"Star!" — Screaming kids in the neighboring yard. "Kraft!" — Echoed his vegetable sellers tents. "Star Craft"- Scored the air in the lungs swimmer before jumping into the water. "Star Craft", Your mother!" — Alerts the driver in an endless traffic jam. "There is a great balance of power"- Said Denis Gusakov. «I’m just waiting for» Starcraft"- I repeated for the umpteenth time my brother. "I liked the multiplayer in WarCraft"- Shared memories of Alexander Vershinin. "Star Craft". "Star Craft"!!!" — Cutting off their voices could be heard from the Luzhniki stadium in …

We waited "Star Craft" too long to rejoice in his appearance. He missed almost six months, and flowers in their hands turned into a welcoming dried twigs. Copper pipes orchestra turned green after the long winter, and musicians long since gone home. But all the others still here.

"Star Craft" came out. What do we do now?

"Passenger, where your "Star Craft"?" — Woke me up the controller. I looked around. We’re almost there.

StarCraft came out, having brought an end to the two-year marathon of more than rumors, speculation, assumptions, hopes and expectations. Hysteria, unwound around the game at the beginning of the year, no waves subsided after careful reviews of multirlaueg- «beta.» Hundreds of thousands of people a priori considered the best strategy game StarCraft decade and expect from the new brainchild of Blizzard repetition of the miracle of WarCraft. So now, when ordered six months ago, the box is finally began to find their destinations in some apartments can be heard howling hysterical people who have lost God. Opinions were divided, and the debate is just beginning. «Best game!" — With glassy eyes keep telling one. «We’ve been betrayed! «Starcraft» — shit!" — Shouted others. Where were you before, guys? You have not seen the pictures, did not read the interim reviews? Let’s not tear his hair, leaving them for more highlights. Let us not build ourselves out of defrauded investors. I propose to simply play StarCraft. After the game, in fact, a good …

Popular game.

WarCraft was the people’s game. That has not been and is. People continue to play WarCraft now, later, we can say for many years. And, surprisingly, the graphics the game looks quite competitive, even among the youngest clones, and on playability — sometimes overtakes them. Amazing luck! Will the StarCraft same longevity? Not sure. Not least because, in general, the game is not much different from its predecessor, and the level of technology in two years to present not so difficult.

On the other hand, at Blizzard we have done everything possible to bring to the people of StarCraft. People’s game should work well on people’s computers. Requirements for P90 and 16 MB of memory are executed faithfully. Sound Intro some reason does not disappear, the main menu appears immediately and quickly pressed a button on the first try and rich sound. The cursor moves across the screen with the mouse, not by itself. Everything works well and flawlessly. Bravo, Blizzard, we have forgotten that this happens in life. Of course, all these long months, designers and artists do not receive their salaries for nothing. Design menus and toolbars just a luxury, especially when a palette of 256 colors. Movies I want to watch again and again — it is art. What vying asserted beta testers at its worst American language, really. Blizzard has once again made us beautifully.

Other schedule.

Ironically, the battlefield in 256 colors does not cause disgust. On the contrary, the first reaction is completely enthusiastic: they managed to do it ?! Whether worked blizzardovskaya vaunted technology with dynamic reprogramming of the palette, or 256 colors — it’s more than we used to think, but in general, the game does not look outdated. Easy disappointment comes with time. Of course, the fact that the developers have managed to implement in such limited circumstances and «how to» clear water and gradually thickening the «fog of war», and good explosions, can be considered a success. But the success of this unusual, with a «?» … Value? Homogeneous, the gray-brown, the purple-red landscape, very soon become boring. To schedule can get used to even consider it strong, but we need only to look at any other game of the last, Age of Empires, for example, like a mirage dissolves.

