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Adart Ulemmtt

I was born in India. My hometown — Bangalore, Karnataka. I arrived in Moscow in May this year, and the UTO my first visit in Russia. Although, of course, before coming to your country, I’ve talked with enough Russian people. Before, I worked in various spas and clients come to me from Russia. 11ereezd in Moscow — this is an interesting experiment and a good opportunity to gain new experience in my life. Me the right to the city, it is very beautiful, and the people who inhabit it, welcoming.

I did not feel comfortable since arrived — all the people are happy to help me. Although, of course, I did not have too much time for long walks through the city, because I mostly work. I can say that I’m very comfortable here. The city, of course, a huge — I was struck by its scale. But stress metropolis I have not felt, probably because I live and teach yoga outside of the city, where life flows more measured. In Moscow, I care about only one problem: I am a vegetarian, and in Moscow to stick vegetable diet is hard enough. In Russia urban residents compared with the Indian to average city dweller very limited selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. In Moscow, to find fresh produce, you need to try very hard. But general relativity does not scare me, I take it more as a challenge to myself. I go shopping, choose a fresh draft and prepare the house itself.

Here, in Russia, I try all the time to occupy myself with something edifying. I teach yoga in Moscow to give advice on Ayurveda — Ayurveda. In addition, here I organized courses on psychology of yoga, and they were very successful. When I have time, I meet with my friends — they are also from India, live and work here for a long time. But such meetings did not happen too often, we all pretty commas people. But mostly I spend the evening practicing yoga, meditating or reading books on yoga and ayurveda. I want to constantly improve their knowledge. I practice and teach yoga integral — GRT lets you work with each person individually. I combine techniques of Hatha Yoga, Kriya, meditation, tantra, ayurveda. All GTR at the time helped me and now helps other people. These classes are suitable for everyone, both beginners and more advanced practices. The only thing I ask my students: find time for yourself and be patient. This is not a manicure and pedicure, which can be done in a couple of hours in the studio express. A Russian yoga are engaged in a hurry, always in a hurry, somewhere late.

I just think of myself as an Indian, I do not belong to any religious group. Indian — GRT not nationality, not religion, but a way of life and philosophy. The same is true of my teaching, I do not associate with the practice of religion, I just live with it. And Moscow will not change my habitual way of life. In everyday life, I will learn more about themselves and the world, to remain patient and to improve in teaching yoga and patient care. I’ll be happy if people start to walk up to me on a regular basis, so that I could track and evaluate changes for the better in their lives.

Your harsh climate does not scare me at all, I lived for a while in northern India near the Himalayas, and there is about the same temperature as you this spring. I think that came at a good time, and I was not too cold. Although … I have not seen your snow, rain, and then the next winter I will say for sure. I can not predict how the rest of life, but I think I’m here to stay. Anyway, I would like to stay here and continue to work, despite the fact that I miss but home. In my hometown, my family stayed, parents. I’m still not married. That thinking bring parents here next summer to visit the Russian capital -Let look, walk around the city. Of course, the fact that I am very comfortable here, save us from longing for India. But you have to get used to grow roots. And what will happen next — we’ll see.

Rav Kumar

In 1995, the year I arrived in Moscow to attend the PA Medical Faculty Peoples’ Friendship University. In India, education is quite difficult to obtain, or the competition is very large, expensive or 11 °; l th I chose Russia — education here has always been not only more accessible to foreigners «and the level of teaching is also very high compared to other countries. After moving to Moscow, I was advised to friends, who at that time studied here. I came. Disaccustomed, then entered the residency at the Institute of Sechenov, then to graduate school .. In general, stayed here for a long time. Winter I usually bore easily. Only the first three or four years it was very difficult to walk — shoes slip. And in winter we moved classmates, grappled, supporting each other’s elbows. Once, I remember, I was not able to set foot on the Earth, just fell. Our hostel was located in front of the Institute, and we had to somehow get there. All the way classmates carried me under the arms, right to the door. Then I realized how strong our friendship student!

I always learn a rule, because the desire to become a doctor was very strong. Here in Moscow, I studied allopathy — traditional medicine. By the way, in India it is also dominated by unconventional methods — ayurveda and yoga — are used less frequently. But personally, I have been doing yoga since childhood, because my family is religious and I learned early Vedas and Gurans. Now I constantly develop in this direction, periodically leaving to live in an ashram, going through Ayurveda courses. Normally, when a person is worried about something, trauma surgeon looking picture and immediately assigns the operation. And I, if the case is not too serious and requires immediate intervention, first advise you to try yoga and Ayurveda, because the operation can always get done. And, you know, patients have more confidence in my unconventional methods of treatment. Probably because these methods are more durable. Most of those who come to me for yoga, already tried many conventional treatments, and they did not help. I am currently working as a doctor in emergency station and four days a week teaching yoga. That is, every day, almost seven days a week, I’m busy with things you love.

Here in Moscow, I stopped eating meat. When I first started to conduct yoga lessons — and that was during his studies at the university — I immediately abandoned the animal food. Before that, while living in India, I was not a vegetarian because my cast does not adhere to a vegetarian diet. But demand for meat disappeared by itself, I do not do it for that. The fish is still some time to eat, but rather from hunger. The institute and the hospital did not have much choice. Come to the local dining, and there is a meat or fish, and nothing more. But lately I’ve been a vegetarian. Of course, this power is a little different. In India, food is alive and well in Russia .mertvaya because all fruits and vegetables are stored for a long time. But do not be too much to think about, so it’s better to eat than the meat. I have family here. My Russian wife is also a vegetarian. My son knows that I do not see the meat, and also refuses to Pego. Family I spend all my free time. If you will stand the evening we go to Indian restaurants, sometimes we come to the campus of People’s Friendship University, where, in the local coffee shop, very tasty cuisine.

In general, in Russia, I above all the right people. A lo Moscow itself — the city of heavy noise, pressure, negative energy. We spend a lot of effort, a lot of energy, especially in transport. This city is material, the purpose of the people — not to live, but to make money, this is the psychological effect on the climate of the city. But I remain calm with the help of yoga and meditation. Meditate every day, take a few minutes to the subway or during the working day — GTR is very helpful. By the way, outside of Moscow to me right to it! There’s an incredibly beautiful nature, even in India there is no such.

Now I am very well here. But I. probably another five years to work in Russia, and then come back to India. I open a clinic and a yoga center. Why not here? Still, I really miss home.

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