Revolution on the surface (large lowland river).

It has long been customary artificial lures imitate fish prey items, but over the years people have not only improved the bait, but also to adapt them to different ways of hunting interest of his species. Picking methods and techniques catching fish feeding during the day, in the water column as well as on the surface. He invented catchability bait to tempt predators, as well as those species that only occasionally hunted for small living organisms. In many places of the world the number of those wishing to catch a trophy predator has become so large that the natural water bodies are no longer able to satisfy the ambitions of fishermen, therefore, should pay attention to other types of fish that can reduce the growing excitement.

First, diversity River lead to the fact that our bait interested in a variety of fish. This is primarily carp, such as chub, ide and asp, and if you apply the tiny lures that our production can be dace and even bleak. Natural food is constantly floating downstream, and if the fish are picky eating habits, it would never have been fed, but is in the wild is simply unacceptable. Another advantage of the great river — a significant number of potential sites of fish.

Find the fish you need to start from the shoreline. Along the shore the water gets the most food, and a space patrol, including the biggest trophies. A typical place, typical of the great river are podmyta coast overhanging the water grasses or branches of shrubs and trees. Unless the flow of the river in an area slows down, there certainly may be hiding big fish. Oblov a place you need to start standing downstream, and do throw up the proposed parking lot of fish, so that the bait naturally floated down the river.

The advantage of this approach is fishing on the place from the lower reaches of the river, in other words, with the tail on the current standing of the fish. This enables us to win a few meters and chosen as close as possible to the parking lot of the trophy. In this case, the two techniques can be used. The first of them — this is a natural alloy of fishing lures and the problem is only that pick up the slack fishing line so that the bait floating freely in the parking lot of fish. This kind of fishing lures on a dry fly. The most imitation insects or small fish floating on the river, is often enough to provoke a predator lurking. If a static rezultativen not rush, you can throw the bait directly to the place where the parking lot of fish. You have to be very careful and concentrated, so that immediately after the closing bracket casting reel and give the lure the insect movement, as if he was thrown into the water an unexpected gust of wind, since most bites occur precisely in such moments.

Another effective method — move downstream and trapping various «corners», while the bait is held against the current. Large ides, chubs and occasionally chub, unless, of course, near the shoal is a deep river, to attack their victims with shallow water, so my first casts should be executed almost at the shore, ten centimeters. Next, you need to throw the bait a little farther from the coast. Bait should always be, so to speak, in the game, ie, move all the time, leaving a distinctive footprint on the water.

Priority parking fish typical of the great river are all sorts of obstacles that lie at the bottom (tree trunks, large branches or natural gravel GACC), and creates a natural swirling flow, in which the fish is safe and has the ability from his hiding place to watch floats food. Observations show that the most active individual typical species of freshwater fish are placed right in front of an obstacle. Just a few tens of centimeters of water, so that in a place like hiding trophy ide, chub or chub. Of course, this does not mean that tihovod formed behind an obstacle, is ignored. The course there is much weaker, but it is an ideal shelter for fish.

As I noted above, the late spring and summer — the best times for fishing with surface lures in the high plains river. With the approach of autumn the fish begins to feed less frequently in the upper layers of water. If we are talking about the time of day, on the shore of the fish is often at dawn and begins to move away from it at the same time with the rising sun. Although, it happens not always. In the evening, the fish swims back to the shore and a few hours after sunset mogut characterize the beautiful klёvom.

There is one period in a series of high plains of the river that can not miss. It is about the rise of water caused by a heavy rainfall in the upper reaches of the tributaries, or artificial control in the lower reaches of the river. During the beginning of the rise of the water in the fish begins a kind of «excessive zhor.» Rather, it arises purely by instinct, as high water came condemn it to a long period of fasting. During this period, the fish loses its natural caution, moreover, turbid water allows us to come close to the fish. The period of such Jora can last all day. When the water begins to fill the shore, even large individuals are trying to fill their stomachs by eating a variety of organisms in the flooded grass and bushes.

In such circumstances fishing using traditional baits becomes very difficult. Here and useful poverhnostniki, which will become the most notorious shot in the bull’s eye. Dropping water — and the opposite of the behavior of the fish. When that happens slowly, the fish gradually move away from the coast and take a safe position near the river rod. What do you do when the fish begins to move away from the coast? We fished the area of ​​the main flow — in fact there is also a lot of interesting places. All sorts of islands, twists flow — a potential place in which we are interested in the fish can rest and feed. The most effective method of fishing in such places — it cast across the current, short-alloy natural bait, and if the attack has not occurred, the slow wiring in an arc towards the coast. Predatory fish can go for the bait from a considerable distance and decide to attack only when it begins to enter the shallow water. Therefore, the concentration should be kept until the end of the posting.

When fishing on surface lures — insects over a large river suit rod length 2.7-3 m with an average test systems and to 15 g This spinning allows you to make long-range casting light lures and small, also extinguish energetic spurts of fish that fights in the strong current. This length is needed, so that even at a great distance to keep the bait on the surface, raising high the rod tip up. When fishing on the surface of the fishing line I prefer. Cord with breaking force of up to 5 kg are also possible, but it does not allow to experience all the fun with the free alloy bait. Floating on the water line can scare the fish, especially large specimens and cautious. Additional kit Radiant coil size 2000-2500. On the large river that choice tackle and fishing line diameter 0,16-0,18 mm (3-4 kg) must not fail. Clutch coil need to let go a little, so it is good time to amortize the bite, especially as surface lures intended for chub and ide, chub often attacked and even standing in shallow water pike. If you use the method of free alloy, the bait can be tied directly to a string without using the buckle.

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