River named Helen

IN RUSSIA finally got SERIOUS CASH FILM. Instead it SUPERSTAR — 32-year-old actress Elena Liadov.

You know, where is Birchwood? No? Then I’ll meet you at the metro station «Polezhaevskaya!» -and Now we wandered park paths. Big sunglasses, shorts, T-shirt, sandals: now in this adolescent women would not recognize the divine. Or «mysterious Russian actress», which in a long pearl gown posed for photographers on the red carpet before the screening of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Elena» is so easy, if it was at least the tenth world premiere of her career. Italian reporter, who was standing nearby, shouted like a wound: «La bella betulla, beauty, birch!» Elena Liadov any grandiloquence receives a hostile reception. We sit with her in a cafe among white trees, she thoughtfully heats the sugar in a pot shard with yoghurt and enjoys her inconspicuously. Waiters do not hurry us to serve, say, sitting some girl did not really eat.

In the fall of «the girl» will be known all over the country. In rolling out the film adaptation of the novel of the Permian nugget Alexei Ivanov «Geographer Globe propyl», which is «Kinotavr» has received major awards — the Jury Prize and the prize producers. Tragicomedy Alexander Veledinsky of non-collapsible Sluzhkine geography teacher who goes to class in the campaign, trying to understand themselves in their relationships with women and students, is tailored on the patterns of Soviet copyright movies with visible patches of Chekhov’s intonation. Elena Liadov plays Nadia, wife Sluzhkina. And in fact on the screen at once embodies three characters: bitch, gnawing her husband because of his own feelings of unhappiness and restlessness, loving fool, and finally, which has acquired the wisdom and inner peace woman. It is evident that this work will be crowned with the actress numerous awards.

At the same time on the channel «Russia» goes Film about drama «Ash» by Vadim Perelman (the one that took the «House of Sand and Fog» with Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly), gathered at the screen all the color of our acting school: Mashkov, Mironov, Garmash, Hamatova, Mamonov, Smolyakov, Rozanov Gostyukhin, Chonishvili … Elena Liadov — one of the main roles.

However, beyond these meager kinoanonsov about it, little is known, as if she had secret intelligence agent. The actress, a profession despised the publicity, consciously and deliberately draw a border around it? Yes, she says she was so comfortable not open. And closing, in her opinion, is the degree to Berezhnaya itself. «The heart and so opened — she sighs, — come in who want to! But I’m not an exhibitionist to swing open permanently. If you want to create an independent, separated from the life of the screen, you need to shut. I’m not a hedgehog with needles. But the apartment to me just not call. A phone — do not open the door if I was not warned in advance. It’s the law: my house — this is my home. I — this is my temple. My family, close friends — a part of the temple. «

It formulates his postulates with male resoluteness that paradoxically coexists with her nervousness, fragile and cheerful disposition. The consequence of it is closed steel cliché, walking in the press — as «childhood aspired to the profession.» It is not true. Lena grew up in the Tambov region of the ordinary Soviet family child — engaged in various circles, from dancing to embroidery and burning. If you dreamed about and then lead into the TV weather forecast. Now she, laughing, showing me, as if in a swan she took her hands on the continent, calling for rain, cyclones, promising warmth and sun, «Well, if not the weather to predict, at least to become sign language interpreters, who, as it seemed to me, gives signals a certain secret society. But the real future profession formulated for himself until the end of school. » Almost since childhood, it was compared with Ornella Muti. They say that when the famous Italian recently came to the festival in St. Petersburg, she once said: «In Russia there is an actress, is very similar to you.» — «Maybe we are distant relatives» — came out of the situation with dignity Muti, the granddaughter of immigrants from Russia.

The profession she gets the best of everything — and directors and partners. And the theater after school Schepkinskogo she got one of the best in the country. Artistic director MTYUZ Yanovska Henrietta said: «I like you, but I do not have the material for you.» Lena started playing in the children’s performances. «We in the theater there are mandatory, as in the Army basic training. The role of the Chicken-Mouse-Birches in Schwartz tale «Two maple.» Played — I think, I became an actress. » She entered in the tale of the enchanted maples, as once Churikova and Akhedzhakova. Another one of her roles was called «Not the bride, not the wife, not the queen, not Saturday,» and even then memorized easily sketchy, plastic grotesque. Since then, she can without any cinematic magic and tons of makeup «turn» in the material dissolves without a trace. Even playing like a secondary role of Stella in «A Streetcar Named» Desire «, she managed a few episodes to tell the fate of women, deceive itself that is stranded in» the wrong tram. «

Because she left the theater recently. «All it was difficult to divide ourselves between the stage and the screen. Theatre — home, it takes time, — says Liadov. — I confess, my psychophysics is that the body naturally gets tired «produce» for years the same role. «

In the movie, she made her debut eight years ago, when they came out just three notable films: «Pavlov’s Dog» Catherine Shagalova tragicomedy Andrew Proshkina «Soldier’s Decameron» and «Dreaming of Space» by Alexei Uchitel. This teacher had found a little-known theater debutante Lyadov. He is one of those directors who do not trust the casting others — looking for the actor himself. «The teacher came to our graduation performance. Eyeing. I tried to me and to «walk», but confirmed Il Pegova. I left for the «Space …».

