Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

Based on the story Yu Nagibin «Berendeev forest Scriptwriter

N. Ryazantseva director



S. Shakur



Mikhalkov, M.


B. Shilovskaya,

O. Golubitskaya,

T. Konyukhov, E. Sukhanov O. GOBZEVA,

V. Ural K.



The theme of the film — the victory of love over the minutiae of everyday life, over vanity. which only seems to be a full life.

The heroine of the film Nina seems that she and her husband, the artist

Cherenkov, too closed in his own world that real life is somewhere


And at the first opportunity

(Going on Vacation)

Nina rushes

8 • the real

LIFE ,, almost Measurements

NJ: her husband.

Beginning to give up on his wife, Paul

A. deeply affected. It seemed that the family will inevitably collapses.

But as a result of events occurring in the film heroes understand neoboSNOR8NNOST

Their grievances, understand how expensive uni each other. For someone who loves the really knows how to feel the suffering of a loved one, is able to recognize they were wrong, can PROSCH8T.

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