Reasonable use of resources of the North

The vast territory of the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

But the natural wealth of the North is not enough used.

Issues of development of basic sectors of the economy, and the meeting was devoted foremost reindeer herding, fur farming, hunting and fishing, which took place in the city of Magadan. These workers come to the tundra and taiga Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk region, Primorye, the Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk territories and the Yakut ASSR.

Presentations were made by the chairman of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee comrade. Chistyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade. Ivanov and chairman of the executive committee of the Kamchatka comrade. Esaulenko.

— The provision of working people of our region meat crucial reindeer — said comrade. Chistyakov. — Therefore, workers decided to bring tundra to the end of 1965, the number of deer to one million head in such a way that annually slaughtered for meat 230-250 thous. Heads of reindeer meat and produce to 9 th. Tonnes in slaughter weight. The thing is real. Now the area has 610,000 deer, which is nearly one-third of the total number of reindeer in the country.

Over the last three years, a herd of collective and state farms increased by 90 thousand. Deer. In the past year, an increase of 39,500 deer, almost 8 percent, while fulfillment of the plan of output and sale of meat.


— Along with the development of reindeer herding, many collective and state farms have become engaged in the field of cellular fur farming — continues comrade. Chistyakov. — Who is involved in fur farming 30 collective farms, state farms and 6 reindeer fur two specialized state farm, where the beginning of this year there were 12,800 silver foxes, blue foxes and minks.

Reporter read an excerpt from a letter from the head of the department of game management Irkutsk Institute of Agriculture professor Dr.Sci.Biol comrade. Skalon, who argues that fur farming in the Far North has no prospects.

Statement VN Skalon the futility of farming in the North caused uproar in the hall. After a frivolous statement could only make a person who does not know and is not familiar with the economy of the North, in particular, to farming. In the collective and state farms of the North grew thousands of connoisseurs farming and hunting, and their recommendations to help practice, most households maintain cost-effective. That’s why frivolous arguments in a letter to Professor Magadan Regional Executive Committee about some degradation of farming and caused laughter and noise in the hall.

— We would recommend Professor Scaloni — said comrade. Chistyakov — to come to the farm name XXII Congress of the CPSU in Chukotka or the farm «Dawn». Ola area where every year from farming receive substantial profits.

The speaker stops on matters fur trade and fishing.

Successful acclimatization of valuable fur-bearing animals and the development of new hunting grounds makes it possible in the coming years to increase production of commercial fur 600-700 thousand rubles.

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade. Ivanov said:

— Using the assist States, Party, Soviet and agricultural organizations Yakutia directed their efforts for an early improvement of production and economic activities of enterprises, construction sites, collective, trade and social and cultural institutions, and this had a positive impact on the rise of the productive forces, economic and cultural development republic.

Steadily rising economy of the collective farms, developing agricultural production and increase its marketability. Preparations of meat over the last five years have increased almost three times, milk — more than doubled, furs — 28 percent. Revenues collective and state farms by farming in the past year has increased by half compared with 1957. Northern farms growth plan reindeer successfully completed and increased delivery of meat to the state for one year more than doubled, and milk — nearly three and a half times.

Reindeer breeding farms are the most profitable farms. Over the past year, despite a number of organizational and economic difficulties and shortcomings, eleven state farms north of 19 given by the development of reindeer 2460 thousand rubles of profit.

The state farms involved in reindeer herding, the team has 21 and 267 workers of communist labor. The foreman of the farm «Oleneksky» comrade. Nikolaev adult reindeer kept 99.7 percent of every 100 olenematok received on 96 calves. Back in 1960, he received the most lagging herd, and giving the floor a short time to bring it to the advanced, won first place in socialist competition in the district. These beacons state farm and collective farm production should be equal to all herders Yakutia.

In 1962 collective and state farms have outlined a number of measures to further develop and enhance the productivity of reindeer herding. The 16 state farms organized by one breeding herd to carry out in-depth selection and breeding work. Based on the experience of the foremost organization will be improved foraging deer. It is planned to significantly increase the number of fattening herds, rational use of pastures. In droves sprayers will be used to combat skin gadfly to intensify the fight against the wolves.

