Rubbing the chest

When dry cough add a small amount of goose fat a couple of drops of essential oil or tea tree fir, rub this mixture of the chest and back of the baby.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always at grinding effect give it massage movements, the origin of the fat in this case is irrelevant. It is important that a child rubbing the back and chest, you are improving the blood circulation of the respiratory system and helps the child to transfer to a wet cough and stimulate expectoration.

I Medical banks

: Put on the back and left-i tion The duration time while on the back is not manifest | bruising caused by the difference of giving: tion inside and outside the bank.

: «Opinion PEDIATRICS Inefficiency

! Previously, banks were widely used in respiratory diseases. But ; Currently in relation to this procedure, the home changed due; possible complications eiEe massive hemorrhages in the skin and under the skin; fiber, as well as violations of the microcirculation in the lung tissue. Therefore: mu recommended cupping massage instead of staging cans. ; It is not suitable for high temperature and pustular diseases.

Onion infusion

Finely chop the head of onions, add 2 tbsp. l. sugar and leave for 12 hours. Sweet mixture should eat during the day. Taking on several days.


The onion juice contains volatile, kill pathogens. They enter the body through the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Sugar (or better, if your baby is not allergic, honey) smoothes the sharp taste lu * kovogo juice and provides additional energy for recovery. It is best to take a fresh onion juice or mush to do with the help of a blender.


A teaspoon of crushed fennel fruit pour a glass of boiled water, through th minutes, filtered and added to improve the taste of honey or sugar.


Fennel — a so-called pharmacy dill, as is well known, dill Vodicka helps to cope with the pain in the tummy, even nursing babies. Essential oils of plants have a calming and mild antispasmodic effect.

Soap Candle

This method is used for constipation, it is believed that he may establish the child’s chair.


Harmful and dangerous way. Soap causes severe irritation, so in the future child may experience pain during defecation. In addition, it inhibits the physiological reflex bowel. Use sparing methods, such as klizmochki with cool water, circular stroking tummy.


Inefficient in the use of heat with abdominal pain should be very careful. In some ostrotekuschih and serious diseases, such as, for example, appendicitis, heat can cause complications up to peritonitis. When abdominal pain is necessary, first of all, consult your physician immediately. Pumpkin seed

Gruel of these seeds give a child an empty stomach, and then use a laxative.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS Inefficient Ineffective method useful except for themselves parasitic worms: pumpkin seeds is quite nutritious.

Enema with garlic water

It is believed that garlic juice creates an unfavorable environment for pinworms, and they die.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS inefficiency of garlic juice will not produce any effect on the parasites, but the irritation of the child is ensured. From uninvited guests will help you get rid of only pharmaceutical drugs.

Baked onion

Is used to draw the pus from the boil or deeply entrenched splinters. Halved onion dismantled in the hemisphere and baked on a clean frying pan under the lid.

On the inner side of the hemisphere plenochku removed and applied to the affected area. A few hours will reveal the abscess and pus comes out.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always

Baked onions really has the property to open sores. However, you should not rely solely on the bow — open wound should be disinfected with a solution of boric acid and tie.

Juice geranium

They are impregnated with a small cotton swab and inserted into the ear. So do several times a day.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always Geranium — a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. You can even use freshly picked and kneaded in the fingers sheet folded tube. However, be aware that the treatment of geranium juice should not be used if damaged tympanic membrane and purulent discharge from the ear canal.

Cabbage leaf

It needs to fight off the hammer, spread with honey and apply to the sore spot.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always

This tool extends well shallow sores and relieves local inflammation. However, baked onion, and cabbage with honey should be a component of complex treatment.

Tea Packs

Dipped in cool tea pads placed on the eye and turn as heat.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always

Tea due to its antibacterial properties will bring more good than harm. But the use of non-sterile solution in the case of inflammation is not too wisely. To resort to this method as a last resort.


The affected skin surface lubricated with sunflower oil or butter.

«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS Inefficient similar method, although it brings temporary relief, it is not valid. When you apply the fresh burns fat-containing products is strictly forbidden. The oil has a higher density, and heat, rather than go outside, goes back, hitting a new tissue.

Compress with aloe juice or cola Hohe — a great tool for fast healing and disinfection of thermal burns. Regular store soda unlikely to quench your thirst, and health like drink is not too useful. Whether it homemade lemonade! Natural products and a lot of vitamins — this drink will appeal to both you and your baby.

The name «lemonade» says that lemons should be an essential ingredient of the drink. Of course, in a given amount of it is present in all recipes, but not everywhere is the basis of this citrus. Some soft drinks are made from fruit puree, ginger and even cucumber.

Serve lemonade F can be a conventional ice, and can be colored.

For this freeze in tins fruit juice. .

What will it take to cook

First of all, non-carbonated water — this drink is much better for the children. If your child is 3 years old, you can fully or partially replace it with soda — without the usual mineral salty taste or soda. We need a variety of citrus fruits — lemons, oranges and grapefruits, sugar (infant can use fructose). The amount of sugar is selected based on the amount of lemon juice: a glass of juice on the i — i cup sugar. If the juice is squeezed out of sweet citrus, sugar is reduced by about half.

Option 1

With citrus peel, remove (only the top, colored portion, or lemonade will taste bitter). Put the zest in a pan, it also squeeze the juice of oranges and lemons. Add 1 l of fructose and just the boiled water. Let cool and leave for 5-6 hours. After lemonade strain through a sieve and add sparkling water.

Option 2

Squeeze the juice from citrus fruits. Their remains slice, place on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Grind in a blender and mix with juice and water without gas. Let sit for 4 hours. Add the remaining sugar lemonade and soda water. For small gourmet

Your baby loves to unusual combinations and enjoy trying something new? Then recipes from Dmitry Sokolov, a bartender and co-owner of bar Main Bar, All Time Bar, Aloha Bar, Lawsons’s, will fall to his taste. The technology of their preparation is simple — all the ingredients are simply mixed in a blender.

Lemonade with birch sap

• 100 ml peach puree * 50 ml almond syrup * 300 ml birch juice • 50 ml lemon juice • 150 ml soda • a slice of lime to decorate

LEMONADE «Colors of summer»

• 100 ml mashed currant • 50 ml of syrup of violets • 50 ml lemon juice * 10 g of rosemary * 300 ml pineapple juice * 150 ml soda • slices of pineapple to decorate


• 300 ml apple juice * 50 ml of maple syrup * 100 ml passion fruit puree * 50 ml lemon juice * 40 ml sugar syrup


• The juice of 6 lemons • 2 cucumbers • 1 cup of water ■ Sugar to taste

Cucumbers clean, grind in a blender and squeeze the juice through a sieve. Connect cucumber and lemon juice with water and sugar. Cool.

Ginger ale WITH HONEY

• Ginger root (about 7 cm) • 3 lemons • 2 liters of water

• 4 tbsp. l. honey

Ginger grate, squeeze the juice from the lemons. Water bring to a boil and add the ginger and lemon juice, boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove from heat. Add the honey lemonade, mix, refrigerate.

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