole map — hence the total cleanup. It is simple, and does it all the same Beret. After leaving the house, he sneaks down the stairs, taking off time. If necessary, use the «experimental» time, very helpful. Hurry screw on the warhead is not necessary, let them lie. Understand local (a good idea to climb on to the top left edge of the wall and carry out the operation — it’s easier). When the entire trough is cleared (except, of course, the patrol), sniper customize — you will need it at the top. Take ammo at all, who’s stopping you, is not required savings. Well, I think on an empty road truck is easy to adjust. Downloadable!

Mission 4: Germany, 11 September 1943

Password: WF4ZG

That is how! Almost in the lair of the beast. Again, developers are repeated. The last time we blew up, «Leopold», which was to destroy the T-34, but now — almost the same gun, ready to go to Sicily to beat the allies. Boring.

And the mission itself terribly boring. Constantly hiding behind some industrial machinery, which is put only one person — that’s the whole strategy. Time is scattered so that they are simply removed. Stir only patrol, but from them, as experience shows, real hidden. Maybe not on the first try, but really. Anyway your task in the beginning — to get to the building behind the station, it will have to deal with a small German camp. The most common technique here — a pack of cigarettes, for virtually all time are back to the tents and do not give passage. But the curiosity of their ruin. We got to the station? Steady Spoon explosives under the gun. Yes, do not forget about an armored train on a siding — he, too, once this war. Sniper thing — time to shoot on the cars, with the habit of viewing a very large area. Here, it seems, and everything … explode leaving. On the corporate locomotive.

Mission 5: Germany, 15 July 1944

Password: 4HSAB

All of you certainly know about the plot against Hitler’s Wehrmacht officers. So, you are given the chance to take it most directly involved. To do this, you need to steal some secret service colonel, who managed to get wind of the impending assassination.

However, not all the men will be able to act immediately. Brother Spy managed to get captured, it would be necessary to rescue it from there. The road to the jail is not very complicated. The guards entice cigarettes, but, if desired, should grab one and use it to distract others. But be careful: at the slightest alarm Colonel hurried to his car. By the way, on the way collect cartridges for the Sniper. Their guards poor man hour. Pulling Spy, be sent to the residence of Colonel. There, on the top floor, hanging immutable general’s uniform. Before her Spy can get in the form of a simple time, avoiding the patrols. Only it can already be sent to the colonel. But no, first is to prepare the way for the withdrawal. Spy easily sort out with time, and then with the hangers. Accident over his shoulder — and straight to Panzer’u. Those interested can wait patrols and come off at full speed.

Mission 6: Germany, 12 November 1944

Password: J8TSN

And yet the Third Reich does not want to give up. Moreover, the German engineers have developed a new fighter, able to return to the fascists of the air. Well, for us, respectively tasked with destroying the prototype.

This is probably the only mission where I used the method of «three barrels.» Setting like it is divided into three parts: the first — just preparation for the explosion. Focusing on the map, laid out all possess the ability to detonate under the planes, and without the need to try not to cross the runway. It perfectly imprinted your tracks, and, perhaps, it effectively bypasses just take that in case of danger can dig (by the way, he does not care to drag barrels).

The second part — the seizure of the pilot. This fellow wandering around in a carefree environment protection, thinking that he was safe. I managed to pull it out without touching anyone around. Deaf are they, then? One way or another, but without it you can not get out of this damned airport. Moreover, you have to constantly keep an eye on him and his actions. At the slightest misstep he will raise your anxiety. That is why it makes no sense to drag him away from the start.

Finally, the third part: the most difficult and the most fun. Blow up all the models and smartly to get to the aircraft is practically impossible. Therefore, it makes sense to hide in some corner, spit on the alarm and just laid patrols stacks. And then quietly, without complications dive and fly.

Mission 7: Germany, November 20, 1944

Password: LUK2L

It’s been six months since the Allied landings in Normandy. Released Paris, France practically free. But our heroes a bit unlucky: Take driver and captured. Now the boatman with deminers have to pull comrades from the camp.

Of course, you should not be put directly to the camp. Somewhere imperceptibly cut wire and repel men. They were guarded by sentries idiots who Boatman elementary cleaned using a harpoon. But beware of the remaining prisoners, some of them may be traitors who donesut you (personally, I was able to escape only once in the fifth, how many were there who want to save his own skin at the expense of others!).

On the left is the top gear Berets and Driver. Take it and blow up the building next to the camp. The prisoners heard an explosion, ran away upstairs, and most enemies will be distracted by them. And during that time you need to get to the truck being careful watch on the towers, and rinse using a general commotion.

Mission 8: The Netherlands, December 18, 1944

Password: DUSLZ

Allies rapidly advancing through the Ardennes. Yet

Hitler is preparing to inflict a crushing blow.

The secret plans of the counter-offensive are one of General, and you, as it became clear they need to steal.

It is in this mission, you will be on a par with a girl involved, the Dutch partisan. Its features are almost identical to the spy (I mean lip service Fritz brain). But before you get to it, you will have to sweat.

The first trouble: the boatman is no scuba gear. It lies on a nearby island, and you can get there only by boat. To this end, the Sniper will remove two time on the beach and Beret will deal with those who dare to notice their bodies. And only then Boatman could easily cross over and take the cylinders. Now let him down through the channel to the drawbridge. The task — to lower the lever. The rest will move to the bottom of the card (by the way, is not terrible trouble — leaving very few patrols). When you get to the bridge, operate boatman. Attentive to the sentry guarding the lift lever of the bridge — it is better to remove snipers. Then hurry to the house partisan. One need only go to him and you will get acquainted with a charming girl. With its help you clear all the time, problems can arise only near the building of the garrison. Nearby constantly oshivayutsya men in black — the Gestapo. They easily recognize a scout, so it’s best to avoid them round.

Take the girl in a nightclub and wait to go down the general. All the secret plans for you! Slowly walk to the boats at the marina. However, this is not the end, have to swim across the channel. But if before you took off all the posts, the walk is pleasant.

That’s all. Sorry, again, we were not given to take part in the capture of Berlin. We are waiting for Commandos 2?

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