February 26 marks 75 years of writer Alexander Andreyevich Prokhanov

With Prokhanov I meet almost every environment: in the tram is going on "Bauman" Krasnikursantsky to travel, time to read a newspaper editorial "Next day". "Russia — the salvation of the world". "Petersburg shipbuilding". "Pskov earth and heaven". "Holy Stalingrad". "Ideology — the mother of the state"… These colorful language, honed by thought-writings appeal to help statist patriots see the light, regardless of their position and rank, occupation and previous achievements. Newspaper, led by Prokhanov, the matter said, concerned the state of creation.

By Prokhanov began to listen to the top. Russian President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin recently stated publicly that the names of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment would have to pass through the historical legacy as the best Russian military units. But this is Prohanov asked Putin to a year before yesterday, where he was today semёnovtsy and Preobrazhensky.

Prohanov least thinking of renaming and turning inside, he calls for the restoration, in his figurative expression, the optical fiber of Russian history, which imbued the state has an energy spurt, helped to develop a strategy, the concept of this breakthrough …

Putin acknowledged that the scrapping of the Soviet Union was a geopolitical disaster. He also said that Russia — today and tomorrow — needs an ideology. To speak about the work of Alexander Prokhanov is ideology, policy is still that blow bubbles, and enjoy playing them on a rainbow — employment foolish children. Prokhanov — thinker and statesman, who for many years was recognized "nightingale of Staff", A singer in the camp of Russian soldiers, the poet MIC. And even now with his newspaper and his books remain the most powerful weapon in the defense of the Fatherland.

Multifaceted creativity of the writer Prokhanov, his vigorous political activity, cultural and creative asceticism — the subject of much research, reflection, assessment To date, it has already been written about the monograph of a thick, multi-page articles of literary critics, political scientists, philosophers. There have been publications on Prokhanov in our magazine. At the dawn of perestroika in our pages has been created in the party newspaper Prokhanov "Day", Closed in 1993.

Today, we want to say our sincere thanks to Alexander Andreyevich for his enduring love of Russian soldiers, to a man in uniform.

Prokhanov saw our soldiers at nuclear test sites in the womb and submarines for strategic steering wheels and levers bombonostsev the world’s best tank. Prohanov many years closely associated with the marshals and generals, officers and soldiers. Prokhanov — Cavalier high state award — the Order of the Red Banner, "Badge of Honor" and the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Prohanov personally seen combat in Afghanistan and Chechnya, Cambodia and Nicaragua, Angola and Mozambique. And during the war in his own homeland, he became "krasnokorichnevym". Liberal traitors like those of his brand, and he answered them with the dignity that is -preobladayuschie the centuries color Orthodox icons. Creator "Symphony "Fifth Empire", Prokhanov himself as a multifaceted crystal ball color as his "totem animal" — Outlandish winged butterfly. Their collection he collected in between the bloody fighting in many countries, war-torn …

On the life of a writer can hardly tell who is better but himself, especially in the narrow confines of journalistic essay. A year ago, the military newspaper "The situation" we recommend to read his book "Going to the Fire (Journey through his own life)" — Where all his trips, meetings, meditation. Branch reader will be interested to know how he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, worked in secret KB, and then — in the forestry and ethnographic expeditions, became a singer in the camp of Russian soldiers.

Afgan for him began long before the December invasion. He went on teaching in the Turkestan Military District.

And so: "With warheads I held maneuvers in the desert. We are buried in the sand glowing with tanks. The tanks are heated to a temperature such that soldiers wishing to eat, have the opportunity to cook their own strange dish — they rubbed bread dough flops it as cakes in the armor, and they’re baked. These cakes were surprisingly tasty, fresh. Just preparing cakes of bread in Afghanistan.

After these maneuvers, I came all the izmyzganny with crunchy sand on the teeth in the garrison Kushka — this is the south of the USSR on the border with Afghanistan — at the very Kushka, where once Russian officers from boredom great play Russian roulette and shot in the dark room. At the time when I came there, it was a great garrison, possibly indicative, with a swimming pool, fountains and gardens. Garrison, division commander Colonel Yuri SHatalin, God rest his soul, invited me to the bath. He took his coveted birch broom from the suburbs, and we are there with them soared, recovering from severe maneuvers. Suddenly resorts poruchenets and said that something had happened in Afghanistan, Afghans have arrived at the border, and they say that they had a revolution. What revolution, we did not understand.

