Reduction of manual unskilled physically hard labor shall KEEP paramount PROGRAM ALL TRADE UNION ORGANIZATIONS

The most important tasks

Moscow hosted the VIII Plenum Trade unions in the Soviet Union. In the plenum discussion made the following questions:

1. Brezhnev at the XVI Congress of Soviet Trade Unions.

2. A report on the first issue was made by the chairman of the All AI Shibaev. Speaking of the creative initiative of the workers, Comrade .. Shibaev stressed that employment was repaired during the scientific and technological revolution again put before economic leaders and trade union bodies of the most important tasks — the mass introduction of all new and advanced. It is necessary to pay more attention to the problems of the trade unions to accelerate scientific and technological progress. Over the past after XXV Congress of the CPSU, the three trade unions, organizations NTO voir and became actively involved in solving problems of technical re-equipment of enterprises, comprehensive mechanization and automation of production processes, the implementation of science and technology. However, the trade unions is not enough to use their ability to influence the acceleration of scientific and technical progress.

The Presidium of the All-paying great attention to the reduction of manual labor, endorsed the experience of leading teams of Zaporozhye and Chelyabinsk regions in the mechanization of manual work. However, this initiative has not received proper distribution, the necessary support for any of a number of central committees and councils of trade unions or by the CA and VSNTO voir.

Reduction of manual, unskilled, physically hard work, as called for by Leonid Brezhnev, speaking at the XVI Congress of Soviet Trade Unions, should continue to be an important program of all trade union organizations.

The report on the second question made by the Secretary of the All LA ZEMLYANNIKOVA. Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee, Comrade said. Zemlyannikova, it is a significant event in the ideological and political life of the Soviet society. Big and responsible role in the ideological and educational work among the working people

The Communist Party has always played and withdrawal of Soviet trade unions. The decision of the CPSU Central Committee put forward the task — to achieve greater specificity, efficiency of educational and cultural work, to bring it to life, the practical solution of the economic and political problems.

The speaker noted the existence of unused capacity in the organization of scientific and technical propaganda. We are talking about the need to introduce a coherent system of this propaganda in every workplace, the broader involvement to participate in its scientific and technical intelligentsia. In the communist education of the working people, the organization of their rest meaningful role of cultural and educational institutions. Every year growing their network. In order to better promote indigenous scientific and technological progress has transformed the All group of clubs in the palaces, houses of culture and technology. Time passed a little, but we can already say that their work has become more efficient.

In discussing the report was attended by 30 people.

Closing remarks on the issues discussed at the plenary session by the Chairman of the All AI Shibaev. The plenum adopted appropriate resolutions.

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