Simple solutions with creativity

1. The old bird cage, lose their relevance and may become the subject of an unusual decor, turning into delicate and elegant candlestick cap for crop protection. Cage clean, degrease the surface and then cover with a bronze or gold spray paint. Of copper or aluminum wire, make a twisted decor in the form of branches and a thin copper sheet — leaves of different sizes. To give more realism using any metal rod (thick back or a small screwdriver) to draw leaves streaks. Then you can just touch the semi-dry brush with black acrylic paint — it will give the effect of antiquity and add relief. Once all the details are complete, attach them between the bars on one side of the cell.

2. Linen and Lace

Linseed flap sew a pillowcase, and opposing sidewalls Sew a decorative braid. Type in a pillow case or synthetic padding reload it finished inside the pillow, and then sew. Place on the center cushions napkin and hand sew a pillowcase invisible stitches. Doing it is desirable durable polyester thread.

3. Porcelain figurines

Cute figurines that do not fit into the style of the interior, can play the role of interesting wall decor. To create such a panel will need wooden platform with hinges or fasteners suspension, cheap porcelain figures and glue «Liquid nails». Figures just mounted on the platform glue, after which can take pride of place on the wall.

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