Rock and roll is dead, and Chris — no longer exists.

It happens that because of drugs and alcohol ROCK STAR EARLY extinguished. Discover the legendary Chris Cornell INSTEAD OF HEROIN SOUNDGARDEN hooked on training. Today it has 49, but he’s in better shape than it was in 25, and certainly in better than BORN WITH HIM TO ONE YEAR FROM JRA Hoi "GAZA STRIP", Yegor Letov FROM "CIVIL DEFENSE" And Jeff Hanneman OF SLAYER.

Chris Cornell SAYS 90-X with a smile and annoyance. He has something to remember, but he can not remember everything. Soundgarden vocalist was then a rock god with all the trappings: multi-platinum albums, crowds of fans and a buffet, served every drug known to mankind. Still, while in North America, Soundgarden, along with Nirvana and Pearl Jam called "Holy Trinity". Soon, however, "Saints" It left two.

Suicide Cobain in 1994, put an end to the history of Nirvana, but not in the list of victims of fate: death by heroin overdose Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon in 1995 and extended over the years of painful dying from drugs Layne Staley of Alice in Chains — it all happened around Cornell, and, as they say, the shells exploded closer to him.

Love Kris drinking becomes a problem. She played a role in the breakdown and almost killed in the bud the next group of Cornell — Audioslave: singer so drunk that simply had to cancel concerts. Fortunately, the guy caught himself in time: "I realized that the persecution itself literally — now says 49-year-old rocker. — I began to sing worse. To remedy the situation, I quit drinking and smoking, and it turned out that this was easier to me to not only sing, but also to live". But it was only the first step. "We had to just give up bad habits, but also to get useful"- Adds Cornell. For example, the habit of exercise.


Imagine how many valid reasons to score on training at a rock star every day, every minute for him to open the doors of all nightclubs, private parties and bedrooms fans. Now, add to them the stress of tight tour schedule and constant work on new material. When you’re on the nerves, and everything is continuously hang out, to put it mildly, difficult instead of whiskey-cola to take up a protein shake and convince yourself that the cyclic training eventually will be presented "buzz runner"When enough to lend a hand, and there will be joint.

"Maintain good form — hard work — tells of the times Chris Cornell. — An inner voice constantly tried to dissuade me from trying to start a healthy life. But I worked and worked and worked. And finally tuned in to the rhythm, and training ceased to be a battle with yourself and become a natural part of my life".


Central to Cornell in the first step was to choose this kind of fitness training that are not turned into a routine, and brought at least some joy. The solution found — bike — quite possibly saved his life. "I found that, pedaling, splash out excess energy and calms"- Says Cornell. It turned out, the wheels can please not only when they swallow handfuls, but when they wound up kilometer after kilometer. Therefore, Chris spends so much time in the saddle — 2 hours per day, 6 days a week and even choose the road is not easy.

"I will include in the route sprints with rises in the hills"- Says Cornell, and the hills around the house in which he lives in Los Angeles, enough. Two hours a day to practice too fat? But Cornell them — part of the workflow. "I wrote a lot of songs, including for the film The Keeper "Preacher with a machine gun"Right on the bike".


Gradually I added to the bike and a gym, which, as it turned out, too, is vital rocker: if pedaling, Chris writing material for studio work, sweating in the gym, preparing for exhausting concerts.

"Previously, during the performance, I ran out of steam completely in 2 hours, — he says. — And now, when I leave the stage, I feel that I could endure another hour. Plus singing became easier, and my vocal range has expanded".

What else gave him a workout? How about a habit to always strive for new goals? In its 49 years, Chris has no intention to rest on its laurels: "I have not yet reached the top. Not even close to it".

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