Predstavlyaet vashemu attention rating motocross bikes 250cc klassa with four-stroke engines in 2013 by the legendary magazine Motocross Action. This year, the model number of completion — in addition to the four Japanese and Austrian KTM Rating joined Husqvarna, which will not be easy to overthrow the Japanese with their usual place in the hierarchy.

Predstavlyaet vashemu attention rating motocross bikes 250cc klassa with four-stroke engines in 2013 by the legendary magazine Motocross Action. This year, the model number of completion - in addition to the four Japanese and Austrian KTM Rating joined Husqvarna, which will not be easy to overthrow the Japanese with their usual place in the hierarchy.

We spent many hours in the saddle of motorcycles on highways across America. Importantly, the ideal motocross bike does not exist, all have their strengths and weaknesses. But our team test — pilots tried as much as possible to analyze each of the six candidates and identify their positive and negative sides. I would also like to note that the best bike — this is the one that best fits your taste, temperament and style of riding. Therefore, we do not force anyone to buy exactly the bike that we really liked. Rate each of the motorcycles is based on several key subjective factors. But we have also included in the evaluation of some of the figures and the retail prices for each model. Be wise in your selection, and good luck on the slopes!

6th place: Husqvarna TS 250

One word: SLOW!

Nusqvarna TS250 ranked sixth out of six. We lend the Italians for their forward-thinking ideas and unusual design. Their flair for emerging market engine is impressive, and the steel frame harks back to the good old days (we still love steel frames). But, unfortunately, it is impossible not to notice the numerous shortcomings TS250 2013. This is a tall and heavy motorcycle with long passes, soft power range and a rigid fork. In general, the TS250 can be chosen as your favorite bike, but not without a serious burden on your wallet, it does not hurt t.k.tyuning.

ENGINE: Do not get us wrong, Husqvarna TS250yavlyaetsya competitive car, but it requires additional teeth on the rear sprocket and a new exhaust pipe for an acceptable power range. At least, Husky can put a plus because it is more powerful than the Yamaha YZ250F 2013.

SUSPENSION: The fork is designed for fast and / or heavy riders. Hard (0.47 kg / mm) fork springs do their job well, but oil in the chambers too much. We have removed 20 «cubes» of oil from each pen, and everything fell into place. As for the rear shock, we could not come up with adjustments to any particular range and have not found the best option.

MANAGEMENT: It was created explicitly for turns. «High» chassis also inconvenient for the majority of riders. In general, management is poor, and the TS250 is still very far from ideal in its class.

R.S: We appreciate the approach of manufacturers and what they are trying to create competition high five. TS250 — a unique design, but it is still much to be done. Now we can say with confidence that they are on the right track.

R.R.S: In view of the merger and Husaberg Husqvarna hope that the development of «Hasok» come to the place of the new owner in the face of MWC.

5th place: YAMAHA YZ 250F

One word out of date!

When the press were the first images of Yamaha YZ250F 2013, we could not scratch your head in bewilderment. What happened to the Yamaha? Of course, they have a great car with a decent engine and good suspension, but this year, no significant changes have occurred. YZ250F is a good motocross bike. He has a balanced and refined aluminum frame and excellent suspension — Kayaba SSS. One of the easiest in his classroom, YZ still has a carburetor, and we are grateful to the Japanese for it. Our test — pilots like carburetor Keihin FCR, although it requires a setting for different climatic conditions and altitude.

ENGINE: Over the years, we asked Yamaha to increase engine power YZ250F, but have not seen any change. The bike has a durable and reliable engine that makes it the best in the lower and middle range. But based on our rating system, YZ250F takes penultimate place and gives the smallest peak power. Yamaha promises to present in 2014 a completely new engine, we would hope so!

SUSPENSION: Kauaba SSS — it’s great. In combination with a light chassis, suspension works almost flawlessly in a variety of situations. You do not need to do anything else, just a little oil from the drain plug and check that it was not too soft.

MANAGEMENT: This bike is the second step of handling in its class.

PS: 2013 Yamaha YZ250F placement in fifth place in our ranking is regrettable tears in our eyes. We remember the days when YZ250F reigns and had the best bike. Nevertheless, it is an excellent machine for riders who are more suited 250cc class.

4th place: KTM 250 SXF


This statement will not make sense until you board the KTM 250SXF It gives an incredible 42.89 horsepower! Compared to last year this is a step forward because last year he was «betrayed» pathetic 35.52 hp We have never seen such a surge in the power of the power plant for one year. With such a strong engine and in fourth place? Yes! After all, everything else — «not very». Rigid fork, «tight» PPC is not an ideal setting injector.