Prospects for the development of the economy of the northern areas largely depend on increasing the productivity of the fur trade and the further expansion of cellular fur farming. All products of hunting and farming in the cell last year amounted to 7612 rubles.

— One of the major economic and political problems of our country — said comrade. Ivanov — is a transfer to sedentary peoples of the North and the rise of economy and culture. The organization of state farms in the northern areas creates the economic basis for the transfer to the sedentary life of all the nomadic population of the North.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kamchatka comrade. Esaulenko reports:

— Kamchatka takes five reindeer farms. Six of eleven agricultural and fishing farms. Over the past three years the number of deer in the area increased by 40 400 head. The average annual growth rate of ten to eleven percent. Breeding stock has increased over this time by 25 percent and 80 deer LLC.

And increased marketability of reindeer. Compared with the 1958 implementation of the deer in the last year has doubled and amounted to 42,600 heads. According to the results of socialist competition for the reindeer herders in 1960 our region was awarded first place and handed the challenge Red Banner of the Council of Ministers ^ SFSR and the Trade Unions.

Herders Kamchatka region have taken the socialist commitment — to fulfill the seven-year plan for the development of reindeer husbandry in five years.

A significant part of his report, Comrade. Esaulenko devotes cellular fur farming and the fur trade. In the area there are two animal-breeding sovkhoz, collective — sixteen fur farms. Last year, the government was handed over about 35 thousand mink and blue fox almost 1.5 million rubles. The practice of farming showed greater feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the new branches of the economy. Top breeders region achieve remarkable results. Tov. Ponomareva Avachinskii of the farm last year received one hundred females 513 mink puppies. Farmer of the farm of the same comrade. Nechayev fifty female blue fox had 420 puppies. This is the best performance among Farmer of the Russian Federation.

Reports mates Chistyakov, Ivanov and Esaulenko provoked lively debate.

The room was not indifferent people. One by one, climbed the podium herders, hunters and breeders — people who know the North, their profession. Most of the speakers were representatives of small peoples of the North — the Chukchi, Koryak, Evens, Evenks, Yakuts — experienced people who love their work.

Technician farm «Pahachinsky» Kamchatka Region, Comrade. Alimlya says:

— I work in a department Vayamskom Agay-farm. We have three stages. Lead the work brigade notable herders Kamchatka Region I. Ilkani, Oletyn, S. Kiyav. Last year, our herders worked well. Brigade N. Ilkani retained 99.8 percent of the adult livestock and received on 97 calves from one hundred ewes. Brigade A Oletyna retained adult deer to 99.6 per cent and received on 97 calves, the brigade S. Kiyava retained 99 percent of livestock and 91 received by the calf of one hundred ewes.

These people are obliged to farm that grows annually reindeer and meat production for a hundred heads rose from 12 to 34.4 hundredweight of live weight.

Currently, the farm has a herd of deer more than seven years provided by the end of 1965. And the meat sold to the state at 1 120 quintals over the plan. As a result of the farm over the past year was 182 thousand. Rub. profit 78 thousand. above plan, mainly due to the delivery of high-quality meat.

These achievements — the result of the correct organization of labor herders. Okaraulivanie herds on the farm are well supplied. All teams entered on duty around the clock. During a blizzard, snow, fog observation increases. Much attention is also paid to proper grazing deer, so the farm always large, well-developed calves are able to transfer the harsh winter.

With interest, the meeting listened to the foreman fur farm «Soloviev» Sakhalin comrade. Korobov.

— The Seven-Year Plan, — she says — the farm team must bring the basic mink herd of females and 15 thousand. This will allow us to sell the state up to 75 thousand skins a year. Now we are ten thousand of them 1500 mink — colored. We can breed mink of different colors: white, blue, beige. Coloured mink fur has a high quality, which is in great demand not only in our country but also in the global market.

Experience has shown that color mink has a great future on the island. We place great emphasis on breeding and selection work. Fur color mink lose a valuable asset if you do not conduct this work; so you need to be careful and not make mistakes. I care about getting a good and growing offspring should start with a careful selection of the main herd. In the tribe we leave the animals with excellent quality hairs, with high fertility. In addition, at the outset, taking into account local conditions, leave the burrows, which are well eaten by fish feed.

