Vitamin petioles

In the eastern medicinal plant books is described in a few centuries before our era! Dilute vegetable rhubarb because petioles rich in organic acids and vitamins. Autumn is the time for its landing.

Rhubarb prefers partial shade, grows well under a canopy of fruit trees in wet soils fertilized. Dilute the plant seedlings from seed or vegetatively (rhizome division), thus preserving the varietal characteristics.

Vegetative …

Divide and plant rhubarb spring or autumn (September). Fall planting is preferred, since the soil from freezing to de Lenka, sufficient suction roots, and the following year the plant is able to give a small crop stalks (though their collection is better to abstain, and to grow and get stronger rhubarb).

To divide choose well-developed, yielding bushes are at least four years of full-fledged fleshy petioles. Cut with a knife (in contrast to the shovel, so less damaged roots and buds break off), rhizomes of rhubarb slightly dried in the sun to prevent them from rotting.

At a distance from each other on January 25 cm make holes (50x50x50 cm) for pions. The bottom layer in the barren pits Replace with a mixture of: a handful of superphosphate, bucket humus (compost or vermicompost), half a bucket of coarse sand and a bucket of fertile land.

…or seedlings

When the seeds from touching the panicle peduncle start to get enough sleep, I collect them and store in a dry place. In autumn weather is nice advance preparing a bed, and around mid-October thickly sown seeds in shallow furrows and mulch with peat layer of no more than 1 cm.

In the spring shoots appear rare. In the second half of May to the regrowth of these rhubarb leaves are seated on the scheme 10×10 cm. In the summer the plants watered every 10 days. In late August — early September, transplant to a permanent place or doraschivat a year.


It reduced mainly to weeding, cultivation and feeding. If the seeds are not needed, in May, when the plants start to grow flower stems, they were immediately cut, repeating this process throughout the summer. In winter, the young bushes sheltering compost or rotted manure.


For the autumn winter forcing rhubarb transplanted into a box and put in the basement. In December, the capacity is transferred to a room with a temperature of 20 degrees. After 25-30 days plant crop stalks are removed and returned to storage. In the spring rhubarb out of the box are transplanted into the ground and get in June, another crop. For the next winter distillation take a different bush.


Harvest is usually rented from the second year after planting, no more than three stalks from the bush at a time. On young plants should be kept at least three leaves. I spend the next harvest not sooner than 10 days. Petioles of rhubarb necessarily pull. If they are cut, the remaining stumps will rot and hinder grow new shoots. During the procedure, the plant adheres to not break off the apical bud, and then immediately remove the stalks inedible leaves.

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