Pat Travers

He no longer sniffs whiskey. Today, the guitarist, who once almost joined Aerosmith, prefers salty air in the nasopharynx.

In his almost forty-year career, the Canadian guitarist Pat Travers worked with names such as Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice, Extreme and Leslie West, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Alex Lifeson of Rush is his fans. Today, the man who once came up to smell the whiskey and drink cocaine, returns with a new album, Can Do, written in the style of the most successful musicians during the late ’70s / early 8o’s when Pat Travers almost joined Aerosmith.

The chosen approach to the new album is reminiscent of some of your best stuff 70s. You yearn for that crazy era?

Ha! Not really. But it reminded me of some of the nonsense that I did then. For example, when I went to an apartment in the center of London in 1976, he found himself without a telephone — the phone itself was, but with a bunch of disconnected wires around. Without any experience, I was able to make it to work. The only thing — I managed to connect it to the number one of the neighbors, which is then received my bills. Purely by chance on my side.

I think today someone wants to hear the new album by Pat Travers?

Now more complicated. Today, labels are much more aware of what brings them income than before. They will not spend more than a certain amount, because it undercuts their earnings. But I have laid out, recording this album, I hope it felt.

You have a black belt in karate. It you ever come in handy during the tour?

Only in the sense that I have no fear of people or situations. I would like to own a karate years earlier. I remember once upon a time we were in a pub in London with Scott Gorham, and someone hit me. If I owned a martial arts then, things could be different.

You will participate in Cruise Rock Legends in October. How does it feel to get «trapped» on a cruise ship with a bunch of other musicians and fans?

This is the third such cruise for me. You feel «trapped», but the ship is incredibly large, there is a lot of space, so there is no feeling of claustrophobia. On his first cruise I was able to arrange a jam with Johnny Winter — it was my longstanding ambition.

You worked with a lot of big names. Is there someone with whom you would still like to play together?

In fact, I will tell you about a group to which I joined almost — it’s not very well-known fact. In 82-83 years, I toured with Aerosmith. One evening, they offered me a «good time» with them — it was Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer. And that night, I realized that they listened to me, wanting to offer me a guitarist in the band. It still did not work, but it might get.

You still sometimes sniff the whiskey?

Not anymore. When I was younger, I could not sleep for three nights in a row, giving three concerts one after the other and at the same time look great. Now I go to bed at 10 pm, I sleep for 9 hours and still look like shit. I said that Ronnie Montrose a few years ago. He was right. Although I still get a lot of fun touring.

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