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Average write a letter … There are many — thanks to the patient for healing. At the end of printing and «signature hand comrade. N. pledge. » This is a letter, and different from all others, because the hand is, strictly speaking, not a comrade N., and Leonid Kudryashov. He is known prosthetic master, made it to a war invalid.

He is now seventy-four. But I do not look — a little like a teenager, wizened. These people all my life look much younger. Even his hair graying just yet. He says in grassiruya nobility, though a native of Orenburg peasants. We sit in the kitchen, drinking tea in the courtyard of a warm December day in Tashkent, which are in Moscow in the middle of autumn, all went home, nobody bothers …

At school he did not have to go. The family is large, and for the children in the house always work there. The school is two miles, winter is not very much resemble. And there was another one of the uncles, who had left the village for a long time, who studied at the university in St. Petersburg: there he became a revolutionary and banished him to Siberia. «That’s what learning is driving — said otets.- Lyonka nothing to do at school. A need, and he learns «. When needed, really I learned to read and write six years with the cows. («Sometimes, I lie down in the grass, and I — cry. Grass something above me, do not find them»). By the age of fifteen he knew almost all agricultural machinery, any could repair when adults could not cope, his name was. And so it went for the «mechanical» Whenever any work — and in the cities and in the MTS. Repair the tractors, machinery. Some almost from scrap, so much so that even though the exhibition. Thirty-fifth year, came into Central Asia.

— Then I got married too soon. Wife something I got educated: a nurse was finished college. Ashamed, she did — go but go to school. Well, I went to the first class … They sit there, writing sticks. And I knew that far away …

So for the second time it was not held his teachings. And in the thirty-ninth drafted. Oh, there was service to an end, sending it to the training of electricians, after which he became head of the electrical service of a tank regiment. Commanding the title given. Complete the course in the summer. On Saturday, you can go to get a certificate, but he fired into the joys of off — until Monday that does not happen. And on Sunday, there was a war.

About Military History Kudryashov can write as many stories, how many days was in its inverse life. He was alternately a soldier, an engineer, a master, able to scratch from nothing just do not do it! Organize the production of flour, making sausages (meat is perishable), repair of tanks … for days without food or drink sat in frozen, an open trench in the marsh, wounded froze in the snow, the ordinary commanded a company … not just represent his and titles, and awards, but the wound that will transfer somewhere, whether those representations were lost. So he finished the war without any medals, just before his last fight was sergeant’s stripes was already on the Vistula at the beginning of forty-five. The wound, a large splinter stuck in misery-D. Seven months in the hospital. In the House of forty people. There amputation of hands. Could Kudryashov on them without pain watch — seven young men themselves can hardly serve, and even some work there. Can not be any-thing to do? It had plenty of time to think — could not walk with their neighbors for a long time about all the negotiations, and read he was not a big fan. Gradually beginning to take shape something — like instead flexors adjust tappets instead extensors — spring, all this set in motion from the elbow. Especially well I met just such a prosthesis — with the amputation below the elbow. At the time of discharge from the hospital, everything was ready — could only do.

He came to Tashkent and immediately with this in Minsobes directly to the deputy minister. He hardly believed that the soldier offers business, but reasoned, perhaps because — he just wants a trade deal with the prosthetic, even engaged, it is still not enough people everywhere. Sent on a prosthetic plant designer. We looked at it and were not happy Kudryashov — also an employee, he barely moves on crutches. And as the first questions asked … Prosthetic not engaged, no education. Oh, yes … but not to argue with the deputy minister. They put a salary of 800 rubles, and forgot about the new designer. Even the job was not given. Hoping he would go away.

They did not know Kudryashov. At the factory there are no conditions, because he worked in the evenings at home. At home, too, conditions were. And besides, his wife gave birth to a train. But it did not stand. Materials, tools, took out where he could. To iron bed adapted tisochki and master the prosthesis. In early April, forty-seven, the first disabled person to his hand was presented to the NTS Minsobesa Uzbekistan.