I remember I went out Kushka conjunction with the accompanying to the checkpoint, where there was a barrier spanning the road leading from the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. There was an Afghan truck that our soldiers called "borbuhayka". Good big truck "Mercedes"Purchased in Germany, but decorated with oriental ornaments, trinkets, all spotted how misled. In this borbuhayke on the car roof in the paddock is usually carried the sheep in the back of various products. These Afghans in broken Russian told that toppled Daud, the then leader of Afghanistan, and there is installed a Marxist regime. It was quite strange. I suddenly felt a strange desire to jump over the barrier at the Blue empty asphalt, for which a year later, this division led Shatalina cross the border and move into the depths of Kushka Afghanistan to Kandahar. So the first time I felt that I was beginning to Afghanistan to delay in its enigmatic, mysterious abyss from which I, to be honest, until now has not got".

Not by chance, even writing his first novel about the war in the Caucasus — "Chechen Blues"He placed it under one cover with his Afghan "Palace"So entwined in the lives of alloy Prokhanov and his book characters, these bloody events, in spite of the substantial difference in them. That war was "beyond the river"And this — on the ruins of their native homeland. But here and there scribbled out the same "Kalash" strigunki-soldiers, and the same "perfume" now we moved to our mountains.

Already half-forgotten "Afghan" literature — prose, poetry, documentary of the war, and a bookshelf filled with different-sized volumes today on the Chechen issue. Here and collections of documents, and retrospective digressions into the history of the more, the last century, the Caucasian war compared her to the war turn of the century XX and XXI, and oceans of drink militants detectives precocious horror needful low tastes. But it is not about them now speech. Let’s look through the newly Prokhanov’s novel "Chechen Blues"After which was written by another, "Running in the night"- The two hottest stories of the two Chechen campaigns.

The epigraph, dedication, placed on the cover of the Afghan collection "War in the East" and duplicated before "Chechen blues", Emphasizes the author’s sincere love for a military man, a defender of the Fatherland.

Prohanov alone built the temple, how to put his own little church in his native Timonikha recently departed from us the singer of the Russian land Vasily Belov as erected a chapel on personal savings father died in Chechnya sergeant SWAT Maxim Kislichko and our colleague on the internal troops knight of St. George, Lieutenant-General Michael Uras.

As a true Orthodox church, a new book by the writer Prokhanov became the seat of the spirit. And the more grateful readers will have a novel, the namolennye, and therefore warmer and more comfortable will this temple. Proven fact — the shelf readers "Chechen blues" and "Going into the night" added all passed the first and second Chechen campaigns want to read these novels. But the main criterion at this large category of readers who are not familiar with any of the theories of Stanislavski, as follows: "I Believe" or "I do not believe".

It is not according to the book, if its graphics, frescoes, we learned our military friends, svoevavshih war in Chechnya — Honored Artist of Russia Gennady Bellies painted concrete soldiers and commanders Sofrinsky Brigade, Odon. A book characters — Captain Kudryavtsev with his soldiers Sirloin, nostril, Chyzh, cockroaches and cool — absorbed traits of many of our comrades, living and dead, who until the last moment, to the point of no return, to the blood of the New, the 95th "I did not believe in any shots"And then entered into a brutal sechu bravely, heroically. Deprived of victory, they were not defeated, they were betrayed by a corrupt oligarchic tip, they were slandered in gorlohvatami purchased (and therefore sales) newspapers, on what was then the same television.

Prokhanov wrote war competently. And in many characters, we learn traits, thoughts and deeds of the author. It’s Prohanov mouth brigade chief of staff, General zealous dared to object, play Yermolov before the new, 1994-1995, the Chechen campaign and the sending subordinates to perdition. It is sensible to arrange Prohanov meager defense forces building in the center of Grozny. It Prohanov courageous and brave grin in front of a rabid wolves Dudayev.

Just visited the war, under fire, at the front end, so may feel heightened thirst not only of life, but the life of the righteous, life is not so much for himself, but for his neighbor, for the other.

They, the soldiers, deceived many times before the war and during it, and after battles, using trust and openness Slavic serene-good soul, spat in her poisonous saliva. Insidious, feigned generosity Chechens turned into a terrible massacre in the New Year’s night of 95th — perfidious bandits stabbed with a knife to the throat of a Russian officer. In the throat, which has not leaked poisonous sweet wine, which were treated "Compatriots" our guys. Then the deputy and human rights activist by the name "whether Korablev, whether Kobylёv" Surrounded by thugs out with a megaphone to the besieged house, which holds the captain Kudryavtsev with several soldiers, and through the strange bleating interjections Russian offers to surrender to the mercy of thugs Dudayev. Again treachery, duplicity, hypocrisy.

