Revolution on the surface: the small rivers and standing water


Fish that live in small rivers, if they do not belong in size to the outstanding trophies, but his cunning and caution them quite worthy. Regular fishing trophies in the small rivers — the most that neither is a challenge for experienced anglers, real hunters who can hunt down prey, to approach her and force her to attack the bait. Any tiny twigs crunching under noisy and careless approach to fish habitat, unnatural movement on the beach or even the shadow of the fisherman, you can pick up all your hopes. If you move through the water — do it as slowly as possible, so as not to raise even the smallest wave frightening cautious fish.

In small rivulets it recommended moving against the tide, to go to the fish by its tail. Do not interfere with polarized glasses that are always ready to help detect potential places where the fish hide, and often — the fish themselves. Follow your shadow and reflection otblikivayuschih surface of our equipment. We try to make sure that the fishing line does not lie in the water, as in a transparent and well-lit water, even tiny «whiskers» that diverge from your fishing line may seem suspicious wary fish. Therefore, lift the rod up to avoid slack fishing line.

Where the fish are hiding? The most common — a place blackout and deep holes, and where the river to the bottom illuminated by the sun, you can expect except that a meeting with a trifle. However, where the branches of bushes and trees, fallen trunks, overhanging grass and pieces of aquatic plants create shaded areas, you can always expect to meet with the true trophies, which usually feel safe places. As a rule, representatives of the largest rivers in the area that take the best campsites and rarely with them excommunicated. Chubs and ides are sensitive to their own people, and if the place of tribesmen, while there may be a few adult fish.

On raft artificial bug free, as a rule, are caught in a small stream. If it is not interested in fish, you should periodically, using the tip of a spinning, slightly poddergivaet bait, so it is slightly twitching on the surface. This is especially effective in the spring when chubs and ides like to patrol the small «pockets» that are formed in the walls of sedges and reeds, which prey on the unwary fall into the water insects.

More often than not we catch small rivers smallest surface bait. We try to carry out a throw a little further possible parking fish and very delicately manage free alloy bait. You must be very precise. The bait should be carried out, then the hanging grass, then the podmyta shore, over the barrel, which lies on the course — where would fall into the water any insect. Of course, there are days when the fish with its parking place does not move even a meter outside the shaded surface.

Usually the first two or three casting puts everything in its place. It is not clear why this happens, but the fish in a large river very often repeat previous failed attack, and in a small river, if the trophy after the first or second time, and did not dare to attack again, he becomes suspicious and does not respond to the following presentations bait. In this case, we have two choices: accept defeat and go in search of the next long-term place to fish or just «relax.» Sometimes you just change the color of the bait and wait 15-20 minutes, but if the fish is still the same scared and does not respond, it can only wait until the next day to hunt for it.

Very important is the selection of gear in case of difficult technically small rivers. Wade with a long rod along the coast that are overgrown with vegetation — employment is quite painful. My choice — rigid rod with a maximum length of 2.5 m. Casting is not necessary to do far, and fish should be immediately hold and not let the opportunity to swim in the underwater obstacles. Justified is the use of a thicker fishing line diameter 0,2-0,22 mm (up to 5 kg), while in the case of a weakened friction brake and can be no question. Adjusting its tensile border tackles in full confidence that the fish can hide in his shelter.

Standing water: lakes and canals

I will not hide that this is a difficult task. If only we were able to get close to a distance of a throw, and the case is hard and everyone knows who has ever tried to do that, we can make in the process of catching a variety of traditional lake predators. Remarkably, the depth of the fishery is less important than in the river. Species that we are interested in, especially in the summer, located in the upper water layers.

Selection of gear and still depends on whether we want to catch a boat or from shore. Tighter and a long rod, which allows you to make long casts, choose to coastal fishing, boat fishing for suitable short, softer rod. When fishing from the shore looking for fish will occur most often in the littoral strip. The mouths of rivers and streams, various shaded places, fallen trees and Pave — potential campsites ide, chub and asp. The search for these fish and their fishing in open water — it’s more a matter of chance. Let the waters of trollingist and ourselves will focus on coastal fishing.

The aisles between the reeds and shallow bays can be found redfins pack, which you can catch on to successfully simulate the insect. If we managed to track down a flock of larger fish that swim along the coast — we place a larger bait in two or three meters in front of a bunch of swim. At this point, you will notice a big difference in the way the behavior of lake and river fish. In the river the fish do not have enough time in order to consider the bait in standing water as it can even read the name of the manufacturer! And the five we have two choices: leave the bait lie still in the water, or do you start slowly and carefully pull her to him. Chances are I estimate as 50 to 50. In one case, a fixed bait fish was not interested in another — she still swims and sucks the bait. Maybe you can explain this behavior of fish.

In the summer I caught chub, ide and chub in different places and in different ways, but from the moment I first caught a fish on a bait surface, all the others have ceased to exist for me. This approach is creeping to the place and incredibly entertaining bite is so emotional, everything else fades into the long-range plan. Believe me, once you try, the explosion at the calm surface of the river will remain in your memory!

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