Zoo Tycoon (ZT) — Rollercoaster game, but without Rollercoaster. And without a single polygon. But with little animals, from Microsoft and somehow especially in these conditions ugly veil of general education. Voice, you know, Drozdov: «Now we will introduce yet another member of the family of amphibians. You see how he masyupusenky? «Appears on the screen nasty fall dozhevyvayuschego monkey crocodile. Drozdov: «Yes, but in the wild, other laws than we do with you!» Behind the scenes quietly playing «Pink Floyd».

Childhood in F

The mores of the local pixels are somewhat different from those we are used to over the years messing around with amusement parks: instead of quietly fume grub on walkways, visitors frighten animals Flashlights, throw in cages all sorts of rubbish and generally behave in a way that they want not obihazhivat as required by the game, and ruthlessly tear off the ears. In order not to.

Theoretically, if you do not communicate with the local scenarios, you can make the game a lot of interesting things. Once I built a dream of his childhood: the zoo without animals. There are souvenir shops, golf outings, roundabouts and fountains. No accidents tormented creatures, I did not try to feed the monkeys cotton candy and did not throw a sleeping lion candy medium-sized dirty paper. Park while working, bring good money and regularly attract visitors.

Some animals can be released at will and forcing pedestrians to run, frightening and dropping their last option «customer satisfaction». Unfortunately, the large predators such a privilege not enjoyed.

Then, you can, for example, rename any and all animals to your liking. Kindergarten pleasure of writing «Giraffe Andrey Ohm begins to wither from lack of savanna grass» defies description — it is better can only rename population ape nursery after his direct management or, say, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation.

All this, however, extremely bored quickly.

DEAR reptiles Animals, it appears to require much more attention to themselves than the Russian-coaster ride. Clicking on the enclosure, you will come to the horror of how choosy can be used to name the horse P.R.Zhevalskogo: in the paddock it is too crowded or too spacious, the bushes need to (but not all, and exported directly from habitat) , you need the dirt, you want company. Here are fussy. By purchasing a creature (for crazy money) companion and thus it made happy, you are confronted with the fact that the new-found cellmate just not happy with the neighborhood and would prefer to be alone. At the same time more and less than a beast, the greater the problems! Giant Panda at the query level very close to the pop star caliber Alla P. It is unfortunate that we are not in the simulator catering. There are such things would be easier — in the soup.

A special kind of psychedelic practices associated with the selection of types of fencing for each specific exhibit. Through trial and error, we understand that different kinds of gazelles artiodactyl be enough wire fence, while the Bengal tiger (for some reason my subconscious character named Zhora) will be better shielded from the madding crowd moat and nedetskiy cell. Mistake difficult: the guest does not want to live in a non sharpened by themselves aviary, Shrew colored with red when trying to put themselves in the corral.

All this can be tolerated, if not for one detail: ZT rapidly becoming nothing else to do. Accommodation of new beast after about the tenth repetition automatism begins to be produced with the worthy assembly line factory «Daimler Chrysler»: stretch corral, pour a suitable soil, instruct the scenery, let a prisoner to bring closer footpath. Reserves fifth, eighth and fifty-six. Arbeit macht frei. Art is set on a landscape identical benches and «family outhouse» (family WC, whatever that meant) — playing at all specific.

CELEBRATION OF MARKETING … common sense — that’s what it is. A mile away from the game reeks proschitannostyu, unnatural and forgive, envy superhuman strength cash advances Roller-coaster Tycoon and his next of kin. For this reason, ZT almost no animation, crooked interface and uncouth sprites the size of an ostrich egg, a three-level approach is banal can not be used: at maximum zoom-in average monkey occupies half of the screen and a bird’s-eye absolutely nothing is impossible to make out — so way, all are urged to use the guise of «default».

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