Repairing lifts homeowners have through loans

Public utilities have responded to the publication on the poor state of the domestic elevator industry.

Experts Housing Reform Fund agree that the elevators in the country, things are not important. But the Housing Code shifted the entire responsibility for the houses on the homeowners. They are in Russia today about 80%, and on their shoulders after 2012, when finish its work Housing Fund, will serve all elevator problem. Who and what will have to pay — the appropriate mechanisms developed by experts of the federal authorities and the Fund.

— In fact, the elevators — is a special form of transport, which carries millions of passengers a day. It is necessary to create a proper, transparent mechanism for regulating the operation and replacement of dangerous transport — commented CEO Fund Utilities Constantine Tsitsin. While the state is not removed from the duties to replace and repair elevators. A separate line has been specified in the Federal law «About the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services», for the implementation of which the state in late 2007, has allocated 240 billion rubles.

Appropriate own programs should be at the regional and municipal levels. But local officials try to limit the fund’s money. Only in 26 regions of the run local programs for comprehensive replacement of elevators.

Today, 35% require replacement of lifts, all of them manufactured before 1984. In total in the country about 470 thousand elevators, of which 90% — in charge of housing and public utilities, the rest — elevators companies. According to Deputy Director of the Department of Housing Fund expert Vladimir Lukin to simultaneously replace all «bad» elevators in the country need about $ 400 billion. Rubles.

Due to the lack of orders domestic enterprises elevator industry forced to stop production, and transfer of employees to work part time. Great Expectations business imposes on the State, it is in a crisis it remained virtually the only customer. Russian companies themselves make concessions: the needs of the overhaul they are willing to let go of traditional elevators without an advance payment of 30 per cent — only need an agreement with the regional authorities.

By virtue of whether the task of replacing the lifts homeowners? In crisis conditions, the solvency of the population shaken. And in order to establish a new lift in the nine-storey building, each apartment should be collected 25-30 thousand rubles. Use the rent, a portion of which goes to the maintenance and repair of housing, also did not succeed. It includes service fee elevator, but not a replacement.

Theoretically, the residents still have a chance to repair the elevator at his home at the expense of the state. The proportion of citizens in the repair in this case is 5%. The rest, sooner or later this problem will have to decide.

— Solving the problem is now considered in two variants — explains the deputy director general of the Housing Fund of Vladimir Talalykin. — First — it is a gradual accumulation of funds through monthly payments of homeowners targeted. The second — to attract «long-term loans», when the owners get a bank loan, the overhaul with replacement of elevators, and then over the years making small monthly payments.

As explained in the Fund until the implementation of both options is in its infancy. The detailed mechanism of how the process will look like in real life, is not yet thought. Apparently, the owners of the recall, once finished its work Housing Fund — the main source of money for the repair of elevators. Up to this point there is still two years.

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