Brave man Prohanov calls unpleasant things their proper names, for which persecuted and booed aestheticism liberal critics, who on their tolkovischah now praises only literary victors, calling for "human values". Actually the writers’ successes in the novel "Chechen Blues" lot. For example, the battle scenes Prohanov full expression in the descriptions of battles, is gentle, lyrical paint to express feelings that swept encountered on the borderline between life and death in a shoot and blazing Grozny man and a woman. And here we believe the author, because they saw in the war stories, like this.

Anna, a woman with a marvelous, as an icon, a person who appears on the background of the battle is not accidental. She sent down belligerent captain Kudryavtsev salvation as life-giving principle. They both knew it. Moments of elation and happiness, and separated by Anna Kudryavtseva, connect them in a cool broken home, encouraged and refreshed officer. Enlightened, he again went into battle. For Anne, for her outraged house for her, and now, perhaps, for their happiness.

Roman deliberately roughly as faults in the crust in the earthquake, is divided into two storylines. On the one hand, the captain Kudryavtsev and the Five Russian soldiers from the broken New Year’s Eve Brigade keeping defenses in the building at the railway station in Grozny. On the other — the billionaire political puppeteer Berner, meeting New Year in Moscow, surrounded by fellow marauders of the new Russia has not, but world-wide, is awash in wealth and raspalёnnom bears in mind, in my soul diabolical regular blood-money crime.

Prohanov wisely understood the logic of this terrible war, its mechanism, launched in the corridors of power. The army certainly doomed to defeat those same billionaires-puppeteers. They also gave money to the serving of media. And the future of film director of Grozny January grinder voluptuously enjoys its top, exclaiming: "Admit it, every war is beautiful! Normal people are waiting for, when it breaks out, and tend to it! For there the aesthetics of war, destruction and the aesthetics of blood! I will make a film about this war, and it is a metaphor of our times! Give money to the movies!"

Berner will give money on the movie, he has earned a lot of money and still earn in this war. "I’ll give you money "your war"But the money you perform "my work"!" The work will be done — the director with a strong in his work schizoid component will shoot a film, monster, densely configured to "the aesthetics of destruction and blood".

Someone already accuses Prokhanov in excessive naturalism. But what to do if there were severed heads in Chechnya. Yes they were! And we saw them with my own eyes, and kept in their own hands. The question is how to show a modern barbarism. Drinking real, not mythical, thugs and serves as a touchstone, an inspection in the human person.

The Berner found inhuman, diabolical inside — after a bath given by the military, he wrenched himself from his painful vomiting cramps, but never cleared …

But wait a calm agitated soul unsophisticated village priest, Father Dmitry, praying for the health of his son rodnenky, the man’s nostrils, fighting in Grozny. Prayer is reached. Angel lifted on the wings of their priest. All-seeing eye beheld the living soldier. Next to him, some military in bandages and with a marvelous woman as an icon, face obscured by smoky wind …

That captain Kudryavtsev, who performed a death order brigade commander, who a moment before his terrible penalty (his severed head Chechens just settle for intimidation Russian) subordinate shouts: "Urine them Kudryavtsev! .. I order you, Captain, urine them! .."

It did Captain Kudryavtsev teammates in a matter of minutes which became strong and brave defenders of Russian house in the center of Grozny.

As for the writer Prokhanov, he tempted, highly experienced battle scenes, also orient in the first Chechen campaign, and the team mind and heart directed their weapons against the enemies of the Fatherland. And I hit him point-blank, without waiting for the order from top to give — "Watering!"

Without a doubt, every Russian soldier, officer or general, for the exact impact of the writer Prokhanov hug and say, patting on the shoulder: "Thank you, brother, supported by fire!" Something like this, I remember, welcomed General Gennady Troshev Prokhanov, handing him during our writer’s troops in Chechnya in January 2000, the medal.

Our mutual good friend, the Russian writer Alexander Segen, comradely, in editorial chided Prokhanov at seems to be not quite the right name of the novel. Allegedly, it was great to be followed "Trees in the center of Kabul" write "Russian house in the center of Grozny".

That is exactly what nazvalya his first response to the "Chechen Blues"Putting more and subtitle "Review instead of fighting charter" — Army veteran readers remember the lyrics of our magazine or book "BB: Caucasian cross-2".

In the years past since then, Alexander A. — brilliantly charismatic, irrepressibly curious, deeply insightful, heart cares for the Motherland-Fatherland

— He wrote several novels, countless set of essays, articles, interviews and reports. The recently published collection of his works in fifteen volumes. And after — desyatitomnik Publishing "Veche"By the way, perfectly designed by our comrade, a freelance photographer for the magazine "In the line of duty", Knight of the Order of Courage Oleg Smirnov.

Prokhanov — megapisatel!