Since we are talking about the audio-visual effects, let’s say a few words about the sound. One hundred and fifteen percent. Digitizing all as one, recorded crystal clear. Zerg voiced no other way than in the jungles of Brazil, and I am not sure that as a result of recording the animals are not killed. Replicas mechanized Protoss have their rightful place in the scheme of my sound «vent". Music, however, was silent forever on the second pesnichke. However, in the WarCraft she also did not shine with originality. Besides preventing unnecessary sounds, real music to the player in StarCraft — this is the crunch of breaking the enemy siege cannons and tanks.

For whom?

Terran, Zerg, Protoss. We call them in Russian, because soon they will become Russian. I think we know everything about them: the numerous reviews and almost tactical advice two months before the game had to quench the hunger for information fans. However, the theory is dead without practice, as I was once again convinced, sat behind the controls in the game for the first time. In single game we can expect three separate campaigns for each race. You can start with any but the authors strongly recommend to comply with the order of People — Zerg — Protoss, in that order, increases the complexity of missions.

There is another aspect, the purely psychological. Zerg disgusting and incomprehensible. The laws, which develops its base and built forces alien to the mentality of the average player. The brain go crazy when you try to understand why the Zerg units and buildings all come from a single larva. Protoss are not easy to manage — much depends on their psi-magic and apply it in the heat of battle is not easy. In addition, slow and faced with a serious rebuff in the first mission. Terran — that’s the only outlet caught in abundance upgrades Player. Everything here, as in the good old days. The infantry emerges from the barracks and not hatch from eggs. Buildings are built by robots, not «broadcast» from the planet Ayur. Former earthlings completely devoid of drawbacks, as, indeed, and special advantages.

In fact, talk about the pros and cons of each race can be infinite, because it really is an interesting topic. In my opinion, three dissimilar race — the coup Blizzard. This is what lifts the game above all others "clones «. The developers have spent a lot of time on the design first and then fine-tuning of the game world. Each race — it’s its own unique set of strategies and tricks. And, interestingly enough, to deal effectively with the enemy, should be well aware of its strengths and weaknesses. And for this it is necessary to «play» them. It is a vicious circle, from which will come only seasoned players multiple machines.

What does it look like?

Surprisingly, talk about StarCraft, WarCraft-like on the clone, it is impossible. Yes, the menu interface and WarCraft fans immediately know, but the spirit of StarCraft is more like C&C. Once Sid Meier admitted that she loves to play with the little boy in WarCraft, because there is no unnecessary cruelty. I do not know whether Grandfather Meyer appreciate new work Blizzard, because cruelty is all right. The game is played under a continuous chatter skewed enemy cabbage machines. The cries of those killed, a sea of ​​blood, mountains of corpses. Destruction of animal Zergov- base «for children under sixteen are not …» However, we all love, is not it?

The interface looks almost no different from WarCraft’ovskoro, but in fact encompasses all the best that was in competition. To do «something"Most often just click the right mouse button on the «something". Typically, the computer understands you perfectly — go to attack, collect crystals, etc. More complex operations require the use of the menu and the left button, and all teams "sit" with «hot keys». To be effective, they need to remember. In «Shift" Teams are queued, which is very convenient (hello, Total Annihilation!). «Control» with the left mouse button selects all units of that type on the screen — selecting one, we grab the whole bunch at once. It is a pity that the game does not allow to combine in groups of more than 12 units, but that is a good reason. Dude vector models selected objects effectively change color upon receipt of damage, helping to determine when best to mosey. «Plant», regardless of how it is called, is ready to take orders in advance, however, only 5 units, but different.

All sorts of useful things in the management of short supply. Nothing new, well-tested mix of old tricks and has mastered the new competitors. On the control will soon forget what is a very good sign — comfortable to play.

Life after death.

RTS their lives multiplayer, and WarCraft secured longevity thanks to the excellent multiplayer. Since that time, Blizzard how to set the stage for immortality StarCraft. Now we have — debugged on Diablo system, allowing free to play online. When you register server requires the serial number of the disk, which means that the focus will not work with Diablo, and «home» will have to buy a box. However, hackers are now trying to crack the security system, but so far without success.

