petsialisty intend to build a working model of a commercial jet engine with integrated cryogenic plant for cooling air. At the moment, we completed the second phase of work. The third stage is scheduled for completion by 2015, the creation of a smaller version of a working prototype of the engine.

All these miracles — a project of a private company Reaction Engines. Laboratory tests prototypes have already passed, and very successfully. That is why the Government of Albion were quick to say that will give 60 million pounds (about three billion rubles) only to bring the project to life. However, details about the plans of the British Government in respect of financial support are not yet known. Something will become clear only after will be held in Glasgow Space Conference (UK Space Conference). The program for the design, construction and testing of these vozdushnoraketnyh engines will be carried out in close cooperation with the European Space Agency ESA.

The engine is planned to be used as high-speed atmospheric aircraft, or as a single stage to draw conclusions into orbit.

The new engine company intends to equip the aircraft and its famous Skylon, potentially able to develop a speed of up to 5635 kilometers per hour. how

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