Revolvers for shooting grenade

Fighting in Chechnya in 1994-1996 revealed a clear lack of density of the fire relatively small assault teams at short distances. Niche between hand grenades, methane maximum of 30-40 meters, and automatic heavy grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame", Sending the charges at a distance of 500 to 1700 meters, it turned out to be empty. It required a new weapon to assault actions undertaken without first fire support against small groups of the enemy who had no serious or entrenched defensive positions in urban areas.

By the way, these weapons have had in South Africa. The long-term fight against the rebels forced the Pretoria regime to develop the first weapon system to conduct counter-guerrilla warfare. And I must admit, he was able to succeed in this business. So, back in 1981 in South Africa has been developed and adopted by the 40-mm grenade launcher MGL six-shot revolver with the whole nomenclature of ammunition from shaped-charge fragmentation to traumatic, from lighting and smoke to curb tear gas. After the South Africans got a similar grenade launcher and Americans. In them, he received the designation UH-1.

We have also to work on the creation of such weapons have begun only in late 1993. Specialists Tula Central Design Bureau of Research of sports and hunting weapons V.Telesh (creator grenade grenade launcher GP-25) and B.Borzov (designer of aircraft machine guns) scrutinized got them into the hands of the South African samples, but decided to go on its way: the Russian model turned not "multiply charged", a "a multilateral"That a positive impact on some of its tactical and technical characteristics.

The new weapon has been created in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, as recalled in his memoirs, engineers, gunsmiths, the Russian army at the time had already begun to experience significant financial difficulties and by the purchase of a new grenade launcher refused. But weapons seriously interested in the Interior Ministry and the FSB, having bought in several hundreds of experienced, still quite raw copies.

Such haste is simple: in Chechnya were already hard fighting, and that agencies like the air needed new weapons, promises high effect in the application. So RG-6 (revolving grenade launcher barrel-6) was held at the same time and the factory and military tests. And he was tested directly in the fighting. And receives positive feedback.

Design grenade different adaptability and simplicity, and hence high reliability. Its main element — a block of six 40-mm rifled barrels from the under-barrel grenade launcher GP-25. In the trunk has 12 grooves, imparting rotational movement of the grenade, which ensures the required accuracy. Block shafts rotate on an axis, is fixed on the frame. In front of her, except for the rotary joint, it is a pipe with a handle, a protective shield and sighting devices. The trigger mechanism is behind the block of trunks, in which the part of the muzzle, insert the 6 grenades. When fired, the unit automatically turns 1/6 of a turn, moving the barrel with another grenade at the axis of the guide tube.

Folding sights grenade launcher consists of a cylindrical adjustable front sight and sight frame, designed for firing at a distance from 100 to 400 meters. Shooting up to 300 meters is carried out with an emphasis butt in the shoulder, from 300 to 400 meters — with the butt tucked under his arm.

The length of the grenade in the stowed position is 520, in the fighting — 680 millimeters. Resource survivability unit trunks 2 500-3000 shots. Wearable ammunition 10-20 shots transferred in four bags of 5 shots each. The grenade is fired with an initial velocity of 76 m / s. Combat rate revolving grenade ranges from 12 to 15 rounds per minute. For comparison of the GP-25 grenade per minute it can be made no more than 4 shots, that is one RG-6 rate of "podstvol’nika"Available armed motorized infantry platoon.

During the combat operation of the first parties "Granatny revolver" it revealed a number of design flaws that it was quite normal for any new weapons systems. Thus, during the clashes are not always required to shoot a fully charged all six shots: if the target queue amazed 3-4 grenades remaining in the trunks had to discharge. But this process is long and not very safe. In addition, the loading of the RG-6 also is pretty slow. One of the commandos, experiencing a grenade launcher in the North Caucasus, once lamented: "From "revolvernika" six grenades are shot faster than from the grenade launcher. But while the RG-6 recharges from the SE-25 can have time to do six more shots".

Most of these and other remarks designers managed to eliminate in the process of finalizing. In particular, for rapid unloading grenade launcher, a special extractor, which uses the type that was used in the Colt revolver, and in the XIX century.

The only drawback RG-6, which had to accept — its impressive weight: Weight 5.6 kg nesnaryazhёnnogo grenade. Weight of one shot him, depending on the modification of the charge, ranges from 250 to 280 grams, with full ammunition arrow adds more than 5 kilos of additional load. It is clear that carrying on itself over long distances, especially in the mountains, this grenade launcher ammunition instead of the machine (and even more so — with the machine) is quite difficult.

Yet RG-6 has firmly taken its place in the arsenals of the special forces of the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry, proving the efficiency and indispensability while fighting in the mountains and towns. Especially for a domestic gunsmiths have created a set of ammunition. The last of these developments, we proceed only in the arsenals of the internal troops began shooting granatomёtnye "Snuff" and "Nail".

The first is a smoke grenade, the second — the gas. Warhead "Nail" It contains a gas irritating. Round weight — 170 grams, the maximum range — 250 meters, the minimum allowable -50 meters. Time gassing for 15 seconds, with one "Nail" It forms a gas cloud with volume up to 500 cubic meters.

So grenade RG-6 is able to be an effective weapon in the fight not only with militias and terrorists, but also for the suppression of the riots.

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