Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and a second category for all breeds of hunting dogs following comrades who have graduated from courses for dog handlers in 1961: JF Shishkov (Barnaul), GA Podyachevo (Vladivostok), GA Budylenko A. B. Geytsa, LM Kostyukova, RM Lobacheva AA Rovnina (Irkutsk), GV Osadchaya (Krasnoyarsk), AM Veselov (Kemerovo), VM Sergeev (Barrow ), JF Alekseev (Omsk), Grigoryev AT (Orenburg), AG Dultseva, PF Tarhaneevu (Sverdlovsk), IV Kudryasheva (Ulan-Ude)

AF Reshetnikov (Ufa), IA Teterin (Khabarovsk), BP Fedorov (Chelyabinsk).

Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and the second category of the following comrades prepared by individual training and stazherstva: all breeds of hunting dogs — AI Lavrent’ev (Gorky); Like and of beagle — VN Savinov (Barnaul), VI and VI Zhivolupu Chetverina (Perm); for beagle and cops — Lyubskiy VN (Moscow); on Laika — VI Galantsevu (Naryan-Mar) and Muscovites LA Gibet, GV Kiselev, GM Makarovsky AA Treshchalov and LV Ushakova; for beagle — V X. Braushkinu and VF Koshkodaevu (Moscow), BD Diveevo (Yoshkar-Ola), SM Dobrynin (Vologda)

SI cereals and A. Nevsky (Yaroslavl)

AV Lebedev (Ivanovo), V. Sokolov, and

AA Sofina (Gorky); on cops-B. N. Voznesensky and IV Timme (Leningrad), AV Zakharov (Yaroslavl), M. Pavlov (Kirov)

A. P. Ratkova (Ivanovo), VI Tyulin (Gorky); for spaniels — EN Tsygankov (Gorky); for room and decorative rocks — Leningrad VG Ushakov, VG Ushakov and JA Chesnokova.

In order to improve the next titles Qualifications Commission in 1961 awarded the title of experts and judges of the first category as follows fruitfully worked and worked well to his comrades:

On examination at exhibitions, broods m by field referee: all breeds of hunting dogs — VS Ignatius (Moscow), FG Marina (Vladimir), MV Shevelev (growth); Like and of beagle — MP Kinchin (Kirov) and VM Therefore Tejina (Yoshkar-Ola) for beagle and cops — GA Sazanova (Kazan); on Laika — YD Antonov (Moscow), V. Davydov (Perm) and GV Sokolovsky (Krasnoyarsk); for beagle — Nefedov, IA (Moscow), VN Pavlov (Leningrad) and GM Ushakov (Ivanovo); for cops —

B. I. Kalyanova (Moscow), M. Fedorov (Saratov) and LK Yazvitskii (Ivanovo); for spaniels — VA Kirillov (Leningrad).

Only on the examination at exhibitions and broods: by cops — AP Rybchenkova (Moscow); for room and decorative rocks — YM Zvonareva (Leningrad).

Just judging by field: cops — DI Shuvalov (Moscow), spaniels-P. Pavlova (Moscow).

In 1961, the Qualification Commission has decided to assign the title of expert judges and the All-Russian dog handlers in the following categories: all hunting breeds — AT Nikolaev (Moscow); by Greyhound — VD cherub (Tambov), and only expert-E. F. Dezor (Leningrad): on Laika — V. Kolesov (Ivanovo)

VV Markov (Kalinin), and only an expert — JS Zazhilovu (Moscow); for beagle — AI Egorov (Sverdlovsk); for cops — V. Petukhov (Sverdlovsk), EN Pisarev (Stavropol), NE Polikarpov (Leningrad) and only an expert — A. Rykov (Moscow).

Last year, at the request of the Main Directorate of the Qualification Commission and the main hunting of the RSFSR-Union Qualification Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR awarded the title of expert judges and Union category VI Kazan and NI Pononovu (Moscow).

Unfortunately, the qualifying commission and have to deal with cases of violations of ethical and professional standards by individual experts and judges.

So, on the complaint of hunters Moscow region expert judge of the first category FM Brichkale- for 1961 and 1982 deprived the right to review and judging of the unfair conduct of the district brood for failing core responsibilities expert judges and a violation of existing rules.

Suspended non-recovery expert and former judge of the first category ND Sevryugin that personal gain was involved in the destruction of the dogs, the hunters Slobodskoe, Kirov region, under the pretext of vagrancy animals.

For violation of accepted standards of breeding work on dog breeding in Ramenskoye society of hunters (Moscow Region), the expert and the judge-Russia category * M. Volkov was reprimanded with a warning. November 22, 1961 after the recognition. Volkov their mistakes and in the absence of violations in the past year, the recovery from it has been removed.

In the past year, at the end of the probationary period at the request of the Moscow Society of Hunters and the personal statement she was reinstated expert and judge E. E. Klein.

Entering the Qualification Commission data show that the case ,, education and training of experts and judges, improving hunting dogs.

However, it should be noted that the society of hunters and gosohotinspektsii often casually decorate submission to the assignment or increase ranks ,, resulting in long delays consideration of materials. Often not confirmed or carelessly documented practical experience of candidates provided by the current regulations. Often documents are no expert advice and judges who have trained companion, submitted to the assignment or training.

Hunting and gosohotinspektsiyam should pay special attention to the care of registration materials for the title of only the worthy fellow, having the requisite knowledge and experience, active in the field of hunting dogs.

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