Professor Lebedinskii

On the limits of national patience, overcoming cowardice and surveillance



What do you think. WHY ENTREPRENEURS?

I do not think that all entrepreneurs need. Full of businessmen who bring harm to the society, engaged in some sort of financial fraud. Poche Gu would not do drugs or cheap meal ok? In my opinion, because most of them want to gain more and go away. Business culture is not at all, and the state of its development, to put it mildly, is not conducive.

SAY. What people get the power that deserves.

How to say. In the historical sense, it is. probably so. and if you take a simple Soviet grandmother -That there. Is not she. honestly worked 35 years at the plant deserves a pension of five thousand? If time does not change the situation from above, from below popret. The great Russian people are patient, but he had ever burst patience. And he is merciless revolt. So you need to clear tough measures, not the ostentatious anti-corruption processes. Two scolded, -like the rest sat and sat.

How things have changed for the better?

First — to unite. One is a warrior. Teaming can only defeating a cowardice. As long as we like? Everyone shakes over thirty rubles and fears behind the chair tear, although the reward may receive and seventy. Civic Initiative is missing. On the contrary, I see the killing of good feelings, which, by the way, condone the Internet, human fragmentation and destruction of the family institution.

YOU. Case. SAMI was not engaged in commerce?


With my head full order, but I do not feel a propensity to commerce. I’d rather sit by the river -without this fuss and bustle. Earn more than others, to win the hearts of new women, but in the end What? Grave. In fact, many things in life are not important, although sometimes necessary and swiftness. Pretty thin pieces. There need to be adjusted.

Do you realize by the river?

In part, yes. You know, like chump cleaned? In his youth, you are full of energy, hormones rage and simply go with the flow, and after thirty-five — is necessary to rake up, and sometimes — from the «beaver» to fight back. And how? We have to put up with cruelty, we do not live only for ourselves, but for the sake of children. If only for myself, it would be possible, and not to strain.

Share your experience: how to create name-brand?

I did not invent anything artificial — all naturally turned just pinned. Not everyone knows that I have the education — classical pianist. Quite another story. My — is a classic fusion. sometimes rock. I’m not one of those people who is heard their songs. I remember in 1994 even refused to go on stage under his own name -only incognito. I did not want to upset her mother, friends. So there was a professor Lebedinsky. Nevertheless, it is — also a part of my soul.

Do you regret?

What sorry? Although I have long gone on TV, my creativity is constant fans, by which I live. +

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