Restart Zhigulyovsk: in a new system of local government

Restart Zhigulyovsk: in a new system of local government

On Wednesday, July 24, in Zhigulevsk, chaired by Governor Nikolai Merkoushkin a meeting of the competition committee, which defined the candidate to the post of head of the city administration. The final choice was made by Duma deputies approving the position of Vladimir Klassen.

NICHOLAS Merkushin, the governor of the Samara region:

— The new system of formation of the local authority will not apply everywhere, but only where there are many problems and there is no consolidation of the elites. This scheme will act in a certain historical period. I want to emphasize that the rights of the inhabitants of the city is not infringed. Their interests are represented by MPs who voted for the candidacy of the head of administration and can now, together with the regional authorities to monitor its performance. Unfortunately, in Zhigulevsk very low level of trust in the government. I think that after the start of the new government, when people see that the administration is working for the residents of the city, the situation will change.

Clear division of powers

In mid-May by a group of deputies of the Duma Zhigulyovsk approved a new charter, which abolished the direct election of the mayor and determined that the executive branch in the city will control the head of the administration. Who is this man who had to determine the tender committee and deputies. At this step in Zhigulevsk went to improve the efficiency of local authorities. The situation is very tense in the municipality: the people are extremely dissatisfied with the situation in the Housing and Public Works.

«Problems of the city very much. I am surprised by his neglect. This suggests that over the past 5-10 years Zhigulev-sk do nothing at all. For all this we firmly demand from local authorities, «- said Nikolai Merkushin during the February visit to the city.

June 18, the day of the expiry of the term of office, the mayor Alexander Kurylin left post. Acting was appointed Deputy Minister of Education of the Samara region Vladimir Klassen. Following a competition was announced for the position of Head of Administration.

This scheme selection guide of the municipality is already working in the region. However, the first time the competition commission was headed by the governor himself. In addition, according to the changes of the regional legislation, full executive power at the level of city administration head get it selected on a competitive basis. Chairman of the Duma will not be the head of the city, performing representative functions.

«A clear separation of the executive and representative branches of government will increase the efficiency of work — said Nikolai Merkushin. — The head of the administration bears full responsibility for what happens in the city or area, he signed all the documents. With this method of forming the government have thought much more leverage to influence the head of the administration. If a person does not handle or tolerate some mistakes in work, at any time to raise the question of its competence. «

On his interest in running for the post of governor Zhigulyovsk said four people. Applicants Commission presented a program for the development of the city and passed a personal interview. As a result, the City Duma CONSIDERATION presented two candidates — Vladimir classes and Director of the Criminal Ltd. ASA «Grad» Alexander Lubskoe. Then the deputies had their say. They voted unanimously for the class. Nikolai Merkushin congratulated him on his appointment and said that all candidates presented interesting and informative program for the development of the city that a new chapter can be used in their work.

The governor also said that in the Samara region Zhigulevsk begins forming a new system of local government. However, its widespread use is not planned, such a procedure would be to act in the most problematic municipalities.

«Do not be favorites»

Speaking to the City Duma deputies, Nikolai Merkushkin said in Zhigulevsk and in the entire region is still observed excessive politicization of electoral processes, which greatly hinders the work of the authorities.

«You have to tune in to a very active and step by step to go ahead, — said the head of the region. — Do not be timeservers, seeking only to patch up things quickly. We need to do fundamentally to the objects that we are building, were more than a dozen years. «

Nikolai Merkushin also said that the regional authorities are ready to support the government in Zhigulevsk. In particular, it will continue the renovation and construction of social facilities: the stadium, sports complex, schools and kindergartens.

The MPs, in turn, told the head of the region that the city is artificially bankrupt management company, terminated the contract with gas suppliers. As a result, residents of homes were left without hot water. Meanwhile, the director of the company is now running for the Duma Togliatti (according to the «VC-Toll-yatti», he goes to the elections of the Communist Party). Nikolai Merkushin asked to attend meetings of the Attorney-Gigout Levski Denis Avdeev deal with this problem. He said that the criminal case on the bankruptcy of the Criminal Code has already been sent to court.

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