Receiving your attorney

Receiving your attorney

In the old application forms for innovations contained a section «Agreement on the distribution of remuneration between co-workers.» And in the new forms approved by the CSB in 1976 ,, this section is missing. Now proponents write an agreement where someone like. Is there anything common or similar free form? L. Sinyaeva Moscow.

Yes, it may be free form. The agreement on the distribution of royalties can be arbitrary. Note, however, that such an agreement is not necessary when considering the proposals, and after the start of use, provided recognition of its rationalization.

I’m with a group of friends to the State Committee filed a trademark application. The plant was given a certificate, and we — no document confirming that we are the authors of this sign. Are we the inventors, and whether we have the right to specify in questionnaires «are inventions»? Proskurin, Grozny.

Trademarks are protected even though the evidence that provides the State Committee, but did not belong to the category of inventions, and their authors are not considered by the inventors. Trademark certificate shall be issued only in the name of companies and organizations.

I got two inventor’s certificates, decorated on its behalf. Now I would like to re-register them on behalf of the company in which I work. Can it be done, and whether paid in this case, a one-time incentive fee? E. Dem’yanovich, Vitebsk.

No you can not. Current legislation does not provide for the possibility of renewal applications. Persons who apply for an application on its behalf, the right to a lump-sum incentive fees are not.

Should the author to pay costs associated with registration of application for the invention (printing of text, perform drawing work)? Yuri Beletsky, Moscow.

No, these works are carried out free of charge.

To what extent are paid bonuses for promoting invention and rationalization? Can the part of the fund formed by contributions from one rationalization proposals, used to reward individuals, promote other suggestions? Bureau of Construction Bank insists that the premium paid for each rationalization proposals created by them in the amount of the fund. Is it correct? H bursin, Grodno.

No, It’s wrong. Dimensions awards for promoting invention and rationalization establishes Manager in conjunction with the trade union body and the Council of VOIR, depending on the degree of participation of employees in the performance of specific types of work, as well as the total amount of funds available in the fund for bonuses. The award for the promotion on the proposal has nothing to do with the size of contributions to the fund on the proposal and can be both less and more of these deductions.

What are the periods of storage applications for embedded and rejected innovations, logs and orders for the payment of royalties? Dubinin, Derbent.

According to the list approved by the Main Archive Department under the Council of Ministers of the USSR from the city of 3.XII.1967, the shelf life of materials rationalization proposals introduced 15 years, rejected — 5 years. Shelf life logs of applications for rationalization proposals and orders for the payment of royalties are not limited, they are not subject to destruction.

In Sec. 24 of the Instruction on the order of payment of remuneration ska shown that the invention is considered to be used if used in the implementation of all the features listed in both parts of the claims. In our factory implemented invention in which the installation was used all the signs. But when the invention began to operate, it turned out that one sign should be deleted, since it is not the technological process. For several years, the invention is used without this feature. Does this invention can be used, and whether it be rewarded for? B. Strelchuk, Schelkovo, Moscow region.

If you do not use all the features listed in both parts of the formula referred to the invention, it can not be considered used. Therefore, the author is not entitled to compensation. In this case, one invented and introduced something else.

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