Song of the electronic toy soldiers

As a child, my friend and I organized a weekly giant battles. Poured into the varnished floor of his huge "Stalin" apartments and hundreds of little figures began to divide them. In the armies reigned a full International: flat "sailors Revolution" and participants of the Battle on the Ice stood shoulder to shoulder with cowboys and Indians. It is a pity that there was no robot Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I’m sure they would fit into the company. The game was without rules, more specifically, the rules changed all the time, shooting at soldiers from "toy gun"Throwing hand grenades from the children’s designer, in general, live a fun and happy and did not think that could be otherwise. And on the other side zemshara children also lived and light-hearted and fun, like we were playing soldiers. Only the soldiers and they were a little nicer, and the fight went according to the rules of the company invented dyadyamikapitalistami GMT

Games. It was called "game of miniature". The game was obviously very popular, otherwise how else can one explain the nostalgic thrill, which grew out of a little Boy Scout shorts Americans speak about computer remake of one of these games — The Great Battles of Alexander.

The idea to return keratosic blood and violence gamers in artless barefoot childhood lit up the guys from Erudite Software, and it was two years ago. Even the publication of the contract had to sign — with SSI, but the thing is hidden from us for reasons not matter. After some time, his idea was supported by Interactive Magic, and here it is, the first game of the series "The Great Battles of …". Look.

Net wargame

True to the traditions of the original game, the creators did not introduce any revolutionary innovations. You can not engage in economic activities, it is impossible to hire and train new forces, output increased elephants booking or design their own types of vehicles. It is one hundred percent a tactical game, which offers a choice of participating in one of the ten famous historical battles since the predatory activities of Alexander the Great. All are logically combined into one campaign, in which we, as Mr. Macedon, should "ten strokes" take over the world. In response to this attractive offer, I tried to become the head of the world, but lost in the first battle, earning the title "Alexander the Cretin"Than today proud. After the confusion, I decided to work out of capturing the world bit by bit and found a lot of interesting and fun.

Few rules

Unfortunately, the developers have deprived us of such things as the right to have their shelves on my own. Responding to the demands of historical correctness, the army stand as there were then, hundreds of years ago. Among the participants of the battle we will pick the most diverse and colorful actors — here and spearmen, slingers, archers, chariots, cavalry troops, and even war elephants!

Each unit has left a number of moves it takes to moving across the field of battle. Among other important characteristics — troop quality (TQ) and "cohesion". TQ sets the fighting qualities of the original group. Thus, a phalanx of Alexander have a very high TQ, namely 9, and any Indian militias — all 3. Cohesion unit decreases with complex maneuvers, for example, after forcing the hill, and, of course, after a collision with enemy forces. It can reach even to the infamous escape from the battlefield. As a prevention of such cowardice commanders can give something like Team "get over". Spending a move to equalize and calculation "on the first or second", The soldiers close ranks, revealing thus ready for the next test.


All the forces gathered in the ranks, occupying one or two Hex, and move only in the group. Management units extremely simplified — we can not change the formation or combined with other units, as it usually happens in more complex wargame. From a set of commands — only turns at 90 and 180 degrees, retreat, attack arrows, slings and other projectile devices and notorious "get over".

Our Moving and hostile forces implemented strictly by strokes, but within the limits of its travel, we can move the group simultaneously. It is very convenient because that watching a group of elephants wandering leisurely, though pleasing to the eye, but it takes a lot of time. On his turn, we are able only to redeploy forces and identify the point of attack, and themselves battles take place without our participation at the end of each turn. However, the defeat of wards do not need to blame only yourself — you can always put the blame on the leaders.

Institute leaders

Warlords in the The Great Battles of Alexander does not

"wedding generals". These are real, historical characters, with all their strengths and weaknesses. Each general (and in some battles, in addition to Alexander, there may be five people) characterized "radii-Som Command"and activity. On the first argument is clear — the regiment did not hear the order, if the head is too far. There are sometimes "hoarse" warriors who have worn all along the system and say, who do. But much worse, if one of your wing headed by warlord with a low of initiative: a passive commander so slow (or reluctant?) Gives the team that he can never have enough running to get acquainted with the orders of his subordinates.


The game is made using the classic Windows-interface and requires no special computer resources. The user interface is quite convenient, but not very tastefully done, but what else can you expect from "the classic Windows-interface"? .. Accordingly, any supported resolution and graphics plus the three levels of detail of the game species. Map of the hexagonal, hexagons, but cleverly disguised various relief items. Figures of soldiers made in the firm "four"But it looks very funny. The creators paid a lot of attention "details" — We see fragments of mines scattered helmets and chain mail, riderless horses, bloody corpses.

Despite the abundance of cruelty happening on the screen does not oppress, and this is another merit of the founders. By the way, The Great Battles of Alexander may well be used as a "textbook" on schoolwork in history. In-depth hint system, historical information on the armies of those years and a multimedia encyclopaedia, no doubt, are able to pull up the level of erudition. Another advantage of the game is the multiplayer-mode support. In addition to standard deathmatch-implemented very interesting battles cooperate-mode where each player takes the role of one of the generals responsible for his flank. By joining forces, they are the best of his tactical ability, trying to win the overall victory.


Perhaps wargame fans will be slightly disappointed: the simple, if not primitive rules, lack of editor campaigns, a limited number of missions — all this falls short of the standard of good solid tactical game. But the creators and aims to make a clone of Steel Panthers and Panzer General. The meaning of The Great Battles of Alexander to restore the atmosphere of the original board game. Take a look at these almost toy figures of elephants and archers. Perhaps, the main merit of the authors is that they were able to visualize the process of skillfully battle. And where previously all but fans wargame, saw only squares and hexagons, are now running animated figures of warriors, elephants roar, heard the whistle of arrows, and the sound of clashing shields.

By the way, despite the apparent primitiveness of the game, to defeat an opponent in a fight is not easy. Among the ten missions, you can find all kinds, from fairly short skirmishes to large stocks that are taken away from you three to four hours of time. Forest and elevation can be used as a cover, fords and bridges, of course, remains the best place for an ambush, there is even a fortress that will besiege or defend. In short, for all its toy The Great Battles of Alexander is not a toy tactical game, and the complex, beautiful and breathtakingly exciting. And thanks to the simplicity of the rules and "of iron" unassuming, the game certainly will attract an additional army of fans just discovering this harsh genre — wargame.

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