Rules of safety and hygiene standards

Rules of safety and hygiene standards

■ Before touching any food, be sure to wash your hands.

Before the use of fruits and vegetables should be washed.

■ Work surfaces and cutting boards should be kept clean; for raw meat and fish should be separate boards.

Do not buy cracked eggs.

Children, pregnant women and elderly people are not recommended to consume food containing raw eggs.

Temperature conventional refrigerator chamber should be +5 ° C or less freezer — -20 ° C.

■ How frequently wash tea towels, cloth napkins, aprons, tissue holders and oven mitts. Do not allow pets to go home on the working surface of the table and in the kitchen.

Raw and cooked foods in the refrigerator separately. Keep meat at the bottom of the refrigerator, dairy products — together on shelves higher, and leafy salads and fresh vegetables — in a special compartment.

Fresh food put in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible after purchase.

Standards of weight

Always follow the system of weights and measures specified in recipes. ■ If the weight is given in a spoon, meaning spoonful without slides (unless otherwise stated). Art. l., Des. l. and h. liter. are respectively denoted «tablespoon», «teaspoon», «teaspoon». Art. l. = 3 hr. L. / 15 ml; ten. l. H = 2. L. / Ml U; h. l. = 5 ml. Eggs are usually taken great (if not stated otherwise).


These symbols help to understand how best to use silicone cookware:

Safe for food products.

Suitable for use in a microwave oven.

Suitable for use in the freezer.

Suitable for washing in the dishwasher (top shelf).

Do not expose to direct heat. Do not use on the stove. Do not use sharp objects.

YA’CH ‘"PM The maximum and minimum temperature of use.

T ®

Using silicone cookware, remember that the dough with certain kinds of fruit or berries, or as ingredients with strong coloring agents can cause discoloration forms. To reduce the risk of erosion forms, avoid excessively high heating temperature of the oven. If the oven is a function of air flow (convection), reduce the temperature and cooking time according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually in such cases it is sufficient to reduce the temperature to 10-20 ° C and cooking time — about 10 minutes per each hour of preparation. Discolored or burned spots on the surface does not affect the quality of silicone cookware.

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