With Irina Pegova they «Space …» and departed. For the role of a waitress Rima from Murmansk sample 1957 Liadov dedication recovered thirteen kilograms! Almost like Renee Zellweger for «Bridget Jones’s Diary.» They Pegova playing sisters on the story confused. The director has set the task: Pegova — lose weight, Liadov — recover. «The teacher put me in front of filming in a house creative filmmakers» Repin «under Peter. Imagine the loneliness and lodging! What to do? There is. Not immediately, but I was involved. In general, I coped. And Ira — dvoechnitsa weight almost thrown off. So I had to overeat, to catch up with her. «

After almost a year of filming left to restore the form. She tried everything — from the wildest diets to fitness. Past … «I hate sports — in the gym smells of depression. On the sweaty faces of the unfortunate women who looked down on the coaches, pleading, almost a prayer: «Give magic exercise that make me beautiful!» In the end, everything turned to a primitive simple: limit yourself to food.

I can not help but ask her how she manages to get to the best directors. In response, laughing: «They have good taste. They like me. They told me, too. » And then quite seriously it recognizes that in choosing as it takes into account not only professional, but also the human factor. It can not work if the feeling of distrust: «I wish that you were waiting for, and loved.» Her screen satellite — Mironov, Roma, Smirnov, Galkin, Mashkov, Kolta- Cove, Gorobchenko. After one of the films Partnership stepped out of the screen. This episode, she prefers not to comment, but declares: «If you focus on your work, at the same time you see a number of non-zero, and more than one, you give the opportunity to develop another. After all, he’s a man, I’m a woman — what there competition? We meet to create a perfect moment. «

And in «Helen» Zvyagintsev, and «geography» Veledinsky she shows off her trademark — in a risky manner «large stroke» while writing delicately whimsical nuances and prickly characters contemporaries. For bright paint she always stashed sfumato — disappears as an elusive smoke mood. «I needed an actress — says Alexander Veledinsky with me — that would not look as tired habalki women. Lena — personality. We argued with her, find new colors. As she persuades the director? It offers a sketch, its version. Something of invented it stays on the screen. «

Today, only the lazy does not reproach the actors that they transfer any talent, acting in television series. Liadov periodically removed — and not exchanged. Net sinner Grushenka in «The Brothers Karamazov», kind-hearted wife misunderstood genius Shalamov in «Lenin’s Testament» hairy zechka «Lyuba», suffer the inability to select Rita in «Ashes» … a long breath series lets dive into the character, it reveals it all out — Even if the material surface, which, of course, also happens. Note most Lyadov name in retrokino: XIX century, the Stalinist era, the war, the end of the 1950s. «Just the directors think that I have the face of Soviet — that’s the name,» — she smiles.

About Hollywood Liadov not dreaming. It is generally balanced and pragmatic attitude to the future career, believing that should not dream, but seriously engaged in the profession. «We can also learn and German, and never in the» Faust «has not been removed. You have to understand why you need it, «- she said. Out of the mouth of the Lena, I heard the story of Natalia villain with whom he starred in the film «Tambourine, Drum». Super popular in the Soviet Union after the «Little Faith» Nehoda went to America, and English language courses fell into a group with one guy. He, like she was starting from scratch. They sat down together at the desk, helped each other. The cafe after school trying to learn English. This guy turned out to be Antonio Banderas. At home, every one of them was the star. Perhaps the success of the vertical Banderas contributed to a huge audience of Latino USA. Plus, of course, luck. And another request for a specific character. Today you demand. And tomorrow?

She prefers to dress in a la Russe. Not just because she likes the combination of European lines cut, the classic silhouettes from natural fabrics — linen, muslin, silk. There it rescued along at the same pearl dress for the Cannes triumph. In another well-known fashion house launched, thinking that was insane adventurer: «They looked at me with disdain. «Which Cannes? Made his name, then come. » But very soon, in Cannes, they repeatedly approach proposed outfits and accessories. But to them I will not turn. «

Now let bite his elbows. Because in the new film by Andrei Zvyagintsev approved and already removed the same «deranged» girl who «refused by the House.» «I do not know whether there is human material, which would be as agile as it is movable strings of her artistic material — recognized Zvyagintsev. — The joy of a collaborative effort, we have decided to extend and started shooting, «Leviathan», where the female lead is removed it, Elena Liadov. «

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