Probegovye tests BMP-2

Probegovye tests BMP-2

Such tests are one of the stages of the process complex regulated maintenance of combat vehicles. They are exposed to BMP in order to verify the quality of the implementation of army repair and installation of reliability and accuracy of the adjustment mechanism of the machine.

The route for the path chosen and prepared so that it was on the areas that allow to drive in low gear with the maximum load of the engine, to carry traffic to roll to both sides and in the higher gears. In addition, be sure to include the presence of climbs and descents with a gradient of 10-15 °, where you can check the reliability of the parking brake, and stopping. The course must take the form of eight with a total length of about 30 km.

Infantry fighting vehicles, which are planning to experience the city, staff full-time property, process and track technical documentation.

Preliminary inspection of the machine is carried out. Thus all hatches, covers, hatches, partitions, power pack and ribbed leaf is opened. Please monitor the completeness of the filling machine with fuel and lubricants, coolant and air (fuel not less than 300 liters of oil in the engine lubrication system 30 L, the air pressure in the cylinders 8 MPa). The oil level in the gearbox mounted between the upper and the lower risk of the probe, and low-freezing coolant expansion tank — between the lower and middle plates. Looking around the outside of the machine, be sure to check the tension of the tracks. For this strand tensioned on two pins, which are inserted into holes fingers shoe lying on the rims of the first and second support rollers. Install the pin in the hole finger truck, located midway between the first and second support rollers, and produce a measured between a thread and a caterpillar. Sagging tracks should not exceed 6-8 mm. Further tension control other caterpillars.

Inside the car, check that there are no dirt, water, oil or foreign objects. PES cylinders and fire extinguishers shall be charged, to be on the regular places and sealed. Operation of the instrument of internal and external lighting, sound control switching.

Check operation of the heater, first opened its hatch, and then pumped fuel supply system for 10-15 seconds and include 1-1.5 min switch «Candle». A fully open valve fuel supply heater and half a minute later include tumbler «heating of the engine.» Heater should start. This release of the torch at steady state of his work should be not more than 300 mm, penetration of exhaust gases into the machine is not permitted. Heating was continued until the oil temperature of 30 ° C. With low ambient temperatures (below -20 ° C) handle the damper heater put in the position of «3» and open it with the start of combustion. To turn off the heater before the first closing of its fuel valve failure and 15 seconds after the flame out disconnect switch «heating engine.»

Next, check the reliability of engine start-up in various ways. For this purpose, by pressing the «pump», a system pressure engine lubricating 0.25 MPa (2.5 kgf / cm2), and an oil temperature of from 60 to 70 ° C is not less than 0.15 MPa (1.5 kgf / cm2). Without releasing the «pump» serves pedal fuel supply half of its course and press the «Start the air.» The «pump» should be included to keep no more than a minute. The engine should be easy to run.

After stopping the engine are convinced of the reliability of its starter start by pressing the button «Starter». Button holding no more than 5 seconds. In all cases, after the engine has to turn on the pump pumping the coolant, as evidenced by the glow of the lamp «Cooling system».

Then begin to move. Drive manual feed fuel rate set engine speed 800-1000 rev / min beep and release the hand brake. This goes light panel «Release the handbrake.» Included depending on ground conditions I, II or 11 delayed transmission, touch the car from the scene.

During the entire period of run in accordance with the instruction manual included infrared devices, the blower, the lights and the stabilization of the exhaust fans. Before driving giropolukompas include HPA-59, it is heated (in the summer and heated rooms 10- 15, and winter outdoor 20-25 min) and razarretiruyut. During path control its operation and the magnitude of the gyro care (for 30 min to 40 h. In.).

Throughout the path watching the testimony Test and Measurement (instrumentation). After starting the engine at the minimum speed of the crankshaft of the engine lubrication system pressure gauge should show at least 0.2 MPa (2 kgf / cm2), and an oil temperature of 85 ° C and the speed of the crankshaft 2200 r / min 0.6 MPa (6 kgf / cm2) to 1.2 MPa (12 kgf / cm2), and if the oil temperature is 55 ° C, the pressure should be not more than 1.3 MPa (13 kgf / cm2). The lubricating system of the gearbox oil pressure at 1500-2600 rev / min of 0.15 MPa (1.5 kgf / cm2) — 0.35 MPa (3.5 kgf / cm2) and not less than 0.1 MPa (1 kgf / cm2) at 800 to 1000 rev / min. Coolant temperature and engine oil during the movement is within 80-100 ° C. Voltammetry shows charging.

On the track check transmission operation when the machine turns 360 ° in both directions with a full stop lagging tracks on I, II and III programs, and without stopping for rest. The gearbox and final drives should work with a uniform noise, without sharp metal bumps, knocks, fractional shoals. Inclusion slow steps to check each transmission.