Compared to WarCraft in multiplayer-MODE seen a revolution, but why compare the game with the product two years ago? By today’s standards in StarCraft implemented gentlemanly set modes worked in Myth and Dark Reign. Up to eight people at a time already chopped each other in the vast Diplomats in simplified form — the alliance and combined field of view — complements the regime of team play in which the partners can roll units each other. Plenty enough, taking as much time flag, just «one on one" and won a total of ten wins, players get access to the official competition «(Ladder). The results of these official battles stored on the server, and the entire mass of players like vyvivaetsya a giant chain according to its own slope.

Another necessary means, prolongs youth hit — is the mission editor. In StarCraft, he comes c game, and it is excellent. With it you can create a certain level to multiplayer-igpe (who, if necessary, automatically «downloaded» to all the other participants of the game), and the whole campaign combines several dozen missions.

I remember, once all this has been done in the Dark Reign, but unfortunately, people do not like idea of ​​amateur creativity. StarCraft doomed to attention, to the same editor is much easier and therefore we can expect to see a large number of «new adventures Terran Zerg in the country», or something in that spirit …

Craft rules?

Indeed, to have the audacity to make StarCraft such as he is, could only creators WarCraft’a. Whining about the lack of 3D and Hi Color can be any, but the problem is not the point. WarCraft was born fleeting combination of the then new concept of RTS, a number of original ideas, the precise balance and good design. StarCraft came to us for too long and had become obsolete. Developers carefully copied all the innovations found in the game to overtake hits. Perhaps they were afraid to flush out your luck in the tracks by repeating the old way. The result came out very strong, well-made game. With a strong plot, tolerant graphics and multiplayer-developed capabilities. For more StarCraft count, alas, not mozhet.Generaly Blizzard behaved very correctly and honestly towards us, the players. Rather than throw the market a crude product (and earn the same money), they went on a long public testing, debugging multiplayer-balance. This step is worthy of respect. It shows that Blizzard is seriously counting on the continued success of its detischa.To that much work has been done and the game claims to be the most serious attitude may prove even our «Short course on breeding monsters"Which you will find on the next page. It’s amazing how deeply thought out the relationship between the actors in the game! While Total Annihilation moves «extensive» by pulling us into new units, Blizzard chose «intensive», focusing on setting up the balance of power in its small army. Which approach is better? That we’ll decide. Give a little time.

SHORT COURSE ON BREEDING monster in the home.

Here it is, the menagerie at full strength. Regardless of whom you yourself wrinkle, a former prospector Arutusom Mengsk or Praetor of the Dark Knights Zeratul, have just begun to pass campaign Terran or have long rubites network, this document will help you to use their employees more effectively. StarCraft — game, rich in all kinds of tactical tricks and magic tricks. In our catalog of actors focused the most important tips for any level commander. Beware, in these lines it is equally as your triumph, and death. Maybe your best friend has read these tips now, disgusting giggling reinforces the knowledge gained in single player. And in the evening he will test them for you …

Part 1: Terrans. Salt of the Earth.


There should be plenty. Build bunkers and Missile Turret near the area of ​​your work SCV. Do not forget to gradually build new SCV with the expansion base. While the SCV able to defend himself, at the time of the attacks better take them in the rear. However, with Zerling’ami they are able to cope.


At the very beginning of the game, send a couple of infantrymen to explore the area. The rest of you will serve as the main striking force of land until stronger units. In contrast to the «first» units of other races, who only know how to fight hand to hand, the Gauss Rifle Marines has quite a long distance, and this advantage should be used. Attack the enemy and immediately make feet — Marine not survive personal contact with Zealot’om (for example). In the later stages of the game do not forget to explore the StimPack — it’s great to increase the efficiency of the units.


