Replikar Factory Five MK4 Roadster

Make of "Zhiguli" Mercedes, and then from "Mercedes" Rolls Royce — not a dream but a hobby craftsmen who build replikary (copies of supercars and a cult car). For example, before you are not AC Cobra 427, a rare sports car, and its replica — Factory Five MK4 Roadster, collected on the basis of Ford Mustang.

1While COBRA WAS Keith These machines are sold, usually in the form of "Whales" -as a matter of fact, designers. Minimum whale-tubular frame, plus a plastic body, but for a fee in this set may also include the suspension, brakes, electronics, upholstery, floor, seats, etc. However, the whales have always intended that the customer has a donor: a certain vehicle brands and models on which the units will be built kit car. In the case of Factory Five MK4 Roadster, even when ordering the most complete whale required: engine, transmission, rear axle and brakes, wheels, tires, paint and gasoline pump.

2LEGO ADULT MK4 Roadster — one of the most popular replikarov in the world (over 15 years has sold 8,000 units). The secret is not only in the fact that it is similar to the legendary Cobra (especially since this is not the only example of its copy). Company Factory Five serious attention to the design and testing of their offspring. The result was a machine is not only beautiful, but also obedient and pleasant to drive, and most importantly -Security (much safer than the original).

3DOSTAVKA Order can be issued online (on, paying by credit card a minimum of $ 12,900 (the price of a basic set, which offers a host of options). After 2 weeks, boxes of parts sent to the customer. The most nimble of them manage to have 60 days to leave the garage on the finished car. In our case, as a way to take the cargo from the US to Finland, where he is still a week to go to Russia.


£ | spatial framework I MK4 is made of aluminum and steel and weighs 145 kg. Welded pipes of the same diameter as that of original underlie

152 August 2013

The most powerful option on 1.5 kg of weight machines had to 1 horsepower. That’s a lot -Want NAZADNIH WHEELS START

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