Kudryashov won! All won — the difficulties of life, unbelief and indifference of others, their own lack of education. From the time he became a lifetime prosthetic master. Of course, he is actively mechanical hand there were comments, but that is particular. The main thing — hand approved and decided to manufacture in large quantities. The award was given three tysyachi.A then began incomprehensible. If earlier the factory bosses overlooked Kudryashov, now in his distress he noted. Yes pinned so that no gasp or breathe. Whether because against the background of its success — the success of striking, because it was achieved almost instantly and without training — all their previous work did not look flashy, or even why, but only Kudryashov should be a prosthesis to improve, prototypes do it well converted into a mechanic shop on piecework. He did not go, do not give him a salary. How does it work in such conditions, now, probably, and he can not understand. Like two parallel lives were. In one step, it is not allowed to set foot, just do had fought and tricks to punch. In another, the most prominent experts were singing his praises to the Scientific Council.

Doctor Yavnel «Kudryashov invention has a great advantage over American dentures with active brush.»

Professor Heller: «The congress in Moscow, I saw a lot of prostheses. Mechanical brush was not. «

Professor ASTROFF: «Until now I have never seen a brush with the mechanical function of the phalanges.»

Professor Orlov: «So far, it all comes down to cosmetics. Kudryashov invention allows a disabled person to work «

There were funny sayings. Somebody, emphasizing the priority to «defensive value» necessarily required to classify the work economize on such appeals only to the plant manager, clamped Kudryashov. How Well mass production, if the invention should not be disclosed?

Ever Kudryashov «parallel lives» and he wrote a letter to the above which was not. Arriving at the factory commission from Moscow and from the local comrades, in which the most «junior rank» was Minister of Social Welfare of the Republic. Kudryashov said a lot of compliments, scolded and decided who should quickly prepare all the drawings, and paper and send them to the author in Moscow to show their achievement.

…He told me once his story neighbor of Hotel room Hotel dating lungs, the most intimate fluent — anything you do not need from the interlocutor, met today and tomorrow left. A neighbor was whether «the situation of», or just an active person. I called the newspaper and asked to take Kudryashov help. Sorry, Leonid hesitate to ask his name, and the name, even when meeting forgotten.

The newspaper reported Kudryashov Pavlenko writer, then a forty-eighth, a very known. Anyone interested, call the Minister of Health, Minister of Social Welfare. Convene another scientific council, once again noted that the prosthesis is very good and not at all like the others, once again decided to make one more experimental batch. This time at the Moscow plant Kudryashov decided to push for the Stalin Prize. Also not without Pavlenko.

But it did not. The forty-eighth sent documents when awards committee had finished work, forty-nine long did the sample arm and missed again, then fell ill and died Pavlenko — nobody was to recommend to call and plead for himself does not know how Kudryashov

With all the graft, too, consider escaped. To date Moscow factory produced nothing, and when he made almost annual late, it became clear that it would be better not to do anything at all — local designers decided to show his learning, which-that have improved, and it all went down the drain. The same thing happened in Tashkent. Then Kudryashov and went to work as a technician in GSKB of machines for cotton.

But his hand, though bad, even with distortion the author’s intention, but was made. No, no, yes Leonid will go on a prosthetic factory. Then even the leadership Minsobesa agreed with GSKB to Kudryashov every day for two hours to release. And it never occurred to him that he could be at normal conditions to establish that he was not engaged in an alien thing.

However, alien affairs for Kudryashov, it seems, had never been. I’ve thought of a car to collect unopened bolls of cotton. Like all good at it. I start the evening tinkering with two friends. But because of the same problem struggled the whole laboratory, their attempt was deemed unacceptably impudent …

Since then, he swerved to the side and did not only prostheses. All these years, it was the first assistant foreman Maria Pavlovna Rodionova, who later became his wife widowed by the time the inventor.

He perfected the prosthesis to the point when the mechanical assembly of the dead springs and rollers almost replaces the living miracle of nature.

Yet miracles, of course, does not happen. What a perfect or whether artificial arm, it can not play the piano even «Siskin.» But one of Tashkent built a house with a prosthesis Kudryashov on his left hand, made her (it?) Stand. Not so long ago I came again — something went wrong in the mechanism, an urgent need to fix, and then a week later it … to go to the competition in archery.