Prokhanov known and recognized as a public figure. Never been in any political party, he is not only states, but also proves his right to be a statesman. Once he signed me your "Symphony "Red Empire" (Imperial crystallography)". Gusty like a dagger on the stone — "Dear Boris, — Glory to Russia! Yours, A. Prokhanov". I noticed: "You, Alexander A. imperialists they call …". He lifted his head from the book, shone warmly and enthusiastically pitched, all and all seeing eye: "I, Boris, imperschik!"

At the end of last year, the channel "Russia 1" chetyrёhseriyny passed cycle of Prokhanov at the correct unambiguous title "Soldiers of Empires". The series, unlike razvlekuhi-gum, caused great interest. And, apparently, it caused more resistance to those same puppeteers that imperial ambitions Prokhanov liberalnoburzhuaznomu not by their taste. Released this January of the next series of revelations Prokhanov get even sharper. This is not surprising — if the Afghan and nuclear race were relatively long time, the Emergency Committee, 93rd, Chechnya, corruption at the highest levels, degradation of the defense — all this bleeding.

He accused all the troubles of today’s Russia "branches breed" Prokhanov at the sight, hearing his angry speech "Echo of Moscow" and every "Barriers". "Fights" TV, trembling. It seems to be outraged too cocky Prokhanov’s behavior in public. And actually — they were trembling from the animal fear of the truth, which Prohanov cuts into their eyes …

At the beginning of these notes it was marked by a distinct expression Prokhanov’s newspaper editorials, and their titles. In each call to action and often a concrete program of action. And be called novels — "Mr. RDX". "Virtuoso". "Lettering". "Political scientist". "Ship "Joseph Brodsky". "Krasnokorichnevy". "Kreyserova Sonata". "The last soldier of the Empire". "Holm". "Russian". "Aluminum face" — And built the annals of many foreign -between XX and XXI centuries — decades. This is not fiction, this is a Soviet and Russian politics, history, philosophy.

Correct minds think the strategy jerk …

Why were called statist patriots "Izborsk club"? Old Izborsk near Pskov, where they lived Russian Knights — a place of old landmark, sacred. About Pskov shrines and holy separate conversation, slowly and thoroughly.

Prokhanov his vision of the Pskov region, where there are prints of all Russian historical epochs, all empires. It began to pour Prokhanov is a hill to worship the cross. Hill sprinkling symbol of the gathering of the Russian lands, Russian culture, Russian thought.

Prohanov inherently collector — inspiring heroic biographies, useful mind and heart instructive stories, interesting range of like-minded friends and colleagues, even, as mentioned above, the amazing collection of unique beauty of butterflies. That’s why Prokhanov alien destroyers and plunderers of all kinds, where the sly, and where and openly hate and despise "this country".

A year ago, Prokhanov said Putin, where he today Semenov-tzu and Preobrazhensky. Prokhanov came another editorial under the headline enlistment "Preobrazhensky, forward!" Prokhanov and this time heard the President and the Supreme Commander. We get together with Prokhanov wait for the new pre-obrazhentsev — not by name but by their desire, desire and ability to work for a reasonable breakthrough transformation of the Fatherland.

Once in ’91 I called Prokhanov. He offered to write an article in "Day"While still young and powerful voice newspaper. Our troops are in Karabakh, and the material we brought out hot. Front-page article entitled "Whose war? .." accompanied by the magnificent image Oleg Smirnov — at the airport in Ganja, two commandos led to the aircraft under the hand of a wounded Askeran ordinary German Chukarin. When the lights went out in the room "Day", We Prokhanov shook hands.

Prokhanov can admire. We need to learn Prokhanov — literary skill, powerful energy, asceticism.

Alexander Prokhanov except Lenin Komsomol Prize has received many prestigious literary awards. Portraits Prokhanov wrote in different years, great artists — famous Ilya Glazunov and Honored Master of studios Grekov Marat Samsonov.

But finally, I want to tell you about another portrait Prokhanov. Sasha was in high school fifteen years when their school visited the famous graphic artist, book illustrator Evgeny popular Kibrik He was looking for a young man who apparently would fit his conception of the hero of the novel "As the Steel Was Tempered" legendary Pavel Korchagin. Closer, tenacious, meticulous gaze focused on master … Sasha Prokhanov. That figure entered in the classics of Soviet publishing. And few of today’s readers and admirers Prokhanov knows about it.

All providentially in this life. Pavel Korchagin heartily shook his hand to Prokhanov. Prohanov knows firsthand how the Steel Was Tempered.

On the way to the editors take the next issue of the newspaper "Next day". I look forward to another meeting with Prokhanov!

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