During the Great Patriotic War Pavel Ivanovich Romanenko was seriously injured. After a long stay in hospital, he returned home to his native Belarusian village. Desire with villagers to raise farm did not leave him. To work in a field or on a cattle farm, he could not allow broken health. And he decided to go to the apiary. Life has confirmed the correct choice.

Master the technique helped the beekeeping books and magazine «Beekeeping» permanent subscriber to whom he has become. Former soldier appealed to the board for permission to organize public apiary.

The request was granted. Now with two purchased in 1957 swarms kolkhoz apiary has grown to 40 families.

Beekeeper every year seeking high yields. Even last season, when, because of the endless rain bees in some apiaries failed to feed themselves for the winter, the farm beekeeper left the families of twenty kilograms pumped five hundred kilograms of marketable honey and received eight families gain.

Work in the apiary Pavel Ivanovich successfully combines with the activities of the gardener. It is through the efforts of its old neglected garden young again and gives a good harvest.

Thanks to the efforts

PI Romanenko apiary and a garden get mutual benefit, and the portions of buckwheat, which drive up the bees produce 16 quintals of grain per hectare.

In the collective farm beekeeper no special secrets. He loves chosen profession and very demanding of himself. No family in his apiary died. Particular attention is paid to the search beekeeper rich pastures for bees in spring take them into the woods, where blooming hazel, willow and buckthorn in July — for sowing buckwheat. Later, increasing family of young bees for the winter, using a heather honey harvest. Among the diverse vegetation of the honey he is trying to find areas where abundant honey plants differ nektarovydeleniem.

For bee point Pavel Ivanovich always chooses the best places: closed from winds and with plenty of natural landmarks that summer in the hot midday protect hives from the scorching rays of the sun.

Pavel Ivanovich — beekeeper experimenter. For several years he conducted experiments to limit the brood rearing during the main bribe for wintering bees in the conditions of high carbon dioxide concentrations and low temperatures. In February 1961, the All-Union meeting of beekeepers experimenters at the Institute of beekeeping for the successful work he was awarded the Certificate of Merit.

A great desire in the apiary beekeeper Romanenko increase to 200 families.

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