Sense and Sensibility

On radio and television in different time transfer out one called «Events, facts, comments.» Someone important is the information component and seemed to repeat, after the event synonymous with the fact, is not it? Other major link comments seem, by definition, belong to individuals and, therefore, capable to cast doubt on any of the most indisputable facts. It will be two types of perception of the world — focus on the objective and the subjective feelings of the mind, meticulous realism and creative reverie. Speaking psychological terms, we all either rational or irrational.

We should not think that irrational people — is the one who makes sure to countries that are not subordinate to the understanding of things. Simply, he usually follows the sense, mental state, guided by feel whether this time the comfort or discomfort of mind or lack of confidence, and yotom reacts to them, usually nothing thinking in advance. For example, just go to the store and buying it is not something that really is not enough in the refrigerator. He sees food and subjectively feels really wants to eat it. Someone is the charm of someone annoying.

Rational people do not go, it all thought out, and in the morning he checked what was lacking in the fridge and make a shopping list. However, the final decision of what to cook, he will only return from the store. There may not be any need seasoning, and abandon the planned RATIONAL does not like, it knocks him out of the rut. If you invite somewhere this friend, do it as soon as possible, as it is not prone to spontaneous reactions. Set up on the objective information, it appears a far more rigorous and determined, and produces a more serious or boring impression.

Usually «sensitive» dismiss problems and «think» outraged and pushing, and often break out between the two quarrel. For example, in the home. «We’re about to go on the boat, and he had because of the rain in the morning bad mood — as soon as possible because of such nonsense to change the plans!» The occasion could be more sublime. «The names of Picasso and then it puts the accent on the last syllable, because she, you know, so much. But this is wrong! «Workers of the situation, of course, in the first place. «The chief did not appoint a deputy, chooses to think, and we’ve all got exhausted. Appointed to any of them, and if he did not deliver — would change! «All these unnecessary collisions could have been avoided, or at least not too worry and fighting, if only to take into account particular partner.

For Labor and Defense

On its own, it is desirable to know the specifics to better choose their job effectively implement it, to circumvent the pitfalls and generally well strategically to build a career. Knowing yourself can be within any profession dwell on the activity, which is a nice deal with, and that will bring more benefits — you cause to other people.

Belonging to one or another variant may appear quite clearly. Representatives of the rational type prefer to prepare their work in advance, write a plan, estimate how long it might take to complete each item, assign responsibilities in the team, and only then proceed directly to the assignment. If in the process you find that you need to pause and switch to something else, such a person will be very uncomfortable, and he would prefer these additional cases do not deal with. If during a sudden new circumstances arise — for example, during the preparation of the news release suddenly had more information or customer requested at the last moment to change the color of the logo — RATIONAL can easily miss these details on deaf ears, continuing to perform well planned earlier. Gossip colleague decided to take it unkind as to distract from the work for him — not a break, and the additional stress. But after work gossip is listened graciously, though only if it confirms the prevailing opinion. Otherwise RATIONAL indignantly refute it.

Rational feel good in those activities where there is no urgent need for risk, and success depends on the routine, the endless and persistent repetition of the same. No wonder people are seeking this type of victories in sport martial arts. Acting, easy bluff poluobman in professional activity — all this will confuse Rational, but the sales manager for this important psychological tools work. Career planning for the years ahead — the fate of «The Thinker». For the «feeler» the plans — a kind of intellectual game. If you look at those who are starting a business, it is easy to see two trends. This desire to jerk off the bat, take and make — so usually behave irrational. For the rational characteristic bogged down «on the bank» — in the business plans, calculations, evaluation of the success of the enterprise, they generally tend to some «water logging» activities.

Contrary to its own setting for objectivity, it is difficult to adapt their formal logic to the living, ambiguous and changing objects and processes.

But irrational people exposed to fluctuations feelings can easily change the temper justice with mercy and back, «I thought, it is quite different, as it turns out, that’s what did it!» Discuss various rumors and nuances of relationships in a team — their favorite side dish the official list of duties. Poor preparation and unresolved issues did not bother him — he boldly thrown in without much experience at the expense of coming out of it a winner. «Sensitive» by the inspiration of love to start several cases, and yotom confused in them — but inspire others. In other cases, they run the risk of stall the work of the fact that it is difficult to take the necessary decision. Or procrastinate the most unpleasant part of the problem, and therefore retard the completion. They are not always so optional, but rather unstable, mentally agile. They are not lazy in the literal sense, it is more difficult to do things consistently and to work through the «can not», despite the recession mood.

