Lily Collins in all respects, with the American ideal of a «golden girl» she is beautiful, rich, successful, sociable and always cheerful.

But a number of other young Hollywood beauties Lily stands out primarily for its dedication and indomitable energiey.Pust appearance it resembles a fairy princess, but in character and worldview Lily — a fighter, and starring prefers heroines, able to fight back.

In 2012, People magazine included Lily Collins in the top ten most beautiful women in the world. Meanwhile Movies appearance of Lily Collins is a lively debate about sobenno — her eyebrows. The actress is constantly advised to «bring her eyebrows in order,» Mr. Lily was determined to take your eyebrows heirlooms: and the Pope, the legendary British rock musician Phil Collins, drummer and vocalist supergroup Genesis, eyebrows are not strings, and her mother, Jill Tevelman, in the past the teacher, they are also very conspicuous.

Prior to American Jill Tevelman Phil Collins was married to a Canadian Andrea Bertorelli, which they raised two children, son Simon and adopted daughter Joely. Lily Jane Collins was born on March 18, 1989 in the UK, in Guildford Surrey. Childhood Lily was absolutely cloudless. «My parents read to me every night fairy tales, and I believed in what I fairytale princess. I had costumes of Disney characters, and I was able to play any of them! «- Says Lily on to love to talk about early childhood held in English,» outback «, as running away playing field where open-air suit one-man show : dancing and singing, imitating the favorite heroines of fairy tales.

b of England Lily always remembers with nostalgia.

Lily says that the initiative to move it came from her. By the time Phil Collins has already parted with Jill Tevelman, she wanted to go back to their parents, but presented a move to America so that little Lily considered him the embodiment of his desire and fewer missed.

Parents, though, and lived apart, were able to give Lily a loving family atmosphere. Phil loved his daughter, dedicated to her song You’ll Be In My Heart, and Lily visited it regularly, returning to California even more fascinated fascination father.

Phil and Jill brought up the daughter of a real fighter, hard and devoid of complexes. Mother -President Women’s Club of Beverly Hills -uchila stylish dress, behave confidently, turning disadvantages into what is called a «highlight».

At the moment, in the bank Lily eight roles in a feature film, half of which — the main. Of course, spiteful critics argue that if Lily was the daughter of Phil Collins, she never would have had. Lily so responds to these accusations: «Many people think that a famous name — that’s all you want, but if you have no talent, you do not get the role …».

From early childhood, Lily was desperate fashionistas, and although in the style of her case of a puncture, it is justified by the age and inexperience (eg, Lilly complains that in twelve years experienced «excessive predilection for blue leopard print») to seventeen She’ll make a perfect glamor girl, think through every detail in your outfit, even one in which it will come into the store to shop. For all his love of fashion modeling Lily came by accident. Lily Collins has worked in Paris, London and Barcelona, ​​showed jewelry along with Mr. Campbell aomi at the foot of Mont Blanc. On the podium Lily paced not often — «My life does not depend on this job, I did it just for fun» — but in 2007, the fashion house Chanel chose Lily Collins of hundreds of contenders and entrusted her with great honor to present the new ball gown at the Ball debutantes .

Grandmother Lily Collins managed the theater school in London, a little child, Lily was playing on the stage, in the Los Angeles appeared in several musicals, but after graduating from the prestigious Harvard-Westlake School Lily entered the University of Southern California to study telejournalism. n Beginning in fifteen years, she has led his own column LA Confidential in the British edition of the magazine Elle Girl, as well as writing articles for Seventeen, Teen Vogue and the Los Angeles Times, Mr. dreamed of TV journalism.

Lily studied the «market», compiled a list of the adolescent and offered their ideas to representatives of TV stations talk show: «I was sixteen when I got into the courtroom senior managers develop ideas for virtually all the major networks.» The first time, she received only refusals, but, seeing «no» as «no, not now,» eventually won a place in the correspondent channel Nickelodeon, led to reports of a presidential election and inauguration, covered fashion shows and premieres. «MR gossip had not engaged, — says Lily. — I thought that if I want to one day become who people can trust and maintain a real, honest conversation, I should start from the right path. «

In 2008 Lily won Young Hollywood in the category «New faces on the red carpet,» I got into the list of Maxim magazine as one of twenty «Sexiest daughters of rock stars.» That same year, the Spanish version of Glamour magazine named Lily «World Model of the Year», and her photo appeared on the cover of the April issue in 2009.

