Posleotpusknaya stash

Posleotpusknaya stash

Adjusted the family budget after holiday

Knowing that sea days are just around the corner, you are in a hurry to deal with urgent matters at work, doing house cleaning. You are sure to unplug electrical appliances, will block gas … right? But the «posleotpusknoy» stash some reason, many often overlooked and received a long-awaited vacation amount, to celebrate immediately spend most of the money. And after a summer trip, when money is tight, according to the law of meanness, always a sudden unforeseen expenses. In order to avoid financial collapse, before heading for a vacation, do not forget to take care of after holiday budget.

lt;! — pagebreak —gt; Financial plan

As you know, the problem is better to prevent than to fight it, and your vacation will only be successful if it is carefully planned. Then you will not have to face a shortage of family income, stress and spoiled the mood. Therefore:

• Begin to save money on your vacation is better in advance, ideally — in January. If you set aside each month at least 10% of their salary, substantial damage to the family budget will not suffer. But to leave accumulate a decent amount!

• Before you go to the spa, plan an indicative budget: how much and what you have to spend. Be sure to leave 10-15% for unforeseen expenses.

• Pay utility bills and Internet services before the trip. If you make a payment for an apartment in advance, it will save you from headaches and more experiences. By the way, if you are away for more than 5 calendar days after the holiday to make recalculation of public services, so as not to pay water and gas that you do not use (if you do not stand counters). To do this, you need to keep all the documents proving your absence, for example, notes and checks from otelyaPo arrived to present them to the appropriate organization.

• If your budget allows you to leave the house any, even the smallest amount that you will be able to manage on his return.

Plan B

And how to stretch to paycheck if vacation «ate» all the savings, and strategic reserve you did not foresee? There is an exit!

Power reserve

The energy stored during the holidays, it is necessary to immediately forward to earning money. Where to do it: the main job, or to work part-time — you decide. To determine which will be able to earn extra money, make a list of all possible options, even if at first glance they seem weird to you. Choose the best and go for it!

Economy diet

You’d be surprised, but spending on food often eat up to half of your budget. Fortunately, they can be lowered. First, inspect what you have stored in the bins. Surely you will find stocks of cereals, flour, sunflower oil. Add a bit of summer vegetables, your boundless imagination — and a delicious dinner for the whole family is ready!

If the money is left after the holiday as a cat laugh, try to buy only what you need to prepare breakfast and dinner: milk, meat, eggs, local fruits and vegetables by removing from the list of semi-finished products, juices, snacks. Firstly, the food is much more useful, and secondly, you can save considerably.

Tighten the belt

A large item of expenditure — this is the cost of leisure. If two weeks after the holiday to keep themselves «under the» do without going to the movies and beer parties, you can get additional 5-8% of gross monthly income that you used to spend.

By following these tips and showing foresight in planning leisure, you will experience a stress-free financial posleotpusknoy syndrome.

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