Arriving at the far Hyperborea, Perseus defeated the Gorgon Medusa and cut off her head zmeinovlasuyu open, sends death sockets. With surprise hero watched from the neck of the Gorgon with the flow of blood coming to light two completely different creation — her children by Poseidon, god warrior chrysaor and winged Pegasus stallion.

Equally unexpected to Andromeda, the beautiful victim sea monster, it was the appearance with her Perseus:

Suddenly, like a sudden thunder in the clear sky,

Rolling neighing. The eyes opened

Fluttering fear and with it the heady excitement:

She saw, nestesnen bridle,

Shot up on its hind legs, flying Pegasus snoring,

Shadow blue wings outstretched over the water.

Jose Maria de Heredia.

Pegasus had the gift of carving water keys hoof. His name produced from the Greek pege, "source". Miraculous horse could find among the Muses on Mount Helicon, where he knocked source of poetic inspiration — Gippokrenu. But not only the marvelous music sounds is subject to Pegasus. Unbridled nature makes him a companion of ancient warriors.

In order to destroy the Chimera — breathe fire a woman with a lion’s head, goat’s body and a snake’s tail, the hero Bellerophon had to turn to the help of Pegasus, the reins of which gave him the gods. Bellerophon flew over the Chimera on a winged steed and showered her with arrows. Then he pushed the lead with a spear between her jaws, and fiery breath melted the metal, Having burnt the insides monstra1. Horse riding on Pegasus Bellerophon defeated salt and Amazons Cruel pirates Himarra … Thank hero gone to his head, and he dared to soar to Mount Olympus, where they could sit only immortal. Seeing this, Zeus sent down to the Pegasus gadflies, the bite of which the horse reared and threw the rider. Pegasus himself freely reached Olympus, but none of the people more than it did not go. Thunder vpryagsya him in his chariot horses Mednonogov,

Rapidly-flying, mane waves in terms of gold.

The similarity of the legends of Perseus and Bellerophon hiding, historians believe, the story of the victory of the Greeks in the II millennium BC priestesses of the lunar cult Gorgon wear masks during the service. Pegasus considered them sacred horse (it resembled a horseshoe months) and played a central role in causing the rain. Hence, the relationship of winged horses (wings — point to celestial origin), and rain clouds. What Perseus beheaded Medusa, symbolized the subordination of Greeks sanctuaries of this goddess, the deprivation of her priestesses ritual masks Gorgon and mastery of the sacred herd. Heavenly horses have since been included in the main harness Greek gods: Zeus, Helios, Poseidon. As a link with the lunar religion, aerial wagon endowed and Selena. In memory of the divine horse carriages holiday in Sicily, in Catania and Palermo still adorn Bunchuk of colored feathers.

Most were considered rebellious horses, formed the quadriga of Apollo Phoebus (Piroy, eoy, Phlegon and Eton), in which the Sun God made the way between the Earth and the stars. The son of a mortal woman Phoebus, Phaeton lost fiery animals, barely slept the universe, and has been cleared them with gold axes gig. How to burn from mismanagement chariot in the sky was the Milky Way.

In the Vedas, the Sun (Surya) is personified charioteer, ruling two, seven or ten shimmering gold mares. The ancient Germanic chariot horses attracted luminaries Arvakr ("early awakening") And Alsvidr ("all the fastest"). AT "Edda" Heavenly Horse Skinfaksi-"svetlogrivy" — Brings the day and Hrimfaksi-"ineegrivy" — Night. "Where did God horses? — Asks Lithuanian legends. — The sons of God went to them. Where to go God’s children? Search for the daughters of the sun". Indian summer sun chariot drawn by white horses, and in the winter — a crow.

Day and night are replaced in the Slavic fairy tales, like the black and white stallions; It is significant that the horse in black and white spots we called piebald, pegashkoy. Yes Spring Autumn on the piebald mare go — reasoned people. In the traditional embroidery and wood carvings can be seen as an image Solntseva chariots as a whole, and individual winged horses. In heraldry, the science of drawing up the coats of arms for the name of the winged horse stuck hippogriff (ippo — horse in Greek).

Most heavenly horses are on their wings the wind (Vedic Maruts, 12 horses, generated by a god of the north wind Boreas), toss with a height of thunder (Indra’s chariot and Zeus), knock hooves lightning (chariot Agni). The Byzantine "Devgenievom act" three magic horse called: Anemone, thunder and lightning. The name of the brown suit is related to the Russian language with the words of the storm, blizzard, Burnet (break out the storm). Brown horse — such wool which resembles the color of the clouds threatening a storm.

Zealous prophet Elijah, as related in the Bible, ascended to heaven in a fiery whirlwind. He went up there "chariot of fire and horses of fire". This story circulated ikonopisanii2. They believed that, ruling cruise Quartet, Elijah the prophet disposes of the elemental forces of thunder and lightning. For the Christian consciousness he assumed the place of the fallen gods — Jupiter and Perun, a chariot which since the days of ancient times was folded saying: "The horse is running — the earth trembles".

Eliakim was the attitude and Chino-chief of the Heavenly Powers Archangel Michael. Equestrian warrior, shining like lightning, it was not just on the battlefield. In the XVII century approved by the iconic story, where the archangel Michael is sitting on a flying horse with the defeated Satan under the hooves. And Archangel and written hippogriff usually bright red tempera.

The ability to fly — a distinctive feature of heroic horses. Achilles horses Xanthus and Baly ate heavenly ambrosia drink, breathe fire and ran ahead of the wind. Our Lady gives the Armenian athlete Sanasar its seahorse Jalali. For one gallop covers huge distances "burushka hairy" Duke Stepanovich. Ilya Muromets his stallion

…It has a steep hips

Pierces the skin to red meat;

Oserzhaetsya zealous horse,

Away from the earth is separated:

He jumps up the tree stoyachevo,

Slightly lower oboloka hodyachevo.

One Russian hero discourages snake horse on the wings of twelve, with silver hair and golden mane, the other — looking mare, which flies every day around the world, and when the drinks — sea waves rise, and will itch — centenarian oaks fall down. Slavic, German, Arabic tradition inhabited by horses, clouds, horses, climb smooth glass wall … These wonderful creatures are not only move at the speed of thought, but also endowed with prophetic power (remember Sivko Bourke, prophetic kaurku).

Newly conceptualized in the late XIX century, mythology, European artists often contrasted images of the Pegasus and Centaur. If a man with the body of the horse represented the animal instincts, the winged horse — towers over the private nature of the power of creativity. So, on the lithographs Odilon Redon (1840-1916) Pegasus — an allegory of inspiration. It overcomes the attraction of the earth, making the impossible — evolution, alteration for the better.

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