Song of GISe

Song of GISe

Homeland is known to start with «good and loyal companions in your pictures "Primer"». The true and good gun — too. Paramount Pictures on a gun — is a brand of the State test station, or just the GIS. Without it, any, even the most expensive and intricately adorned with a gun, no more than a toy railroad. In addition, it is extremely dangerous to others and, above all, for you personally. Who can guarantee that the gun does not tear when the first shot? The trigger in the forehead, broken forearm, wired trunks, smashed the butt, etc. etc. — Will not find it! The only one in our country and in our time, can guarantee to give a complete guarantee for a safe shot — a GIS. If the gun or cartridge is the stigma of «GIS» — product quality is guaranteed. Before your future rifle gets on the shop counter, it goes through dozens (!) The most thorough and extensive testing. From this special shoot, enhanced charge of gunpowder, experiencing the range and accuracy of fire, the strength of the steel receiver, the correct «draft» and fit wood lodge. To list all the requirements of the GIS to the test the gun or ammunition would have to fill a more than one-tenth of pages. We decided to do otherwise, and taking advantage of the kind invitation of Vladimir Anatolievich Director of the GIS Artyomov personally arrived in the glorious city of Klimovsk.

The delegation favorite magazine «MR» headed our seasoned, bearded hunter, chief editor — Viktor jam, behind him. as usual, with jokes and rhymes followed and recognized lyudoved oruzhieped, Head. weapons department — Dmitry L. Durasov. Closes delegation talented philosopher, a good photographer and driver, Mr. Michael Palyanichko.

«Better a hundred times to see once than to hear — says a Russian proverb. Wisdom was right — we really have seen more than heard. The territory of the GIS unexpectedly exceeded the size of a small independent state. Dozens of mysterious buildings, warehouses and cozy galleries, science classrooms and huts — a sort of shooting Baikonur … There was absolutely everything you need men, arrows, hunters, except, perhaps, in our opinion, a good long-term repair.

We were shown Artful machine tools, precision testing instruments, ballistic giant trunks, neatly pierced by a bullet target and, most importantly, excellent hunting and sporting guns … This variety of guns, rifles, pistols and revolvers made in Russia and all over the world, we must admit, have not yet seen. Next to the serial samples are unique rarities — experienced, author’s copies of weapons that, for whatever reasons, are not in the series and, therefore, did not get our a main reason is always the same — the almost complete lack of funding of the original projects and developments of our talented designers. «It is better to shoot a hundred times than once hear shooting other …» — uttered recognized lyudoved DL Durasov, listening to the close cannonade, came from the neighboring, but the army, the landfill. We must pay tribute — the director of the GIS. VA Artemov, immediately realized that we were primarily concerned with the surrounding reality and. long languishing, led to Tyre. Here we were in the hands of one of the oldest shooters test the GIS — Yuri Vladimirovich Nikanorova that not zhadnichaya not skimping on ammo. It helped us plenty to shoot from different weapons. At the same time, strangely enough, miracles skeet showed our experienced chief editor VN Boiled and the first time in his life were holding a gun, Mr. Palyanichko photographer. The shooting carbine «Tiger» distinguished head. Department of weapons DA Durasov. Having shot only two, three or four clips, he managed to get there at a distance of a hundred meters into the pail, for fun, hanging close to the target. Pistols and revolvers journalists «MR» shot even better, being able to strike at the heart of a large metal rabbit. Hare frantically rang at every hit, and we once again regretted that in our country somehow banned sport hunting with a gun.

Alas, all good things sooner or later ends, and we said goodbye to the hospitable and welcoming hosts branch block, went home together. The chest was growing confidence that we are alive only thanks to the fact that all the weapons, from where we were shooting, has been tested in GISe.

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