In general, two career strategies loving certainty objectivists usually chosen method of avoiding failure. They prefer to do things that they are familiar and where there is no opportunity to make a big mistake. Knocked them on any adventure is hard enough. But more flexible subjectivist free to choose the path to success, because adventure and radical changes they just attract.

When it comes to starting your own business, it is important to know beforehand advantages and disadvantages, because in contrast to the employment aspects of risk is much greater. In this area, representatives of various types of well-enlist the support of one another. One will make to the vitality and innovation of the team, another first will identify and make so that energy does not spill, and heading in a useful direction. Like the astronauts, which should not be reduced to each other crazy in close spaceship, business partners, it is important to understand the psychological classifications of characters and be prepared not to make much of a problem of individual differences.


A competent leader, as if he wanted to gain similar command from the people, will never go. Because they realize that the energy by which an organization develops and lives matter arises from the interaction of opposites. It is not a conflict, but to supplement and balance, when the dignity of a member of the team combined with the shortcomings of others. However, and conflicts can sometimes be useful if have a revitalizing, purifying effect and lead to useful decisions. Therefore, under the authority of a leader who is willing to endure some discomfort for the sake of the organization, will work successfully a variety of employees. To strong discomfort it is certainly not necessary to bring, but a certain amount of patience is required. Then you will avoid unnecessary difficulties. Or should I say «succeed»? Let everyone will choose the head of the language that suits him according to his own kind.

«Sensitive» and «thinking» should be different reward or punish for any errors or deficiencies. They make sense to the different way to set goals and monitor their implementation. Irrational, well suited an emergency operation when it is necessary urgently to save the situation by explosion performance and instantly found an unexpected solution. He likes to do things at the last moment. He was preparing for the exams so, and to receive guests, and wedding dress picked joyfully rushing shop three days before the holiday — so why on the job it should be?


Fundamentals of personality typology, and which is taken from the division into rational and irrational, laid Swiss psychiatrist, the founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung. On the basis of his ideas in the 40s of the last century was designed by the identifier type, its authors were two American women — Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. This identifier (MBTI) is often used business managers, in particular for the distribution of roles between subordinates.

In accordance with this system is rational to be invited by the organizer. According to Myers-Briggs, it guarantees us the order, focused on stability. Such people immediately establish a formal relationship with the staff. Devote much time creating and maintaining the traditions of the organization. They appreciate colleagues in hard work, discipline and diligence. We tend to introduce excessive amounts of obligatory rules, procedures and regulations and pay attention to their compliance, and always evaluate the practical effect of management decisions. Quotations organizer: «I control the time», «organization — clearly built a hierarchy with clear responsibilities and job descriptions,» «The main thing — caring, sense of duty and responsibility.»

Irrational authors offer to become the «remover of accidents», which focused on action. He pays much attention to timely detection of problems in the organization, only solves real problems. Has talent negotiation and resolution of crisis situations, the relationship with the staff builds on the principle of cooperation. Flexible and tolerant with colleagues perceive the behavior of people as a reality with which to work. Impatient to theories of abstraction and long-term projects tend to «forget» the previous decisions and commitments love game situations. It operates the following expressions: «It is important to be comfortable to work», «Flexibility — our strong quality», «We are all provided.»

Lieth on recess?

In difficult situations, the strengths of the employees can play a very important role. For example, the head is aware of the flexibility of «feeling», which quickly orient themselves in the changing circumstances and the commitment of «reasonable» approved plans even at the expense of reality. Then you can more consciously decide who to send to the member of the critical negotiations. Rational logic suitable to push the situation relying on objective facts or preserve previous agreements. Irrationals-dreamer is useful if you need to compromise, to charm or grab interesting suggestions and ideas directly in the negotiations. The benefit is obvious — everyone will have something to praise.

Good cooperation between the rational and irrational is possible when both know that things are necessary, and high sensitivity, and consistency in the implementation of plans. And most importantly — when they have the interests of both the purpose, business, shared idea. Any important — total.

As for the rewards, then dependent on public opinion would be nice to get RATIONAL «grateful to be entered in a personal matter.» By the way, and reprimanded for their trouble. Irrationals, is not likely to take it as something serious and worthy of attention, and encourage their best new and interesting, unusual tasks. Or something that fits their worldview and lifestyle, for example, to give them a surprise unscheduled day off.

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