— Our farm «Kanchelansky» young — says herder comrade. Arent. — But in the short term people it worked well. Last year, the adult deer kept at 98 percent, received by 88-89 calves per hundred ewes.

They shared their experiences at the meeting of the tundra and taiga hunters. Their efforts developed new hunting grounds. Most hunters believe that the North can give the country more furs. Hunting in the North is improving every year, although there are still undeveloped land. He drew attention to the fact that the bad hunters provide good guns, ammunition. Reindeer herders and hunters talked about warm yaranga or tent, regrets that the industry did not create even a light, warm and comfortable housing for them.

Listen carefully to the meeting of the Evenk hunter comrade. Bukhareva. Last year, he passed the fur on 2686 rubles at the plan of 900 rubles. Now he produces fur-bearing animals in respect of 1965.

— How do I achieve such success? Before you go out to fish in the winter, to prepare all the necessary hunting equipment — traps, skiing, bait and more. Buy the right amount of food and goods. Beru 10-15 trucks deer and three dogs. The food at the most distant hunting grounds, which are at a distance of 200-250 kilometers from the factories. On the hunt I take one dog, then in 2-3 days to change it to have improved hunting skills.

Mode while hunting I have is: I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. At 7 o’clock I go out to fish. Morning and evening use to hunt for sable, as he is now looking for food and easier to produce. In the daytime, from 10 to 16 hours, to hunt squirrel, ermine. Extracted furs treat night.

Tov. Bukharev says that hunters still do not deliver semiconductor radios that are compact and easy to operate. Is it not time to light as a hunter in a tent light bulbs rather than paraffin candles?

Brilliant speech at the meeting said the noble hunter Yakutia, Hero of Socialist Labor N. Kolesov.

— 30 years — he said — I hunted fur-bearing animals on the coast of the Laptev Sea. I love my profession, it takes more effort and patience. In my eyes continually improving life and the life of hunters, herders, fishermen. How to say thank you for it in our own party and the Soviet government!

Last year in our area much has been done to assist the collective and state farms. This, of course, has yielded positive results. Last year, our farm has extracted 815 tons of fish, furs passed state to 178.4 thousand. Rub., Significantly exceeded the plan to these sectors of the economy.

For thirty years I got more than 2,300 foxes. Task three years of the seven-year executed at 497 percent. Not a bad start, and the fourth year — in January, performed quarterly plan by 123 percent.

How to achieve this? Hard work, study your site, the habits of the animals, feeding them — that’s the secret.

In my arms 375 mouths, 40 traps. Trades at a remote site 750 kilometers from the residence. Snowstorm at us — a frequent phenomenon, so the focus is on the pasta.

The main thing — to be fully prepared for fishing: time to repair mouth, scout «harvest» and the ways of animal migrations, prepare the bait and dog food. Some leaders of collective and state farms to underestimate the importance of this and release fishermen from other works very late. It is not right. The more the hunter will be in the area, the better to master it and achieve higher success in the field.

On behalf of the hunters I want to make some comments on them and wait for a thorough answer. Still weak financial interest in the outcome of the hunter of his work, there is essentially no difference in wages and dobychlivogo nedobychlivogo hunter. It is not enough transport provided by hunters. In our conditions the dog — the only form of transport. State Farm does not look after them, do not feed them, it all falls on the shoulders of the hunter.

It is said that now there is a high-speed snowmobile that could be used in the transportation of goods for hunters, for links to sites, you have more of them to deliver to the Far North.

Poor cultural and consumer services. Not enough warm tents, no instruments for their heating and boiling the kettle.

Solving these shortcomings would help hunters to work more productively.

On the development of hunting Evenki district committee secretary said the party comrade. Uva-chan. He said that the workers of the taiga have successfully coped with the workpiece furs. The plan in 1961 was exceeded.

About half of all Communists district with the beginning of the hunting season goes into the forest. They are the pace-fur trade. In the district there is no communist-hunter who has not fulfilled its plan for 1961 for the production of fur.

The hunting teams leave employees of local councils and district committees of the District Party Committee. This year is planned to create in the hunting brigades party or party-Komsomol group.

At the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation comrade. Sotnikov.

The meeting adopted an appeal to the workers of the North, in which the call to multiply the wealth of the North and reasonable to use them for the benefit of the Soviet people.

P. Manuilov

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