Radio Technical literature in 1956.

In 1955 Svyaz’izdat issued a number of books and pamphlets on radio broadcasting, wired radio and television, which are of interest only for any professional communicators, but also for radio amateurs.

In the book by BP Aseeva «Oscillation Circuit» are considered oscillatory circuits, circuits with distributed constants and electrical filters. In the book GA Remez «Radio engineering measurements» describes the theory and technique of radio measurements and describes an apparatus designed for these measurements.

For technical communication issued as textbooks and teaching aids the following books: VL Lebedev «Radio receivers» NL Bezladnov and others. «The station broadcast devices by wire», BN et al Ramenskii. «Exploitation means electrical and radio in the region. «

From the section of scientific and engineering literature should mention the book: «60 Years of Radio» (edited by AD Fortushenko).

New communication technology issues are considered in the data collection «Controlled Crystal Oscillators and pathogens for the frequency radiotelegrafirovaniya» (by A. Magazanik BN Lebedev et al.).

For technical officers continued publication of a series of lectures:

R. A. Ghazaryan and BI Kuvshinov «Messaging for communication systems»

PF Samoilova «Statistical properties of the television signal and the requirements for bandwidth,» PV Shmakov «Prospects for the development of television technology,» BK Solntseva «Operation of piezoelectric resonators and pathogens,» EL Cherenkov «Distortions telegraphic signal transmission ua shortwave. «

For employees radioremontnyh workshops published a book GA Snitsereva «Measurements in the repair and adjustment of radio.»

Book GK Kaloshina «Cable line of wired radio and intra-communication» is intended as a guide for rural radiofikatorov.

Methods of finding the damage to underground lines wired radio are described in the brochure; DF Kuzyk. The author of the brochure is divided experiences employees Drohobych Directorate broadcasting networks.

Section popular scientific literature and amateur has the following books:

EK Waldman ‘100 entertaining problems, the young radio amateur. «

In the book, LM Kokorin «The assistance to rural ham» is about the physical nature of radio, given the necessary information about how to operate the radio, how to arrange the antenna, ground, how to use rechargeable batteries, how to adjust the radio to listen to several speakers.

The brochure AP Shchetinina «Removing interfere with the radio» examines the nature of interference, ways of their penetration into the radio and the various methods of protection against interference.

In 1956 Svyaz’izdat outlines significantly increase the production of textbooks for higher educational institutions planned to issue books such as «Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering» JS Gonoravskogo, «Book of problems in the basics of Radio»

AM zaezdnyh.

Section of scientific, engineering and technical literature will be presented books

GZ Eisenberg «Antennas VHF» PA Ostryakova «Power of tubes.»

To be continued publication of information on the collections of the new domestic and foreign communications technology.

The lectures for engineering and technical personnel, brochures for the exchange of best practices as radio amateurs will find a useful material.

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