Slingshot for unbending pensioner

When summer resident age begins with the digit 8, it is important to preserve not only the health, strength and wit, but also a sense of humor. That is quite possible to our regular author for sending many different useful tips. We wish him good health and long years!

In the distant pre-war childhood of branches with forked tip we did a slingshot to shoot sparrows (then the attitude towards them was different, wrong). Now I’m back their cut, but for peaceful purposes — for backups branches garden.

This year we expect a good harvest, the fruits swell, branches sag, is about a bummer. As usual, I put the backups — zherdiny with a spear on the end. But finding such that there was and is long, and not a curve, and with a good fork on top — is not easy. So do their constituents: from poles and slingshots. Slingshots strengthened screws, tape or cord Harvest them when cutting garden. Beforehand they do two 4-mm holes for screws 3,5×40 mm, so the assembly takes only a few minutes. From several asymmetrical slingshots do multi-level backup. As the poles in the course are also the old baseboards, trims, linings (see. Photo). Experienced gardeners will say that the branches do not sag, it is necessary to properly form the crown. Correctly.

Another experience. When kept pace with cherries and cherry, this offers not only children and grandchildren, but also birds. To everyone was equal, I restrain birds known method — sunbeams. But their number multiplied by a beer cans. Because of their cylindrical portion of household scissors cut the ribbon width of 1-1.5 cm, obtained the tape length of about two meters. Tape curler. It provides many highlights at the slightest breeze, and any position of the sun. Shiny inner surface of the banks for a long time does not fade.

In conclusion, I will describe two funny and sad age «invention». To plant the peas, «inflexible» and bad seeing retired after forced a marker in the ground wells, delivered them to the height of a pea through a straw from his cane. One hundred percent hit … And to pick apples from the ground, the same «staunch» retired bandage attached to his stick draft spoon … and collected.

I share their experience with only one favorite magazine — «My Beautiful Country House».

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