As Marine’y, are most effective as part of larger groups. By combining infantry and Firebat’ov, you immediately feel all the pre-flattery of the alliance. Although Firebat’y do more damage ground units rather than infantry, they are not able to withstand attacks from the air and shoot at short distances. Put into the hopper of Firebat’a and three Marines, and you get a perfectly secure from the ground and air defense post.


Once you build a factory, Vulture become your chief scout, due to its high speed and maneuverability. They are good kicking from enemy grenades, but their main purpose — the mining area. Each Vulture has only three mines, so use sparingly children. Increase speed Vulture with the help of an upgrade, you will turn them into a good tool against guerrilla warriors without weapons Remote enemies — such Zealot’ov.

"Arclite" Siege Tank.

The appearance of these kids mean to you the appearance of the main strike force. All other units (Mappe’y, Goliath’y, Wraith’y) should be considered as a means of support. Support is very important, because the Siege Tank is not able to protect themselves from attacks from the air. As soon will be able to explore the «siege mode» fire («siege mode»), do it immediately. Entrenched in the ground, siege tank firing a lot farther than any unit in the game.


Goliath’a can be regarded as the best mobile land-based air defenses, competent to use these units in groups to support the siege tanks. If your opponent makes the air force in large numbers, it makes sense to seriously engage in the manufacture Goliath’ov, even to the detriment of the siege tank.


Basic interceptor earthlings. It can not match the power to Scout’om Protoss, but with the advent of «masking" (cloak) becomes a real «pain in the ass,» the enemy (unless, of course, not near «recognition» device). Explore the «disguise» as quickly as possible. Unanswered terrorize enemy ground units (Ultralisk, Zealot, Siege Tank) Wraith’ov groups. If there are no enemy on the basis of the detectors, the compulsory send a squad of masked Wraith’ov into enemy territory — it will return the economy of the enemy in its infancy.


This is the normal transport. Use it to break through the line of defense forces attacking landing right in the heart of the enemy base. Dropship’bi not fitted with weapons, so protect them from the air, otherwise you risk losing traffic with precious stuffing.


«Hippo" — The flagship of the Terran space fleet. Very long it built and not too effective without gun Yamato. Barely moving and rarely shoots. With the support of other forces Yamato «Behemoth» is capable of inflicting deadly damage to buildings, and large groups of enemy units. You should not act «Behemoth» alone, because the pack or Scourge’ey Scout’ov easily dealt with one cruiser. On the other hand, an impressive group of BattleCruiser’ov able to take care of themselves. And how!


Phantom of the most high-tech unit earthlings capable (and only this!) Is to direct nuclear strike. Make your way to the enemy base (of course, after having obtained «disguise» and optical implants) and aim nuclear missiles at the front line, the enemy’s defense. Beware of enemy detectors — they are easy to see ghosts. Another useful feature Ghost’ov — the ability to block the electronic circuits of mechanical units Terran and Protoss. Tank’i Dragoon’y, Goliath’y at the time deprived of the opportunity to shoot and move, and destroyed on account of «time.»

Science Vessel.

This edifice can be used to detect camouflaged units Terran or Protoss. EMP blaster «Ship Science" eliminates Protoss units from the shell so dearly beloved of the protective field, so if you wander close to (God forbid!) or Archon’y Templar’y be reasonable to have a single research vessel «in reserve». In addition, the EMP-gun is very good against masquerading Wraith’ov. After receiving a charge of electromagnetic radiation, the fighter loses energy necessary for the operation of masking. Finally, Science Vessel can help in the fight against the Zerg Queen + Defiler’ami completely depleting their mana. The same applies to the protoss Templar’am.

Part 2: Zerg. The philosophy of the swarm.

The Zerg are able to dig burrows, and it should be used. Keep most of his protective garrison under the ground, it can enter the reconnaissance of the enemy astray. Zerg multiply faster and Protoss and Terrans are able to recover their strength. Use these advantages, push the enemy number. A good idea is to take back the seriously wounded and bury them in a hole — of course, for the speedy recovery.


