REGULATIONS ON «Honorary railwayman»


Order of the Minister of Transport approved the new position of «Honorary railwayman».

GENERAL PROVISIONS. «Honorary railwayman» is the highest award of the Ministry of Railways. Emblem is awarded to railway staff for the best results «in the work, the development and implementation of science, technology, and advanced technology, which were the major contribution to the development and improvement of the activities of railway transport, as well as dedicated actions related to ensuring safety and security of transported goods . By awarding the mark represents the workers, engineers and technical workers and employees for a long time and worked flawlessly on the railways, have authority in labor collectives. To award represents workers usually previously noted any awards or MPS won the title of best worker by profession in rail transport.

In exceptional circumstances, for special services to the rail line may be awarded to persons working in other organizations.

For outstanding achievements in work, the creation of high-performance engineering and technology, fundamental research and development in the field of development and improvement of transport can be produced award the second and third mark.

Awarding the «Honorary railwayman» is one of the most important moral incentives in the development of labor and social activity of Soviet railroad, in the struggle for the implementation of the tasks of communist construction. The employee was awarded «Honorary railwayman» should serve as an example of exemplary performance of his official duty, creative attitude to work, self-discipline, and responsibility for their area of ​​work, improvement of the railway transport.

PRESENTATION TO ceremony. Awarding the «Honorary railwayman» made by the Minister of Railways Ministry of Railways representation offices, railways, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport. An application for awarding initiated by management, organizations and institutions, together with the party and trade union organizations of the labor collective, which works submitted for the award. Representations of enterprises, organizations and institutions of Railways sent to the department, and then to control the roads, the central government — in the appropriate management of the Ministry of Railways.

PRESENTATION sign. Presentation of «Honorary railwayman» is produced in a festive atmosphere, as a rule, in the workplace, where he works award, ministers, deputy ministers, members of the Board of the Ministry of Railways, heads and deputy head of the Ministry of Railways, the heads of railway departments of roads, subways, regional organizations * Industrial Railway Transport, directors of institutes, rectors of universities and heads of factories. Awarding simultaneously with the award of «Honorary railwayman» issued a certificate of the established sample and a cash prize or a valuable gift.

Rights and benefits awarded. Persons awarded «Honorary railwayman» have the right to: work on the railways, have transferred to the elective work in public organizations of railway transport, have quit their rail transport in connection with the transition to retirement (including to go to work after retirement in non-transport organization) — free travel in a soft car (in the absence of the scheme of soft train wagons — the train «CB») on the standards set for railway workers. Single tickets direct messages for the current year may be replaced by a shuttle ticket for one person to travel a distance of 200 km in the area of ​​treatment and local commuter trains; an extraordinary design of rail travel tickets for themselves and their dependent family members in daily, and in the pre-ticketing service in rest rooms and storage chambers of railway stations; easy access during working hours in office buildings IPU departments of railways and other units of rail transport; to benefits under other equal terms with other employees of the enterprise, institution or organization to improve their living conditions, performance of services on repair of apartments departmental housing stock, in the distribution of vouchers to sanatoriums, pensions and rest homes, in the preparation of garden plots, purchase of vehicles and industrial products sold through the trade organization of railway transport, moral and material incentives.

Those who were awarded the second and third «Honorary railwayman» in addition have the right to free travel on the subway and the free installation of telephone exchanges from the rail.

The enterprises, organizations and institutions where they work awarded two and three signs, posted their pictures describing the merits.

ORDER wear, REPLACEMENT AND DETENTION sign. Badge «Honorary railroad» worn on the right side of the chest and on the uniform is located directly above the emblem of rail transport.

Signs and symbols «Honorary railroad» and license them the old model have the same effect on a par with new and exchanged for a new non-refundable.

Duplicates badge instead of lost, as a rule, are not issued. In case of loss of license to the sign at the request of administration of the company or organization may be issued a duplicate license.

After the death of the award is a sign of his family as a memento.

Deprivation «Honorary railwayman» can be made Minister of Railways for misconduct, defamatory honorary railwayman. «

Orders on awarding «Honorary railwayman» are published in the presentation in the newspaper «Whistle» in the road and other large-circulation newspapers, magazines rail. Achievements and experience of the recipients should be widely publicized by the press, radio and television.

The heads of enterprises, organizations and institutions in charge of organizing rail transport galleries or stands, and in the museums of labor glory — sections on honorary railroad.

In the competition for a worthy meeting XXVII Congress of the CPSU, many groups signalers Sverdlovsk road show examples of selfless work. They reveal the internal reserves and skillfully bring them into action. All is not aimed improving the transportation process.

A striking example is the organization of work on the introduction of new separate items on the site Tobolsk — Surgut. If before 1985 Single-sided self-locking with the distillation a 20 — 30 km ensured passage of trains, reception and delivery of Tobolsk in the Tyumen branch, with the increase in traffic on the construction site of the North began to limit movement. It took immediate steps to separate the introduction of new items.

We had to spend a lot of work on the reconstruction of automation devices. And prepared the first station. Closing the automatic lock on the day to enter the station into operation requires the removal of trains. Management has set a target to reduce road commissioning dates. The team again and again thought out every single detail, and the period shall be reduced to 12 hours. During this period it is necessary to remount distillation track circuits in the station, adjust the operation of the drive to make the trunk cable has disappeared in five points, then proceed to adjust the auto-lock circuit and change of direction has two spans. The energy sector should be given a «window» to include supply installations Movers — to pass trains and signaling devices-controllers remain in minutes between trains pass. Each work with a high sense of responsibility for their work. The desire and determination won, entered the station at a given time.

The analysis of this work showed that the reduction in the closing time of action to enable auto-lock input stations not to cancel the train. And it was taken into account when starting the next station. Prepare carefully thought out, discussed with all those involved in the start-up. We decided to provide input without removing the EC trains. Now, insulating joints began to install automatic lock -up closing action, bypassing their shunt jumpers to adjust the actuator without connecting to a wit. Have been prepared in advance have fallen away from the trunk. As one of the main cable wires cut and connect them to a previously laid and rang Nome loop. For redundant power supply during power failure involved a diesel generator set. And finally, most importantly — the action of the auto lock was kept in the same direction (as directed by the train dispatcher in even or odd). In the opposite direction signals ALC organized a double pass trains.

Initially, this technology only worked out. The accumulated experience has allowed to enter the electric centralization at other stations in 7 hours and 40 minutes at full performance of the train schedule.

All stations people worked well, but I want to be called the best of the best: VA Sadaykina for setting up guard equipment, VA Chumak of self-locking, VM Pashkov for adjustment of track circuits, VS Dudnik — kabelschika- jointers, VV Dambovskogo for setting up a diesel generator, LD Dudnichenko Communications. With these experts can solve any problem of the reconstruction and commissioning of new equipment.

AP Konishev, Distinguished Innovator of the RSFSR

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