Reliability of stopping brakes controlled by a sudden braking to a full stop on the I, II, III programs and reverse gear, and with a smooth braking IV and V programs to a complete stop. Check the reliability of the brake and handbrake operation pneumatic devices duplicating the main clutch. To do this include I transmission, enter the «hill» and without turning off the main clutch, depress the brake pedal. The engine should stop this. Within a minute, hold BMP stopping brakes, and then apply the parking brake and release the pedal.

After that, the main clutch pedal is depressed, open air valve and turn off its drive gear. To monitor the work of the unified alarm pressure, releasing the hand brake, keep the car on the «hill» stops for 5 minutes. During this time the pressure in the hydraulic system decreases, and when it drops below 0.26 MPa (2.6 kgf / cm2) operates uniform pressure switch. The machine should remain in place, and when the unified faulty pressure switch slide with the «roller coaster.»

On the serviceability of the compressor indicate staff gauge readings with the engine running. Automatic pressure must transfer the compressor to idle when the air pressure in the cylinder 13 to 15 MPa (130-150 kg / cm2). Release of condensate produced, opening the valve. The air pressure in the system at the same time must not drop.

To check the operation of the stabilizer close hatches machine body, removed from. stop turret and gun and switch include «Drive» button on the remote control operator (PU D) Drive stabilizer left on for 4-5 km. During this time, produce two turret 360 ° in each direction and no less than 5 times the gun is pumped from stop to stop. Do it in the mode of «Auto.» And «Pavilion.» On both consoles. When the output size of the gun ‘cars should illuminate the corresponding indicator light on the dashboard of the driver.

When checking the targeting first by turning the commander’s turret rassoglasovyvayut line of sight sights MIC-2-42 • and TKN-ST at 30-90 °, then press and hold the button on the handle targeting TKN-ST. The tower should be at the same speed on the change-over to turn in the direction of harmonizing the axes of sight BPK-2-42 and TKN-ST and stay in this position.

Mode «Hold» control when the regulator and rasstoporen Mr. hatch commander. To do this, turn the device TKN-ST in the direction of the machine and press the «Y», which holds no more than 15 seconds. It follows that the field of view of the device TKN-ST in the horizontal plane of the direction of motion of the machine, regardless of the position of the tower. Compliance is checked in the modes «Auto.» And «Pavilion.».

To check the communications antenna installed and connected to the apparatus switches from breast headsets, transfer switch on the unit A-1 to P-123 include tumblers «Scale» and «Power» and handle «noise» turn to the right. Distance between subscribers at the same time should be 10 to 13 km, the number of radiograms 20, semantic intelligibility factor which should not be less than 98%. Next, set the switch to the A-1 in the position of the sun and the connected switches with breast headsets with each unit transmit telephone messages from 7-10 words. Semantic intelligibility factor of at least 90%.

Termodymovuyu equipment checked by a double switching toggle TDA for 2 minutes with a break of at least 3 minutes. Do it while driving the machine on a flat area at the IV transmission at a speed of the engine crankshaft 2000- 2400 rev / min, and the coolant temperature at least 90 ° C. The length of the smoke screen neprosmatrivaemye should be 100-150 m, and its resistance is not less than 1 minute.

The efficiency of the system of collective protection check manual inclusion, for which the engine is running at 1300 ± 50 rev / min, exhaust fans cocked valves, valve closed FPT included stabilizer and toggle «descent» push a button on the dashboard PAZ driver. The engine must stop this, closed shutters and the exhaust valve, the valve opens FPT (warning light on the dashboard of the driver), will close the valves of exhaust fans. Stabilizer off (turn off the lamp HV GP, «Pav.» On the remote control operator and commander), disconnected the power supply circuit runs.

Recharged all actuators and press the shutter button gun. This should turn on the exhaust fan of the tower. Let the engine and push the button «P» and «OB» on the panel of the driver. This opens the valve of the filter FPT (the lamp will light up the «Open» «Valve FPT»), will close the valves and turn off exhaust fans in the troop compartment and in the tower, the damper in the troop compartment remain open. Stop moving. When the transfer is squeezed off the pedal to stop the fuel supply. The engine speed of the engine must not exceed 2900 / min.

Work box traffic signals CDS-2C is checked throughout the run in the high light. This switch «All — back» is set to «All». When you press the brake pedal the front and the middle marker lamps should be lit, and the taillights and the indicator lamp on the control of CBC-2C flashing. After switching the toggle switch «left — right» to «Right» Right marker lights and warning lamp on the KDS-2C PU should flash, and the rest — to burn. Having set the switch to «Left», the check is repeated.

Mileage stopped prematurely when the oil pressure in the lubrication system falls below the allowable quickly and too hot individual components and mechanisms, felt sharp metal bumps, knocks, fractional rifts while working units of the machine, there are leaks. By eliminating the causes for these deviations, resume running.

After conducting tests probegovyh produce inspection machine, in which special attention is paid to the state seal in the nodes of the chassis and the engine-transmission group, the reliability of the fastening devices BPK-2-42, SZ-W and the turret. In addition, make sure that there are no gaps between the clip and the rubber shock absorber rear engine mount.

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