See. SCV. Drone converted into homes, so do not forget to leave a reserve at the beginning of the game.


The original tool for reconnaissance. These creatures are terribly slow, if not upgraded; so in the early stages of the game Beware of enemy Marine’ov, Hydralisk’ov or Dragoon’oe — Overlord will not be able to fly away from them. Overlord’ov can be used as’ locators". They have the ability to feel buried enemy Zerg and Terran or Protoss zamaskirovanyh. Therefore, in the event of an attack, you can grab a couple Overlord’ov with him.


Effective only in the large groups from a dozen or more. Zergling’i not bad, if necessary, the rapid destruction of enemy buildings and do not pull in the attack on a strong enemy — too weak armor and thin fangs. By increasing the speed of Zergling ‘s, you can use them for rapid suicidal attacks on the working of the enemy (SCV, Probe) to bypass the combat units. Another good tactic — to use these creatures as an early warning system. Just send this Zergling’ov dozen in different parts of the map, and bury them in the ground.


They work in groups of 5-6 individuals. In the early stages of the game is used as the primary impact force with Zergling’ami. Equally good job as a land and air forces to the enemy. Needles Hydralisk’a hit the enemy at a distance, so it is particularly effective in the remote attack on the working forces of the enemy. Against units, fighting hand to hand (like Zealot’ov) should be used guerrilla tactics «hit&run «.


Refine Hatchery to Lair and build Spire. This will give you quick access to Mutalisk’am, especially if to postpone the construction of Hydralisk Den. This is a risky trick, but if your opponent has not yet managed to acquire air defenses, small fleet Mutalisk’ov able to destroy the entire mining industry rival. In addition, Mutalisk’i very effective against ground units — Zealot’ov, Firebat’ov, Siege Tank’ov and Zergling’os, who are unable to fight back.


One of the two units of the Zerg, using magic. Queen does not attack itself, and therefore should be used only with the support of regular ground forces.


High attack Zerg. Cheap and effective way to settle accounts with the air forces of the enemy. If you are afraid of a massive attack from the air, previously reserved by a dozen Scourge’en: a large fleet Scourged able to offer serious resistance Carrier’y Protoss, Battle Cruiser’y Terran or knock the spirit out pesky Wraith’oe, Scout’ov or Mutalisk’ov. Very good against sluggish Guardian’ov.


In the later stages of the game, this unit must be the basis of your army. His monomolecular blades inflict devastating damage, and armor to withstand the fiercest attack enemies. Ultralisk can not dig into the ground, which makes a good target for the Air Force, — protect the rear Ultralisk’ov using Hydralisk’ov or Mutalisk’ov.


Gnats, midges Zerg. Like the Queen, Defiler’ov should not be let go without an escort, and expose the ball to the open battle. If this should happen, make sure to bury them in the ground at the time of confusion. A small group of Defiler’ov infecting unsuspecting enemies rabies can crap a lot of noise. Defiler ‘s defenses can attack from a safe distance.


Well proven in the case of attacks on large clusters of the enemy and defensive towers (carried out from a distance). It is best to combine them with antiaircraft forces, like Scourge’ey, Hydralisk’ov or Mutalisk’ov — Guardian’y vulnerable to attacks from the air. In addition, they are very slow so during a massive attack enemy forces ballooning costs take them in the rear.

Infected Earthlings (Infested Terran).

Zerg-infected mutants are eager to return to their home base and blow up all to hell. Mutants recommended for undermining buildings: Unlike sappers (WC2) units to deal with a lot more difficult here. Bury mutants in the ground, hide them from the enemy scouts — and their appearance on the basis of the opponent will be a surprise.

Part 3: Protoss. Knights of light.


See. SCV. Do not forget that during the construction Probe a «broadcast» the house of his home world Ayur, which means — the worker can do other things.