Of course, not everyone will turn out so, not every play, even on the best violin.

— If the need for a throat grab, all people will learn to do, — says Maria Pavlovna And if one hand there but still … That’s right, at the beginning of the fifty-seventh it was sent from Moscow Leonid Solomentseva patient. It has both hands. Very complicated. Could not they have it there oprotezirovat. And he did — she proudly nodding at her husband — and Solomentsev this could fully serve themselves.

With Solomentseva they were in Moscow at the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. RATED. But scientists are suspicious people — maybe the patient with unique abilities. And they offered the same again on another patient. The case was even more severe. Three days after receiving prostheses people owned them satisfactorily.

Then Academician N. Prior, whose name is now the above-mentioned institute, collected by the Commission, and she acknowledged that «the proposal said Comrade. Kudryashov valuable, original, and very necessary. «

…Fifty-seventh year in Tashkent visited Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the late US presi-dent, patroness of charities. I showed her and Orthopedic Institute.

— I was warned the day before — says Kudryashov — that I was ready to show your prosthesis. I was told to put on a white coat and a hand in the hall to wait. I was sitting, waiting. Come. Our all bosses, Deputy Minister of Health — this young woman, Eleanor Roosevelt, it is still a professor — chief surgeon of the US and someone else. Well, I have presented. They say, that he did this hand now show. I show how it takes a pinch, like a fist — well, everything in general. Eleanor Roosevelt, in Russian do not understand, and a professor of theirs — he said nothing. They began to ask all sorts of questions, and do everything inside the drop — as it works. And inside can not see anything — everything is hidden. She stared, then said: «We in America also has a good hand, but this is not. How to buy this? «At this point I say that is, they say, is not fully finalized his hand, about to finish — we’ll see.

In Tashkent hand Kudryashov made. More than a thousand people saw life again. But all this has been achieved! Production did not comply with the requirements of the work can not be fulfilled. Hardly that goes beyond the most primitive — makes Kudryashov at an aircraft factory, good there were not only possible, but also the leaders, you know, for any business trying to persons. And at sixty … In the third plant built new premises. The pilot plant is not provided. Dali room, where benches and dressing, and Kuhlman designer … then organized a design department with the rates from 130 to 150 rubles-lei.

In the seventies he released. Kudryashov retirement. But the thought to rest not send — the last author received the year before.

I learned Kudryashovskoe history, and did it in my first date was not entered, the past gravitated. Mechanical arm … And all of us have heard something about bioelectric prosthesis — just think, and it really works himself. Lenin Prize for it was given. Then too learned from the experts, that does not exclude one another, not even time to come bioelectronics. Give the prosthesis slightly, almost exclusively to people of mental labor.

So why did Kudryashovskoe hand today do not? I called the chief engineer of the Tashkent plant prosthetic V X. Galeev, I call Deputy Chief of central board in Uzbekistan Minsobese JF Vetchinkin. In one voice saying the same thing: «It is very difficult hand to produce. It has many parts. Then, as we in the Republic of prostheses necessary? Now, if we worked for the whole Union … We are releasing Leningrad model. It is in every sense of simpler, more reliable. «

Clear. The cart is also easier and safer «Zhiguli» …

I speak with Professor Medical Institute EV Luzin and hear this:

— Of course, the Leningrad hand easier. But ETOGES cosmetics, and no more! A prosthesis Kudryashovskoe disabled person can work. It is the only active hand! You understand the difference? Obsolete? But how it can become obsolete when nothing like up close and not ?! You know that this hand can? Well, what then to speak … And Leonid people did so much good, so much energy spent, still working … And nothing made. If I were the master, if able to work …

Today Kudryashov on their pension as Suvorov in disgrace under Paul — all like in the past, did not seem to need anyone, but as a suitable case for which others guts, so to him, save me, do not you mark old grudges. Then heat the ends Kudryashov grandson lunch after school and creates its next miracle — the return to the life and work of one more doomed to eternal human helplessness. But we have and deny.

— I train in the house no material or tool … And health not at all.

Nevertheless, we went to Moscow almost simultaneously. Leonid went to show their latest hand look than in recent years, the capital was surprised.

Tashkent — Moscow

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