Review of the heavy music (CD)


‘Maximumbappy T (FeeLee ISoyuz) *****

The maximum happiness just a concentrated form is presented to the listener legendary Cockroaches. Their positive text about peace, love, and other simple human pleasures want to start singing along immediately — from the first listen of the album, let alone how gorgeous this material goes live, you can only imagine! Another plus was the disc while it is sound that does not hold up to half an hour: the like should not be too much at once — in fact, it seems, soon we are waiting for the second part of ‘Maximumhappy’? …

‘Be Odeslossf (Noise Art / Mazzar) ****

By the seventh studio album Swedes, known for his very unique PEG / viking metal, it can be said, pretty "blackened" and sometimes even "half dead". Their music evolved into a fusion of atmospheric black metal and melodic death metal — of course, on the basis of their original, native genre. FROM "musical homeland" all of them as tightly linked text and design motifs; and the overall fighting spirit. And the cold black metal on their compositions not blowing — rather, they pyshut pagan fervor! Besides, there is something to admire and enjoy what — tunes almost perfect keyboard arrangements create a majestic atmosphere, and sometimes you can even talk about the progressive influences. There are all amazing compositions, such as "Quatre"Which attracted the attention of not only the acoustic guitar in the intro, but very unusual harmony, which in combination with non-standard arrangements make this track a real little masterpiece. In this spirit of good old Thyrfing kept spotless, and none of the fan will not turn away from them — and that’s a lot of new fans will for sure!


‘Phobiaf (Dynamic Arts I background) ****

Phobia — an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation — the state of modern society is so common that they, phobias, already described thousands of species, because you can be afraid of anything! Generally, everyone can say their own … There is a phobia and the Finnish band Torture Killer. ‘Phobia’ — quite dynamic, with a clear, almost industrial rhythms, brutal death. Great, rounded sound right, deep growling, quite melodic, but obviously the last places electronic processing. How long to think that all this reminds us do not — the Finns once started as a cover band Six Feet Under, and even managed to drag in the structure of the pet for a couple of Chris Barnes. The current album, they just continue the begun business. After listening to him, we conclude that the fear of all panafobiey, they are certainly not suffering — because it is clearly not afraid of at least one thing in the world — namely, to be like Six Feet Under! Rather, their main phobia — a fear play unlike Six Feet Under, such a diagnosis is obtained ..

‘Extreme Metal Compilation1 [background)

I do not quite understand the meaning of the release of such compilations. Well, this would still walking free bonus disc in the limited edition of the album one of these thematic groups; but we now have an independent release, for which the stores will require you to ful-price. It is not clear and the selection of teams, on the one hand, there are plenty of newcomers who seem to need to get through to a wider audience; and on the other -here you will find names that already have a weight on the scene of extreme metal (say, Stalwart, Doubleface, Nuclear War-tare). And the most surprising absence of territorial limits in the selection of the participants in this collection: the apparent dominance of the domestic teams, there’s German, Swedish, Italian and Greek groups. Generally, "saltwort" It turned out that more, but what is most offensive — for those 76 minutes, which sounds this CD, you will hardly find a couple of interesting things that really interest you in the future purchase of the album of a team.

‘Hydrargyrum1 (Metal Scrap)

Every time I have to get acquainted with the next release of a series of "domestic hard rock with the lead female vocals", I feel a little bit uncomfortable, because at least half of the cases have to torment her delicate ears, listening to all this howling, moaning and screaming homegrown "singers" without a hearing and vote. In the case of the debut album Vadikan’s not so bad — girl can sing like, though not always understand how to do it better (for example, in the opening song of the album "Break Templates" her singing sounds like her are forced to do so). The worst thing is that this trio as a whole adheres to the policy of "melodic gothic metal"But it has not yet been defined by its sound in detail (frankly pop song "Kiss on the eyes" (here, a pancake, nazvanetse!) adjacent to the much more somber and pridumlёnnymi numbers, and instrumental ""Suspense" and do here looks like randomly came from some other "Opera"). But what frustrates the final, so it is the inability of the team to create an interesting and harmonious, catchy songs that really wanted to listen and overdry to give pleasure. Yes, folks have tried ordering a beautiful design for the album, but they managed to get the right sound (mastering was made Hiili Hiilesmaa), but the result still turned out beautifully packaged set of gaudy trucks, most of which produce indifference tinged with bewilderment, but not satisfied, and certainly not delight.