Zealot-coolest «early» unit in the game. Several Zealot’oe able to restrain the pressure of a large number of FDI Maripe’ov Zergling’ov / Hydralisk’ov. Be wary of a guerrilla «hit&run «-nabegov — Zealots only know how to fight hand to hand. It would be wise first to increase their speed by means of upgrades to Zealots were able to catch up with and destroy the offenders. It is best to keep them Ogadoop’ami or other units with ranged weapons. Fully "zaapgreyzhenny «Zealot deals 22 points of damage to the enemy! A large army Zealot’oe be superfluous even in the later stages of the game.


It is best used in small groups, with Zeaiot’ami. At the beginning of the game should just Dragoon’y Zealot’ov guard against attacks from the air and enemy artillery. For two Dragoon’a so strong that you do not even notice how will win one game after another in the «bud"Using only these. A good trick — lean against several Dragoon’ov back to the Shield Battery: you get "perpetual motion"Ideal for protecting the database, do not forget to periodically recharge the batteries only in the Shield Battery. Do not leave Dragoon’ov alone, their rate of disintegration guns is low, and a brisk enemies quickly deal with them.


The analogue Terran landing ships, see. Dropship.


The ideal tool to support ground forces. Having to upgrade the speed, the unit becomes an excellent scout, able to fly for a moment even the biggest cards. Scout’ov formed from large groups and attack the enemy’s «magical» powers — Queen, Sci Vessel, etc. Very well suited for attacks on defenseless Overlord’ov, wandering around the map. Shooting Overlord’ov not only prevent Zerg open the map, but come on the throat of their economies.


Supreme Knights Protoss are fluent in psycho-magic. By joining together in a suicidal ecstatic form Archon’a, supernatural being. By themselves Templars also very effective, thanks to their spells Hal-lucination and Psionic Storm. Psionic Storm resembles Death and Decay of WarCraft 2, only that does not destroy the building. Over 75 mana you get the heavy weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying in one sitting a lot of enemies. Use Psionic Storm on large groups (siege tanks, Guardian’bi).


Engage them in a devastating ground attacks in combination with Ogadoop’ami and Zealot’ami. These monsters are moving so slowly that it would be better to move them to a spell Recall (Arbiter’y). Their «Scarabs"Miniature robots are well suited for the «off» defensive towers of the enemy, so before you throw in the main offensive force, organize a trip a couple Reaver’ov. Scarabs are «shells" Reaver’a and produced inside the machine. Make sure that you have a sufficient number of rivet Scarab (15 crystals per share) before you go camping, or Reaver would be useless pile of iron.


This unit is always invisible, but not for the enemy defensive towers and other creatures detectors! Use it for reconnaissance: leave for a unit in every strategic point on the map, and you’ll always be up to date with the latest news. During big battles keep in reserve a large number of Observer’ov in a combat zone, so as not to become a victim of attacks disguised enemy forces. And one more thing: Observers easily seek out entrenched Zerg.


Undoubtedly, the strongest ground unit in the entire game. In the later stages of the battle, use Archon’ov as a good complement to the attacking group, or even as the main striking force. If you choose to create an army entirely of Archon’ov fear Terran Science Vessel, whose EMP Cannon makes your killer in 10 hits hilyakov. If Science Vessel’ey nearby is observed, do not be afraid of anything, and boldly attack anything that gets the floor hand. Taps Archon’ov damaged and the location database to Shield Batteries, to restore the energy shields.


The king of the sky. Carried on their decks to eight fighters. Each fighter shoot twice per turn, which means that one is able to put Carrie to 80 points of damage per second. Combine Carrier’ov hidden Arbiter’om From prying eyes, in a large group and send it to the rear of the enemy — your opponent have a stroke, that’s for sure. Carrier’am to fear large gatherings Scourge’ey or disguised Terran Wraith.


Either your unit, gets to Arbiter’y »close enough, it becomes invisible. One thing this property is more than compensated by the cost of construction, «the judges of the Citadel.» However Arbiter’y have two extremely powerful spells that make them terribly dangerous for the enemy.

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