PR LIFT Lift comes to the rescue

I thought I saw almost all types of elevators and lifting systems, have found practical application in the different countries of the world. But in October 2008, during a trip to Paris, I had to get acquainted with the system, which in this city is typically used for the delivery of bulky furniture in the apartments on the upper floors.

The unique architecture of Paris is largely determined by the abundance of the buildings of the XIX century. Sculptured buildings stretch along the wide boulevards, surrounded by trees chains. Curly streets and avenues like solid tributaries of the Seine flowing through the city center. In many buildings, these small elevators have some trouble. Ata, that is, it can accommodate only a few passengers. How to bring large objects into the apartment or bring them out of it? The answer given by the system PR Lift.

The system consists of a sliding ladder which runs an open platform laterally. In its motion causes the motor. Windows of Paris distinguished by its size — almost from floor to ceiling. And if they open the full width, large objects can be made to the apartment and make out of it through a window. The system PR Lift is usually installed on a truck. In the unfolded form, it is fixed at the side of the truck, and it turns out convenient means of lifting a heavy load to a height of seven storeys.

This clever device makes Paris loaders and serves as an excellent example of how vertical transport systems may provide a safe alternative to a difficult task.

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