The announcement of a free ticket to the World Championships in Athletics appeared on the site of the district council Novokosino (though now in the news archive for some reason do not find) August 3. 8th I was there. Three tables of card decks — by date and time of day, morning, evening — lay tickets. Under each pile — sheet of paper with hand-written total amount. 10th, evening — 110. But neither on the 10th — the opening or the 11th — a hundred meters I could not offer anything. From the evening session at this point not only dismantled the 1b-th and 17 th. Under the name and mobile number issued, respectively, two and three — no ticket, and photocopies. And by the way, offered shuttle service to the «Luzhniki» on a special bus from the building administration. Or offered a quest to arrive at the desired day to the stadium «at least half an hour» before, to find a man with a sign «Novokosino» and exchange the black and white pieces of paper for real tickets. I’ve done it twice. And twice I urged as soon as possible to go to the podium and sit exactly on the number indicated in the ticket. «Read heads will», — explained to me the woman from the council. August 16 from Novokosino in «Luzhniki» were 110 people, 17 th — 170. Going up to your sector, I hear a phone conversation about 250 people. In the stands, it seems, took a championship — Organized attendance — among metropolitan councils.

What better way to load — free distribution of tickets, almost around the clock broadcast, Bolt posters at bus stops or subway stickers with flying headfirst Chicherova — free marketers do not make out, but the audience for coming. In the evenings, when there was all the fun Luzhniki rostrum looked in German — yellow chairs barely be seen. Kilometer-long queues at the ticket master Balahnicheva of Athletics Federation, of course, imagined — any day could easily, without the help of speculators to buy a ticket for 600 rubles A commentator Theological apparently missed the news that the capacity of the stadium for the World Cup was reduced (additional screen, banners, etc.) to

Ltd. 45 — 75, and there is no company could not be rammed. But the main event — the victory Isinbayeva jumping Menkova and Shkolin, bolts and relay races — have occurred in the presence of 30 000-40 000 people. Berlin would, of course, this is not understood. There’s the world championship in 2009, the Olympic Stadium (74 000 seats) scores the eyeballs, but for Russia, these figures are extraordinary. Russian athletes are so massive and loud (special thanks Luzhniki acoustics) support is not expected. In July of the same «Luzhniki» in the championship of Russia ran Shubenkov and metal Abakumov, but lived in the stands just dust and stuffiness, and even in August the output obscure girls under the Russian flag in qualifying for the 110 meters hurdles launched a wave of noise in the stadium.

For the World Cup, «Luzhniki» should have been put in order. Well, at least wash. The organizers spend, probably, in the pit with sand and blue running track at masking empty places banners on folding plastic chairs in the extended press box, but on the platform B4 in a chair on my left was a hole the size of a soup plate, and in the chair in front of me — a saucer. A couple of seats from those that I have seen, until they are seated people were burnt through Spartak Fire. But these places were sold tickets, including foreigners sorry this service. On signs, too, apparently, did not have the budget. From the metro station «Sparrow Hills» trodden path to the stadium on the lawns only on the third day — Navigation label pointing straight into the fence. And there was no gift. Well, it would seem easy — slap badges, magnets, notebooks and other penny nonsense? And sell it to 10 (or even more) times more expensive. Nearly every spectator on the way from the «Sports» to the stadium was ready to buy something (and anything else) with the symbols of the championship, but offer only a small range of sponsored T-shirts, baseball caps and backpacks. When you purchase from 1500 rubles. issued a magnet or icon, but they are over in a couple of days. How, in fact, the most interesting polo — with Gzhel theme. In the tent, «Adidas» in the stadium of assorted packs on the opening day, and the following were brought in «Luzhniki» with all brand shops in Moscow. Outfitter, perhaps a good idea to make money, only to the income of the organizers is not true.

Without the habit of watching athletics stadium hard. Too much going on at once, but something always happens far, that is not seen. And in «Luzhniki» has for the most part new, not familiar with the subject of the public, which in addition to Bolt and Russian national team does not know anyone. Alas, the organizers have done nothing to help the audience understand and love athletics. The only bulletin board regularly hangs, leading at times could be heard. And no entertainment or educational program during the pauses.

In general, it is unlikely those who came to athletics for the first time — and among these were the majority besplatnikov — return to the stadium. Of course, great cheering for the girls in the relay 4×400 m, and understand that they ran American because you are jumping and screaming. But when, after a polite request to stay in the stadium for the awards ceremony at the exits from the bars stands there and leave the police makes it impossible, it’s humiliating. People who do not go to Moscow for football, such attitudes were not ready. They sincerely applauded even by the winners, whose names were heard for the first time, and loud sang the Russian national anthem. But to go to the subway under escort them probably will not like it. Such can not be used to, so you can only endure. This, for example, ready soccer fan, but mom and son-schoolboy, who came to watch 10 seconds of hundred meters. Even for Bolt, who have now athletics, allow yourself to humiliate not worth it.

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