ENGINE: repeat — 42.89 horsepower. This is very much for the «chetyrehtaktnika» 250cc class. Nevertheless, we had to add one tooth to the rear sprocket to fill gap between second and third gears. Power range is too long to unleash it takes a long time. After the purchase of this bike, we recommend that you make an investment in «tune» the exhaust pipe, and allow the engine to breathe properly. And then -Keep competitors, because apart KH250T KTM has no competitors for power and throttle response. We just want the chassis has been improved.

SUSPENSION: When we saw the fork W, we already knew what to do — remove the oil. Every year there is another 250SXF stiff fork. What is the reason? There’s so much oil in the chambers that move the fork is very heavy and difficult. To improve the start by removing the 10 «cubes» of oil from each pen. And in general, do not be afraid to remove even 20ml.

MANAGEMENT: The bike is particularly good where traction is at a premium. Steel frame — that’s the main advantage, which is why 250SXF is one of the best handling bikes in its class.

RB: We have repeatedly said that the range of power is a major factor in the hierarchy of the 250cc four-stroke class. KTM 250SXF has a powerful engine, but requires setup gearbox, fork and a new «exhaust». After correcting these issues 250SXF jump two places up the leaderboard.

3rd place: HONDA CRF 250

In a word it better!

This year the bike in third place last year was the fourth. In 2013 CRF250 fork got stiffer springs, changing the EFІ, minor updates and new tires damper. Deep down, we want to see 2013 (CRF250 more like the 2009 model, which in our opinion was the best. In spite of this, (CRF250 is quite competent motorcycle with nice ergonomics and better engine performance in midrange, which is well suited for a wide range of riders. But we would be well advised to put a tuned exhaust SUSPENSION: We appreciate Honda and convenience suspension Showa. The plug is suitable for the majority of riders. In 2013, put stiffer springs fork to remove the excess «diving» front end (a big problem models 2010-2012.). In this, all works well, particularly when braking input in turn.

MANAGEMENT: The suspension has been upgraded. In the past, it took a long time to come to terms with the poor performance of the suspension. But this year the CRF250 to feel comfortable almost immediately.

Yes, the front part is still suffering from the «trembling» at high speeds and not so good in tight turns, but at least now the problems are masked due to improved fork settings.

PS: Third place in this ranking should be considered a victory for Honda. The new generation CRF250 has long been loved by many of our test riders and try to avoid its testing whenever possible. But things started to change, thanks to a better suspension tuning, better handling and a full range of power that is competitive (if you are, of course, the transfer switch).

2nd place: SUZUKI RM-Z 250


Frankly, Suzuki did not have much to do to their RM-Z250 to remain competitive. Motor and control of the motorcycle has always been among the best in its class. Suzuki’s improved areas requiring attention (suspension and transmission), but not too tried. The engine got a lighter piston and updated injector, but compared to last year will not. The overall result is that the 2013 RM-Z250 is simply better than the two previous models.

ENGINE: RM-2250 is the second-best engine in its class. In truth, the new EFI settings, we were not so happy with power range, but when we turned on the simple mode, the engine woke up.

SUSPENSION: In 2013 RM-2250 uses a fork Showa SFF single spring. We were pleased with her performance, despite the fact that the settings can be too harsh for low riders. It feels balanced front and rear suspension — it is not the best in the class, but still pretty good.

Management: If you can not go well in the corners on the HM-1250, then you’re doing something wrong. This bike rides turns as you can only dream of, while the other bikes in this class «create brilliance» only under certain conditions. We have noticed that the «front» is sometimes pierced at high speed, but this question can be solved by tightening the stem nut and a little «play» with the height of the fork.

P.S: Proverb "in the second place the first loser" does not apply for the 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250. Several test — pilots put it in first place in our rating because they fell in love with the management of this motorcycle. He was a little more powerful engine and improved traction, and this motobudet clearly in the first place.

1st place: KAWASAKI KX 250F


So we got to the first place in our rating — Kawasaki KX250F. This is undoubtedly the best engine in its class, power 41.15 hp at 12,300 rev / min. Kawasaki has already proven formula: a great engine and an adequate suspension. But it is not the best around. There are several possibilities for its improvement, particularly in terms of cornering and braking. For us, this bike was the closest thing to perfection over the last eight years. Since 2006, our rating KX250F won six times. Incredible!

ENGINE: Although KH250F and slightly weaker KTM-but his most adequate speed range. Slow riders enjoyed a lower range and a more experienced like traction on the «average». This will allow you to win "Holeshot" forever, never looking back.

SUSPENSION: With Showa SFF fork and rear suspension Uni-Trak KH250F undoubtedly good. Suspension like most riders, but be careful with the settings that can damage control.


— The engine has the best power range from those that we have ever tested.

— The revised new suspension uluchshaetupravlyaemost. -I KH250F have flaws, but they are very small.

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