But fashion — fashion, but on the question of correspondent Marie Clair «What would you like to know five years ago?» Lily said, «What am I going to star in action films with a lot of tricks. I have started to train before! «

Therefore, most of Lily loves those heroines who had to do some fighting. How, for example, Lucy, niece of Pastor in the fantastic film «Shepherd.» However, to be precise, Lily Collins acting career began at the age of two years …! Pretty daughter of Phil Collins filmed in the BBC television series «The problems of growth.» And with respect to the first serious role, she received in 2008: high school student Phoebe Abrams in a remake of the popular TV series «Beverly Hills 90210». The big movie Lili first appeared in 2010, playing the role of the daughter of the main character in the sports drama «The Blind Side.»

«The Blind Side» won a number of awards, and Sandra Bullock won for the title role of «Oscar». The reflection of the glory of the film highlighted the Lily on the aspiring actress was showered with offers. In the same year he came out and «Pursuit» John Singleton, and although the film flopped at the box office, but Lily had a romance with Taylor Lautner, mostly known for the films «Twilight.»

This relationship did not last long. Just like other hobbies Lily — Riley Heperom stuntman, actor Zac Efron. With all Lily broke up because of … lack of time. She is too busy schedule to build a serious relationship. A fun touch to the biography of Lily is its rivalry with Kristen Stewart. Fate itself now and then pushes the two young actresses. They are almost the same age (Kristen younger than one year), grew up in Los Angeles, both fathers were related to show business (Kristen — daughter of John Stewart, who, though can not compare popular with Phil Collins, but it is the producer and director numerous television talk show). Lily Collins auditioned for the role of Bella in the «Twilight Saga» — a role that eventually got Kristen Stewart. Then they both almost simultaneously turned into Belosnezhek: Kristen in the movie «Snow White and the Huntsman ‘, Lily — in» Mirror Mirror «). Snow White, who «get» Kristen went over to Lily, an avid «tryukomanke.» However, Lily, playing Snow White, was able to fence: let her character and not the virgin warrior, but still quite a «little robber.» Lily Collins who plays Prince Army Humvee passed a thorough workout.

And Lily’s self-performed all of the songs in the film, a very worried father apprehend her singing debut. «I did not tell my father that I was singing in the film, because I wanted to surprise him. He liked! When I first put his record, he did not believe that I sang it, and asked me to put the record several times «- with pleasure she said in an interview, but seriously try yourself in the music career Lily is in no hurry.

Another novel, Lily Collins has a chance to be longer than the previous ones, too, was born of the district on the set.

British actor Jamie Campbell Bower plays the lover of her character in the film version of the saga of teenage Cassandra Clare «instruments of death.» Since the movie is planned a few have their relationship a chance to blossom and grow strong: in any case, the work is no longer shared by lovers, but on the contrary — are united.

On the role of Clary Fray Lily approved immediately, the very first of all the acting group and this happened even before she starred in «Snow White»: the production of the project spe- cially pushed to enable future main character to shine in a large-scale setting next to Julia Roberts .

As the popularity of «instruments of death» is quite comparable with the «Twilight», but this story is not love and adventure. In the center of events — Clary Fray, who lives in our D and E do not suspect that given special powers of thanks that can hunt the creatures of darkness. So the life of an ordinary American girl smiling turns into a dark tale: her mother is kidnapped, she herself persecuted, to kill, and then Clary salvation is at the center of a love triangle, torn between childhood friend Simon sinister and mysterious Jay Som. In the first book Clary fifteen years, but in the movie it was made over to attract multi-age audience, but also because «if you have a film fifteen wants sex with a guy, you go to tyur mu» — explained the decision to «wear out» heroine producer Robert Kyulzer.

Lily Collins for the role of Clary has a special significance, because it is a long and ardent admirer of creativity Cassandra Clare.

The writer Cassandra Clare was among the thirty men, whose opinion was taken into account during the casting.

Cassandra Clare is immensely pleased «chemistry» that arose between the lead actors Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. Lily herself admits that Jamie fell in love almost at first sight, n o is possible that she was not sure — whether in love with an actor or an image that he created.

However, Lily Collins knows that Americans love the image of «girls next door», and tries to match it.

This Hollywood Princess knows how sunny smile, but do not forget that it is able and likes to fight for what he thinks is right and necessary, and is able to achieve the desired «I’m still fighting for the role, I go to auditions. I think listening courses on acting. Each of them — this is a special experience and I’m open to any genre, which is found on my way, but I’m ready to fight for the role, «but sometimes the desire Lily Collins true in and of themselves, about to played Snow White and Clary Fray, and now it waits for another dream role. A year ago, in an interview with Lily she said she like most fashion of the XIX century: «… corsets, layers on top of other layers of clothing. I would love to play Elizabeth Bennet in «Pride and Prejudice», and what happens? NE so long ago it adopted the role of Elizabeth Bennet … However, in the movie parody novel «Pride and Prejudice and Zombies», so what ?! Costumes will be there just are who loves Lily. and Elizabeth more suitable for her «release»: The Brave hunter zombie, chopping the head and kicked the bouncer teeth.

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