‘Ethera (Napalm I Mazzar)

Neither Atlantis, nor American Visions Of Atlantis, we have not opened. Fifth album of the Austrians is as always well-known of the three components is a "symphonic". "Power" and "Metal". All three ingredients are mixed in a completely exact proportion — 33% each. However, if this is considered to work as a whole. Specifically, as every single song, or even fragments of songs, encouraging the listener suddenly placed accents. Therefore, in principle, to listen to this work is not boring. The voice of singer Maxi Nil raises no objections, and Mario Plank is singing for her excellent contrast. As for the instrumental parts, they are made so carefully and thoughtfully that of gross errors and inconsistencies are not out of the question; sound polished to the proper European level. Austrians invented as a sufficient number of nice tunes, and even a couple of them quite extraordinary — so you will not just get bored listening to this album, but even nice … places. You will be satisfied, especially if you do not particularly like surprises and every extreme!


‘More Than One Way Home1

(AFM / Phono)

In a dispute about the quality of the road surface Frenchman boasted that on the way home from work steers a little finger; German boasted that if you put on the hood of a glass of water, do not spill a drop on the road and won, of course, Russian. Who said that taxis do not -because how much the car from the track go? .. But here is a group of German comrades Voodoo Circle has managed to get in a rut! Although the title of the album, they try to convince us that there is ‘No One Way Home’, will they get out of it can not. A bogged down deeper and deeper. However, to clarify. A group of German friends — is Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner), David Ridman (Pink Cream 69), Apex Bayrodt (Sinner, Primal Fear, Silent Force), Markus Cullmann (Dezperadoz) and Jimmy Krasik (Liquid One, Steve Lukather). Actually, this is the Voodoo Circle. ‘He One Way Home’, ‘More Than One Way Home’ — this is their third full-length studio album, and the unfortunate track — is tarred, prospirtovanny macho blues hard rock in the spirit Whitesnake, the essence of which Voodoo Circle comprehended so completely that soon, that look, the comparison will go in the other direction! It is clear that this track, though not the only, but certainly true road back home to the glorious 80s … And if you’re on the road — they are willing to just throw up your rubles for two or three hundred!


‘Various Shades Of Black’ (Ladlo)

Well, and finally the block CD-reviews — one more mozgolomny release from the French avant-garde Way That End. Their second ponometrazhnik built on nonlinear composite solutions in places like Emperor and Dissection, but in general, sounding much more "wrapped" and hard to swallow (just like their nickname bassist -Hzxllprkwx!). Publishing peybl strongly advised not to throw the album after the first acquaintance, and carefully listen to it several times, after which you may fall and you still imbued throughout genius’ Various Shades Of

Black ‘. Perhaps on some individuals and will descend like Grace, but I had no luck — this CD I could not understand …


‘We Have Been Dead Since Long

Ago1 (Solitude)

Impressed by the debut album a few years ago this grim capital team, I am not without interest in the player put their license svezhevyshedshy second album — ‘WeHave Been Dead Since Long Ago’. Immediately it should be noted that the influence of My Dying Bride, which was very noticeable in the last time, this time to a minimum: in fact, We Have Been Dead … ‘is a more independent, traditional doom / death metal with elements fyunerala. On the one hand, a departure from copying ideas and sound MDB — is good, but on the other hand … what we hear on the new album, to be honest, never fails to impress. As a result, the disc leaves a painful feeling — no, not by a depressive nature of the music itself, but rather from the fact that whatever their twisted he was, sadly, impersonal and does not justify the hopes vested in a group …

Astral Glow (BadMoodMan) ** ★

Exactly one year ago, we met with the second album of the Ukrainian project Zgard, and now in our hands is the third of its work. Its main difference from its predecessor — the return to sound tougher and less atmospheric — what we heard on the firstborn. That is, in fact, we again hear mid-tempo mix of Slavic PEG metal and atmospheric black metal, which at times "decorated" lots of live flute. That’s it this time and frustrates most: generally harmonious sounding material "break" flute — far from the professional level dudelki, shoved "neither here nor there". Let us hope that the fourth album Yaromysl get rid of this tool, and place greater emphasis on the originality and richness of keyboard arrangements.


‘Play! (Metalism)

Debuting in 2011, the Ayronde with the album ‘Sounds of Time"This Kirov heavy metal-team a couple of years preparing for his second step — and here it is finally done. The CD, called ‘game’, you will find a total of 7 tracks total length of about half an hour — it’s kind of not quite mignon, but also full-length album called these things, too, do not dare. As to the musical material, it is again — the modern-language heavy metal — not bad, but nothing special …

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