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Video art artists Antonina Baever and Dmitry Venkov wins Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

With a light and risible Antonina Baever its serious and thoughtful co-author Dmitry Venkov, too, begins to smile. «In Russia there is a fear of ephemeral things that can not be put on the windowsill — says twenty-five Muscovite Antonina. — So that art — a thing useless, and even video art … «-» … It giperbespoleznaya thing «- a phrase ends thirty Siberian Dmitry.

Video art does not hang by the fireplace, it almost did not sell at auction, and he does not bring profit galleries. And it can do every — took the camera, I took that wanted posted on YouTube. But do not treat this genre down not having a chance to become a business like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, the best video artists doing what and should — art.

No wonder the last two years, the Kandinsky Prize in the category «Best Young Artist» receive video creators. Dmitry Venkov received this award last year for «Mad copycats» — about a tribe of fans litter living outside Moscow (an allusion to the mindless consumers of contemporary art, where the role of scholars, to understand the phenomenon of garbage — leading Moscow critics and curators). Antonina Baever and its «Thesis» claimed Kandinsky Prize this year.

The Arena recently opened museum of screen culture, where the fall and winter will be held solo exhibitions of five video artists — our heroes among them. Work Venkov «In another time,» where young men and women think about something else, ignoring the bustle of the Moscow metro will be shown in September at the Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Characters of the film fell out of the total flow, ceased to be a crowd liked it and curator Catherine de Seger: «Venkov reflects on their personal time and space, at a time when all of us do not have enough of either.»

Now Venkov with Antonina making a film for the Bergen Triennale — the prestigious review of world art, which is held every three years. Details secret, but the owner of the gallery «Triumph» Dmitry Hankin, who has arranged the exhibition Venkov and Baever now producing their new project, believes his protégé: «This is a smart, thin, well-educated guys who make films are not about nesting dolls and political nonsense, and about life, death, love — that excites everyone. They do not delve into Russian immediacy, and say that is interesting and even in America, England and Cambodia. «

It is clear from such a scale. Baever wreaths and wanted to shoot a great movie. Dmitry studied Eisenstein and Kubrick in the University of Oregon, Antonina was preparing to enter the Film Institute. And then we came to the conclusion that in the movie too many rules and restrictions, and went to study at the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia named after Rodchenko. They met. Now, together and separately remove the video, which is actually no different from the movie. It used to be in the video-art installation could not be used, operator techniques and computer graphics. Now the boundaries were erased, and a museum is about to turn into cinemas.

«The problem of contemporary Russian art is that it does not have the spectator — says Hankin. — It is for the get-together party. Five curators do the same ten exhibitions with twenty artists who go to three hundred people. » Young, cheerful, do not claim to conceptualism Antonina and Dmitry have a chance to reverse the situation and pushed the audience into a museum — just like Baever does it with a camel, which stretches through the desert in «Getting together». And if the audience does not come, they will come to it themselves — in cinemas. Their work is now not lost to the playbill «35mm».

Anna Fedin

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